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  1. I know I'm bumping a old thread here, but I did something similar to this with Phase 1's levels here. And I will be doing the same thing for Phase 2. :)
  2. I need someone who Is good with Decorate and Character classes to help me with something, because I'm an idiot when it comes to decorate, also, it's for Brutal Doom, so if you don't like Brutal Doom, you might not want to help. :)

    1. V0idH0und


      Just PM me about it.

  3. @JohnnyTheWolf It's ok, I found out that my uncle will be ok, as long as he take's medicine everyday, (leukemia) so I'm in the right state of mind to continue my work, as long as no more problems pop up.
  4. Progress on this mod will resume soon.
  5. So I just got Doom Classic Complete and Doom 3 BFG Edition on steam! I now have every official expansion pack and classic game! and because I bought BFG Edition I have No Rest for the Living! :)

    1. V0idH0und
    2. wildweasel


      Hey, are you using my avatar?

    3. V0idH0und


      @wildweasel Oh... that's yours... awkward...

  6. So I found out my uncle has leukemia, as long as he takes medicine he should be ok, so development of The Lost Levels will resume soon! I also have enough money to buy the Doom Classic complete collection on Steam, so expect some Doom mods soon!

    1. MrGlide


      Sorry to hear about your uncle.

    2. Synndra


      Sorry to hear that news about your uncle, I wish him all the best.

    3. Phade102


      I'm sorry to hear that. Though,  if you uncle were to get any cancer, chronic leukemia is the best outcome. Its managable, unlike other cancers. I wish him the best.

    4. geo


      My uncle has had Leukemia for the past decade. He's still alive and kicking. He also said the bone marrow testing was the most painful thing he's ever experienced (and he's been through a lot) since they have to drill down into the bone to collect the marrow itself for the testing. Some need a bone marrow transplant.

    5. V0idH0und


      @geo Sorry about that, I'm glad he is ok though.

  7. Thank you, and after a while, once everything calms down a bit, I will be working on it again, I also have plans for phase 2... :) but that will be after everything that's going on right now calms down. (Hopefully everything will work out)
  8. That sounds good, I'll contact a moderator or admin about that, and thanks, :) I'll still be on sometimes, but a lot is happening and I won't be on a lot.
  9. I'm laughing so hard right now!!! I have no idea what to say at all! XD!
  10. But I honestly think they should release No Rest for the Living separate from BFG Edition, on Steam and GOG.
  11. Yeah, lets just forget this thread was ever made and go back to watching cat videos (or whatever it is you do,) as for me, I'm going to figure out why I don't think before I post, and maybe have some chocolate milk. :)
  12. Yeah, and they sucked anyway. (Sewers and Betray) (Sorry authors!)
  13. It was a stupid idea... and I have a lot of them. :)
  14. Ok well, you know the PSX Doom total conversion? they recreated all the PSX Doom levels, and another example would be the Xbox exclusive levels Sewers and Betray, they were recreated on PC also, or the Doom64 Total conversion for Doom 2, something like those recreations. (if that was a bad explanation I'm tired and stressed, sorry)
  15. I know you can play No Rest for the Living on PC if you own Doom 3 BFG Edition for PC, but it's stupid to have to buy BFG Edition just to have No Rest for the Living, and you can't buy it separately, so just like others have recreated PSX Doom, and the Console exclusive Doom levels, I think someone should recreate No Rest for the Living for PC, let me know what you think.