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  1. Solmyr

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    To answer your question, no i would not, i would consider myself good at something if i was skilled enough, not by comparing myself to others less skilled and less competent, but that applies to real life. In fiction the level of competence of a very competent main character is boosted by making others look helpless and incompetent, (not overly incompetent as if they were clowns who kill themselves by slipping on a puddle of blood, and cracking their skulls while in full body armor), that doesn't hold Doomslayer in subpar level of competence, on the contrary, it makes Doomslayer look like mankind's last hope in the war against the forces of hell, it also makes hell look more like a human extinction level threat.
  2. Solmyr

    Serious Sam Vs Doomguy

    Doomguy, because he has 25 years worth of experience fighting in slaugthermaps.
  3. Solmyr

    What is/was a meme you hate/hated?

    The Harlem Shake.
  4. Solmyr

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    They're fine as long as they are incompetent meat shields, so bad, they make Doomslayer look even more awesome by comparison.
  5. Solmyr

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    TNT: Administration Center, Quarry, Baron's Den. Plutonia: Speed Ultimate Doom: Fortress of Mystery, Warrens, Sever the Wicked.
  6. Solmyr

    Sprites 16 rotations

    Looks smooth and cool, but 16 frames even though are better than 8 (specially if you are using sprites based on an existing 3D models) is a ton of work to do. The video reminds me of a Doom 2 mod that uses Doom 3 model ripped sprites by a zdoom forum user, named Doomero. It may or may not have used 16 sprite rotations.
  7. Top 10 FPS 1) Final Doom 2) Ultimate Doom 3) Doom 2016 4) Half Life 2 5) Half Life 1 6) Portal 7) Quake II 8) Unreal 1 9) Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny (mainly for awesome mods like Castle Totenkopf, Spear Resurrection and Eisenfaust Origins) 10) Heretic
  8. Solmyr

    Random Video Thread

  9. Another sad thing is that some people on this thread act like they are powerless to stop this because in their mindset politicians and large corporations are all powerful and society has to suck it up and accept their every whim, when in fact laws depend heavily on whether society acknowledges and supports them, governments can't implement and enforce laws if society is opposing them. If enough social awareness is raised then the text of article 11 might be modified before it is finally approved in 2019.
  10. Of course it is a problem, a first world problem. Only the easily offended sees a problem where there is none. Kinky.
  11. Wow. I feel like an idiot after what i said, but all things considered this isn't as bad as it sounds, it's still terrible and unfairly one sided but at least is not completely arbitrary.
  12. Did that actually happened? If so, L M A O I can't believe american lawmakers were trying to pass laws regarding that ridiculous shit. How the USA was going to enfroce that? They were against the creation of the International Penal Court back in 2001, their government bullied several countries against voting for it and offered shady bilateral treaties, and they couldn't prevent it. No wonder most of their citizens thinks their politicians, lawmakers and congressmen are idiots.
  13. People from outside EU and EEA should at least have a say on this matter, maybe gathering signatures for the European Parliament to take into consideration as a partial vote or something similar, it's antidemocratic and low-key imperialistic that they want to pass these articles that would affect the world beyond their peninsula and something that transcends the boundaries of nations and supraconstitutional law (EU) and falls beyond international law. Oh well, it's still a bunch of old fucks out of touch with reality trying to control the internet and like before, they would probably fail again.