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  1. Praetor

    What do you eat?

    I drink a metric fuck ton of soda. I love trying new sodas too. My favorite soda though usually is either a Code Red, or a Dr Pepper. Sometimes I like some Coca Cola in a glass bottle though.
  2. I'm not quite following you. It might be my adderall infused brain making a mess of things though. I refuse to make any further statements therefore since I don't understand. :L At the risk of sounding more foolish, I will assume that what you mean is having an entire new engine == it's not Doom, but in that case, is OpenMW not Morrowind? It's still the same experience, just the engine is more optimized towards modern day computers and it's moved away from the older programming restraints. Now THIS is what I am talking about. Very interesting. I honestly didn't have any idea this is how things would have gone. I might have jumped the gun a bit in my earlier comments by trying to make it sound like it would be a simple ordeal. Yes, Morrowind and Doom are different games, and I can definitely see how having an engine quirk being repaired in this theoretical "New Doom" would cause older maps to break. Damn actually that is a big issue. That'd mean fucking a million maps are gone. Well you've effectively destroyed the whole "make a new engine" argument I (tried) to make. :/ So then that leaves us here: what is there to do then? Are we basically just stuck with source ports that we add complexity on top of until it just crumbles under its own weight? Or am I being a cynical idiot and assuming that the code base to source ports like GZDoom are bad or something? Maybe it'll all be ok? Also I'd still like to take a look at Brutal Doom's source and see what is going on in there. Or it might just be that Brutal Doom is too ambitious for its own good and it's pushing source ports to their limits. Idk. ;-;
  3. Well yeah. I mean, "well the people like it!" doesn't really make the product any better. Take Terraria and Minecraft for an example. Both have deplorable programming, with Terraria in particular being especially awful, but both also have massive fanbases. Just because they have massive fanbases and are both award winning and loved by many does not mean that the quality of the code is good. I really don't see what point you're trying to make. Well, again I haven't taken a look yet at the codebase, but I'm assuming that if all these rumors of it being built up primarily of code and resources stolen from other projects and thrown together, it must be held together by tape, and I imagine there's all sorts of issues there. I'm just going off of what I know, and that is that Doom is 25 years old or so, and a mod for a source engine can not run properly for some reason on computers that run current generation games perfectly. Makes you kind of start thinking about some things. It's either the mod, the source engine, the computer running it, or a mixture of them. Now seeing as to how I run other mods and wads just fine, I am going to point towards the issue being something to do with the mod, but then again, the other mods I play aren't really as ambitious as Brutal Doom. That's not what I said though. I said if the case is GZDoom is just having features put on top of the old engine, maybe the better answer here to extend Doom into having more features is to do what Morrowind's community did when they began facing these types of issues and just begin a new engine altogether.
  4. Well shit. I wish that someone would make a Brutal Doom fork with better optimization and programming. I actually might take that upon myself one day to do once I get the know how. I only just now started learning C after 4 years of fucking with high level languages, and I would like to go learn some game programming and multiplayer programming along with ASM before I start fucking with GZDoom on Github. On that note, Hogwash. You can have tons of features, it's just you have to extend your engine to properly allow for it, and you can't have tons of shitty code lying around to make things worse. Also, the engine/base has to be made with these features in mind. You can't just throw new features on top of it. But really though, if what GZDoom is doing is just throwing all these new features on top of IDs engine, then maybe the answer here is to just take the Morrowind modding community route and just create an entire new engine with current hardware in mind.
  5. Is GZDoom just unoptimized then, or is it Brutal Doom, or both? I don't have any trouble playing current generation games at all. Surely to god if I can handle Doom 2016 I can handle a mod for Doom, hm?
  6. I don't understand why my shit is broken then. v19 worked perfectly, I think something changed in Brutal Doom prior to that release that started not working well with my system. The recent update to GZDoom KIND OF fixed some of it, but it's still there. I've noticed that most of the lag comes when I am shot at and I see screen effects. But it also happens when I shoot at enemies. So I don't know.
  7. I wish I could play Brutal Doom/Project Brutality. I miss those mods. For some reason GZDoom really lags now with those mods. I remember it used to work fine long ago. I've tried new installs of Windows too and it didn't make a difference. Wonder if it has something to do with my new GPU, an NVIDIA GTX 750 TI? I was using an AMD FX 7770 before. (AMD sucks. Never again.) The new update looks really cool, but I confess I look forward more to what Project Brutality will do with all this than the actual Brutal Doom itself... EVEN THOUGH I CAN'T PLAY IT ;-;
  8. Praetor

    Recommend me Anime!

    Fist of the North Star.
  9. >He thinks getting lost in a maze for 45 minutes and running around doing trial and error until you get frustrated as fuck is exercising your mind Yeah fuck that. Like I can't believe you are seriously trying to tell me this. Are you joking? If I'm playing an FPS game, I want to focus on the action, not get lost in a maze for 45 minutes getting more and more frustrated by the second that I can't get back to the action. That's not exercising your mind, that's exercising your patience for bullshit. And while Doom 2016 may not be perfect, at the very least it cuts that stupid shit out and has a tight focus on what you came there to do: destroy the fuck out of Hell's armies. Not get lost in a stupid retarded maze. I can't believe this is actually a problem to you.
  10. Praetor

    Share a random fact about yourself

    thats random fact number 2, i dont know why i hate myself
  11. I have read this post 3 times and I still have no idea what you are talking about. Did we play the same Doom games? Are you seriously trying to tell me that Doom 1 & 2 are anything but relatively mindless action? Just because they aren't linear doesn't mean they aren't mindless. Like wow, golly gee I sure feel smart having cleared out the entire level of enemies and then spent 45 minutes lost in a maze trying to find the exit and the keys. And I also feel smart for having decided to go 'left' instead of 'right'. Wooooo some heavy thinking there. I still like Doom 1 and 2, they are fun action games, but please, don't try to say they're sophisticated or advanced and require extreme amounts of thought. They don't.
  12. Praetor

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Damn. I just wanna change the Chaingun's annoying sound. This sounds kinda weird. Do you have any links to relevant documentation on editing DECORATE? Never done it before. Hm I guess I'd have to change the Chaingunner's weapon sound too. It might just be easier to replace the Pistol and Chaingun sound, and then just redefine the Pistol sound. Then I won't have to edit the extra thing with the Chaingun flash.
  13. So since I live in rural Texas and my internet is not good for shit (I get 300 ping, 1 mbps when my family is home, which is 95% of the time), I've taken to playing single player games, which has lead me to playing a lot of Doom. But I miss playing arena shooters. I've heard very good things about Unreal AI, and I happen to own Unreal Tournament GOTY and Unreal Tournament 2004 and 3. I already downloaded Quake 3 Arena and I am having fun playing against those bots, but I want another game. Since it'll take me forever to download one of the UTs, I want to pick the one with the best bots. I tried googling this question and came up short. I just got the same thing I already know: UT GOTY and UT 2004 have good bots. I wanna know which is better though.
  14. Praetor

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    How do I create a DECORATE thingy to make the chaingun and pistol use different sound files? :(