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  1. I don't like the anti-brutal doom code in some mods, good thing I know how to use Slade and remove it! :)

    1. KVELLER


      I'd argue that it's there for a reason, but each to their own.

    2. snapshot


      the "anti-bd codes" aren't intentional (well most of the time anyways), when designing a mod you can't expect how things go and so you can't keep it compatible with Brutal doom because then you would be checking brutal doom each time you want to implement a new feature or something, It's not worth going through the trouble of keeping it compatible with Brutal doom, If you like Brutal doom, then that's good but don't expect all mods to be compatible with it, It's up to you or the Brutal doom author to update it and keep it compatible with other mods, I mean it's a gameplay addon that is likely intended to be loaded with other mods so it's the mod author's responsibility to keep his addon compatible with other mods.

    3. HeyItsDuke


      @dmg_64 I completely agree with you, But i'm referring to intentional anti-Brutal Doom code, it's annoying and in my opinion malicious, you should not be allowed to do crap like that, no matter how you feel about BD or it's creator.

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