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  1. METAL1 (the hexagon shaped metal wall) would look good with a lava floor, and the metal hexagon shaped flat (i don't recall what's its actual name) as a ceiling on a hell map.
  2. Solmyr

    catacomb3d in doom

    A straight remake would probably be boring given the limited mechanics, even with Doom style architecture. If it had it's own story with more spells and reworked sprites with full rotations, varied behavior of enemies across the Catacomb 3D trilogy (i.e: Wretched Pox actually exploding in death and spreading clouds of miasma, Walking Tanks firing a volley of rockets and Death Squads acting like chaingunners) and also a powerful and challenging incarnation of Nemesis. That would be awesome.
  3. Solmyr

    Alone in the Dark (1992)

    I only played the first one, enjoyed the atmosphere but hated the combat. My favorite parts were puting a stew pot of human flesh on a table in order to make the zombies in the dining room ignore you and sit down as if they were expecting to be served, and also reading the "Vermis Miisteris" and other occult books in the library and seeing either Carnby or Hartwood twist, inflate and warp to death.
  4. Echoing what others have said moderation is key in a healthy lifestyle, leaving aside health related issues, eating what you enjoy the most everyday is boring because it robs some of the pleasure you get. Even if you avoid getting fat, you can be slim and still get cardiovascular related diseases and increase your likelihood of diyng from a stroke, heart attack or cardiac arrest, before being in your 40's.
  5. Solmyr

    The curse of Doom

    Since 1998, i spent more time with classic doom games than any other game, even before having internet access and finding out about custom WADs.
  6. Solmyr

    what do you do when you can't get to sleep

    I take a 10-15 minutes warm shower, that usually works.
  7. @Seppe Nothing, it was just a placeholder for a secret as Dimon12321 said, but i forgot about it because i had to rework the later half of the level several times to avoid drawseg overflows, and implement the raising water level gimmick.
  8. Congratulations on the release of this awesome sequel of the original MMC megawad. Those difficulty flagged teleport destinations are indeed intentional.
  9. Solmyr

    Female Slayer

    Damn, that seems like a lure that could draw warhammer/mace wielding oponents to try and bash the knight's manhood.
  10. I don't really swear much because i tend to be pretty chill. "La puta madre", means fucking hell. "Mierda", means shit. "Infradotado/da", literally the opposite of genius. "Pelotudo/da", literally means that the target of the insult has a massive ballsack/ovaries and thus has diminished thinking capabilities, it's immature and foolish because of the blood flow drawn towards the balls/ovaries. "Anda a cagar" litterally "go take a shit", piss off. "PetaQ", in klingonese; lowly slave, in namekian; idiot. @P41R47 interesting interpretations or adaptations from those swear words, i tought "Andate a la mierda/la concha de tu madre/la puta que te parió" could only be translated or adapted as; "piss off, fuck off or get the fuck out"
  11. Solmyr

    Terrible Names For Things In Doom

    Imp = Horny Crackhead. Zombieman = Failson. Shotgunner = Bruce Willis. Chaingunner = Morpheus. Lost Soul = Vic Flaminghead. Pinky = Landshark. Spectre = Living White Noise. Cacodemon = Rotting Tomato. Pain Elemental = Cancerous Ballsack. Revenant = Raging Boner. Hell Knight = Bulldozer. Arachnotron = Expanding Brain Meme. Mancubus = Your Mom. Arch-Vile = Cancer. Baron of Hell = Roided Man Cow. Cyberdemon = Dildo Dispenser. Spider Mastermind = Redditor. SS = Smurf. Keen = Just Hanging Around. Icon of Sin = Michael Jackson. Spawn Cube = Rubik.
  12. Awesome, i love Plutonia's E1 aesthetic, so i'm in.
  13. Solmyr

    What Do The Japanese Think Of Quake?

    They probably think of Quake as ハァッ, ハァッ, ハァッ.
  14. Solmyr

    Acronym Game! This Threads Acronym....H E B

    Homer's Erotic Bullshit.
  15. Solmyr

    List FPS Games That Are Better Than Duke Nukem Forever

    Since when DNF has turned into the Meg Griffin of FPS's?
  16. Oh i forgot about that, then Dr Foster's therapy should work, it worked for Ned Flanders, at least for a couple of decades.
  17. Yes, but a couple of sesions of shock terapy ought to fix that.
  18. Solmyr


    I had dinner for too long, mortal. I think I shall remove myself from the dining room.
  19. The fact that Homer Goes to College which is one of the best episodes of season 5 isn't even in the top 3 makes me question this guy's sanity. he would probably put Ancient Aliens near bottom of the list in the 2016 cacowards review.
  20. Solmyr

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    The actual reason i brought up 4Chan's /vr/ was to see how they would react in their doom/90 FPS, thread, they took the bait, but sadly their reaction to this was not as amusing as i expected.
  21. Solmyr

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    I disagree about most of 4Chan boards being garbage, the entirety of that website is a dumpster fire, and your opinion is accurate, decent threads with minimum toxicity are rare to find, civil conversation however is not so rare. Staying away and not going back is the sane thing to do.
  22. Solmyr

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    You should have seen the paranormal board /x/ most posters there seems like they came from an insane assylum with their paranoid ramblings.
  23. Like Ajor.. [McD]James, FF6 is also one of my all time favorites and i had beaten it multiple times, it's pretty easy but sometimes it gets boring. Or it didn't resonate with you the same way that game resonated with most people who played it, and thus you got bored to tears and left wondering "who in their right mind would waste time playing this crap?", nothing has universal appraise. I'm almost certainly sure that no one has beaten Will Wright's The Immortal without using a strategy guide or the internet.