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  1. strenghts: decent layouts, atmosphere and detailing. weaknesses: combat is not often on the same level as the strenghts mentioned avobe, taking forever to make a single map.
  2. Solmyr

    Does UAC have territorial disputes?

    @Kool Belzero it kinda does sound like a good zandronum mod, the closest thing we have to that is All Out War 2.
  3. Solmyr

    Does UAC have territorial disputes?

    Before reading the manual i assumed that massive corporations such as the UAC had small private armies to keep their installations safe from strike teams sent by other rival companies or terrorist attacks from greenpeace, space pirates and shit.
  4. An Arachnotron, thanks to a certain thread i can't unsee their corpse as a piece of ham.
  5. Not to the same degree as your experience, but i had weird recommended videos from time to time, such as videos about torturing and killing rats with elaborated traps, and weird kid videos that feel like an acid trip, such as Hitler dancing with Shrek, and the title seems to be in some hindi dialect. Also more often, i get commercials in japanese and german, even though i don't speak both languages and spend time on the english and spanish speaking side of Youtube.
  6. Solmyr

    Your mapping fears

    @Gerolf You should release maps, it could help you improve much faster than the last 10 years of experience you have, don't be afraid of criticism, or your map being overshadowed by better wads from more experienced mappers, every mapper starts from somewhere and mapping is more fun when more people gets to enjoy your work, and how it gets better over time.
  7. Solmyr

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    I once woke up during a knee surgery, i remember having seen one of the surgeons carrying a drill, and a blue cover blocking my view of my legs, even though i couldn't feel anything below my waist, so the last thing i remeber was saying something like "oh shit, better get back to sleep before anyone notices"
  8. My little Elder God; Insanity is Magic.
  9. Solmyr

    This probably isn't a great achivement

    Congratulations, now you have to cleanse your sins by playing the entirety of Ultimate Doom in DosBox, no saves, original setup config for keyboard and mouse.
  10. Solmyr

    Doomworld International thread

    I was born and live in Montevideo the capital of this country of currently 3.5 million people, altough the cows are the actual dominant species here outnumbering humans nearly 4 to 1. I wouldn't say this country is generally known for anything because its often overlooked due to being one of the least interesting countries in Latin America and being quite irrelevant locally and worldwide. However i would say that it is "known" for being an agriculture export oriented country (although most of the population doesn't live in the countryside), one of the few true democracies in this region, culturally very similar to our western neighbor Argentina (rather its neighboring provinces like Rosario, Entre Rios, and Buenos Aires), being somewhat good but also kinda trashy at football, the Andes Miracle (in which a group of young rugby players managed to stay alive in the snow for 3 months after a plane crash in the Andes Mountains near Chile), and eating lots of meat.
  11. Because the guy in the cover art is not Doomguy, it's just a random marine about to get mauled by a pack of barons.
  12. Solmyr

    Vanilla or custom assets

    I love the original doom assets as much as anyone else here, but custom assets can improve the looks of a wad, same when it comes to sprite replacements, as long as they don't look tacky or clash too much with Doom's aesthetic. A Zombieman sprite replacement that actually carries a pistol, a sprite replacement that replaces the old Wolf SS sprites so that it doesn't clash with the other former human sprites are welcome sights.
  13. Solmyr

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    It's dumb fun, with some memorable moments, but sort of ugly and sometimes badly drawn, quite a disappointing finale. When Doomguy got the BFG, pretty sure many expected a massive green blast blasting cybie's upper half in a shower of gore and green plasma, instead we got a bunch of yellow lasers/bullet tracers killing cybie in an lame way.
  14. Solmyr

    Share Your Sprites!

    @DooMAD That's much more cooler and more fitting than just dead gnarled branches at the top, now it looks like something out of Berserk, although It looks better on the Heretic pallete, the top looks a bit off in Doom's palette.
  15. Solmyr

    Is it lazy to use r667 SPRITES?

    Not lazy at all, what's actually lazy is using Realm667 resources blindly just because of rule of cool, as long as you put thought into which resources are fitting for your project and properly test each monster, powerup, item, weapon, and environmental effects (rain, crows, particle effects) it's not laziness.