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Status Updates posted by Doctor_Spengler

  1. Yo, how much would a copy of DOOM shareware version would be complete in box? Friend of mine of mine got it for 50c lmao

  2. with doom's 25th around the corner, no idea what to draw

    1. Gothic


      Actually, Doom's 25th was last year.

    2. Doctor_Spengler


      Well aren't I silly....


  3. Hmmm... Thinkin about a doom drawing... maybe ripping apart a cacodemon 

  4. Is there a doom monster randomizer that literally randomizes every monster.

    Example: I start at level 1 one of doom 2 and greeted with a Revenant and Mancubus

  5. ME: Man my passion for doom is just so overwhelming! I've loved this game for 10+ years, I should be part of the community! Let me FINALLY make a doomworld account!

    Also me: *doesn't log in for almost a year, continues to play doom and watch doom content on youtube, gets sad when I have no one to talk doom on the occasion* 

    to be fair, I've been concentrating on art.

  6. I haven't been here in months I forgot my password lol.

    But where can I post original art?

    1. Catpho


      lol welcome back

      In "Creative works" subfourm. Its the fifth subfourm from the bottom up in the fourm index.

  7. Can someone link me a download to the lastest prboom version?

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    2. Memfis
    3. sluggard


      Huh there's a newer version.

    4. Memfis


      Yeah, Sourceforge links to the latest "stable" version but you can pretty much always use the "test" one found here, it will be better: http://prboom-plus.sourceforge.net/history.html

  8. Any really old school wads I should check out? Preferably good/decent.

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    2. Scotty


      Memento Mori 2


      Fava Beans

      TVR is from 2003 but it feels 90's (in a good way)

    3. Alfonzo
    4. Doomkid


      He's a punny guy

  9. Is there such a thing as beginner friendly slaughter wads?

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @Phade102 let's get this out the way... Your advice isn't any good and here's why:



      The map with the highest monster count in AV would be map 25 or so which totals a measely 1350 monsters while being really huge, thus lacking density (as is the case with most maps in AV, by the way). Yes, map 32 is slaughter, but why suggest a megawad that only contains one small map with less than 400 things, or perhaps two maps that would be suited for the task, when there are actual slaughter wads out there which are much better for the purpose of getting used to slaughtermap gameplay than AV could ever be?


      AV isn't what the OP asked for. And you're not exactly one to be trusted when it comes to judging slaughtermaps, because what you put in your maps and label as "slaughter-fight" is anything but. On top of that you already said you hate slaughter, so the odds of you being able to tell which slaughermaps are beginner friendly or not aren't exactly high either. Let me know if you need a proof for anything I said here, because I can deliver it comfortably.


      All that aside, had you wanted to suggest a megawad solely for the purpose of getting used to higher monster counts, while said megawad would also have slaughtermaps in it, you clearly would have suggested speed of doom instead of AV.


      I'm not one to burn people for giving wrong advice, but when it comes to slaughter and advice like you have given, while at the same time making an argument against someone who has played through more than just a handful of actual slaughterwads (which in this case would be me) is ridiculous.



    3. Phade102


      @Nine Inch Heels Thank for your in depth, and constructive attack on me. I do deeply appreciate it. Remind me never to try to discuss anything with you again =)

    4. Doctor_Spengler


      Well so far Im loving Rush, The Slaughter good enough where I can actually make it out alive. Thanks for all the recommendations! I will download the other wads that are recommended as well c: