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  1. whisper

    Water Spirit

    Excellent. Great abstract visuals and hectic but very fair combat encounters. My only complaints are that map 1 progression can be a little confusing, and that it's only 3 maps long. I want more!
  2. whisper

    Pillars - a small setpiece map

    Pillars is a one-map wad for doom 2. Tested with prboom+ complevel 9. It's a high-pressure but, I hope, fair encounter. Feedback is appreciated. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xx37zfhjyvne8i5/pillars.wad/file Edit: special thanks to the compilers of the cc4-tex.wad texture pack.
  3. The running gag of cyberdemons you can waltz right up to but probably shouldn't is pretty cute.
  4. whisper

    OSCILLATION, a 9 map boom wad [On Idgames]

    koren is a damn maniac so don't feel bad about not killing him. I'm only partway through but I'm impressed with this mapset. 1 and 2 felt kind of "classic doom/dungeon crawler" to me which isn't my preference but 3 and 4 really cook. I've enjoyed all the setpiece fights very much, especially the arena that keeps getting partitioned off after either key in map04. Really cute and creative, and keeps you on your toes without being too strenuous.