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  1. So someone called me a dumb ass in Fortnite today, because I said I had latency issues and they did not believe me, so he said I was a dumb ass, and that's why I lost, well let me tell you something guy! the fact you're judging me like that while you don't even know me, says more about you than it does about me. (and by the way, never say someone is lying just because they say they are lagging or they have latency, there are people with satellite internet that do suffer from that, like me.)

  2. I need to convert a Doom format map to UDMF, any converters out there that still work?
  3. V0idH0und

    Is the Doom 3 marine The original Doomguy?

    Not in my headcanon. :)
  4. V0idH0und

    Is the Doom 3 marine The original Doomguy?

    Well, at least my question was answered! :)
  5. V0idH0und

    Is the Doom 3 marine The original Doomguy?

    I'm not sure how it's obnoxious, but to each their own. Unnecessary, please don't provoke an argument in this thread, it's fine to share your opinion, but it should be done in a more polite way. :) (and yes, this is typically how arguments start on threads.)
  6. V0idH0und

    Is the Doom 3 marine The original Doomguy?

    It's just really confusing because sometime's id implies he is the same person, but other time's it's implied he's not, I agree with you on this one, mainly because he does not even look like the original Doomguy.
  7. V0idH0und

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Java is known to have a lot of security vulnerabilities.
  8. Is the Doom 3 (Game) marine The original Doomguy? or is he John Kane from the Novels?
  9. I don't like the anti-brutal doom code in some mods, good thing I know how to use Slade and remove it! :)

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    2. V0idH0und


      @KVELLER Yes, it is, it's there to troll people who play it because the author of that mod does not like BD, or Sgt Mark IV, and it's wrong.

    3. V0idH0und


      I don't think you should use brutal doom with every mod, but I don't agree with the anti-brutal doom crap! the user should have choice in whether He/She want's to play it with BD or not, if it's not compatible, that's different, but purposely preventing people from loading BD with the mod just because you don't like it is wrong.

    4. V0idH0und


      And before anyone rants about Brutal Doom being a disease, and about how vanilla gameplay is best, I do prefer vanilla, but I still hate the Anti-Brutal Doom crap.

  10. V0idH0und

    Let's Be Revealing

    It was more of a joke than anything, and he's gone? now I feel actually sad. :(
  11. V0idH0und

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This is the best thing I have ever seen. :)
  12. V0idH0und

    [v1.4a] Doom 64: Retribution

    No, we are not. although I do have a V0idH0und Zdoom account, I never get on it though.