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  1. Is the Doom 3 (Game) marine The original Doomguy? or is he John Kane from the Novels?
  2. V0idH0und

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Nah XD it was after
  3. Any way to do that? I don't want people editing it, at least while it's still in the testing phase.
  4. V0idH0und

    Prevent your SnapMap Level from being edited?

    I might just abandon the campaign. No matter how good I can make it, nobody is going to play it sadly. I'd honestly be better off making it in GZDoom or something.
  5. V0idH0und

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Doom 3, Doom 2016, and a bit of Quake Shareware. I was playing Half-Life as well, but got stuck. And say what you want, but Doom 3 with Redux is great. :)
  6. Couldn't load the instruments. I'm guessing I'm going to have to rewrite the config. I'll try that. EDIT: Yeah, I don't think I'm getting it to work. Worse case scenario, I have to sound capture the music from bfg edition with audacity.
  7. Can't figure it out, and I can't find any documentation for it, only the standalone version. I ripped the patches from the XBLA version of Doom 1 & 2 and I want to use them with GZDoom 4.0 so I can have XBLA music.
  8. Yeah, I meant I couldn't get it to detect the config file. Where exactly is the config file supposed to be? The wiki doesn't really say. Honestly the wiki tells you the commands needed to set it up, but doesn't really tell you where anything is supposed to go.
  9. As far as I know, it doesn't have a sf2 file. So unless someone made one... I can't get it to detect the patches no matter what I try. :/
  10. I have no pork rinds, and that makes me sad inside.

  11. V0idH0und

    Prevent your SnapMap Level from being edited?

    :( That sucks. You'd think there would at least be a way to privately test maps with friends.
  12. I tried to get arls player helmet mod working with redux, but it crashed since it needs arls improvements. So I added it in, and unfortunately it doesn't work together well. The player shadow is messed up, and the third person model for the shotgun is messed up. (Using arls Alpha Shotgun fixed that) Has anyone modified the helmet mod to be compatible with redux? I'd do it myself, but I've literally never modded Doom 3 before, and failed when I tried.
  13. V0idH0und

    Arls Player Helmet Mod for Doom 3 Redux?

    Regardless of the shadow bug, thank you for the mod Arl. It's one of my favorites. :) I'll just disable the player shadow for now.
  14. V0idH0und

    Arls Player Helmet Mod for Doom 3 Redux?

    I think I already had it set to that. EDIT: I can confirm that it was set to that, by setting it to 0 and then back again. Same problem.
  15. V0idH0und

    Arls Player Helmet Mod for Doom 3 Redux?

    Nope, didn't work. :( Here's a screenshot:
  16. V0idH0und

    Arls Player Helmet Mod for Doom 3 Redux?

    Once I got the improvement mod to launch with redux, the player shadow is messed up. It renders the shadow for the player helmet and arms, but the rest of the body casts no shadow. I fixed everything else. I'll add a screenshot if I can take one, screenshots don't work well in fullscreen for me. I haven't got very far though, so I can't say whether or not there are any more issues I haven't encountered yet.
  17. V0idH0und

    Having some trouble with Smooth Doom.

    Thank you! Finally it works! :D
  18. So I wanted to disable smooth doom's modded monsters, but leave everything else intact. I opened up the wad and commented out their include decorate lines like I was supposed to: So I'm thinking, "that was easy enough" and I load up The Ultimate Doom E1M1 on Ultra-Violence. And... absolutely no monsters spawn at all. Not Vanilla or Smooth. On any level. So I uncommented out Smooth Doom's Zombieman as a test and they spawned fine. Which means Smooth Doom is still preventing the Vanilla Monsters from spawning, even after I comment out their include lines, and I even tried completely deleting their decorate entries, nothing. I tried commenting out all the Smooth Doom ACS for monsters, and still nothing. I'm very lost on this one. Any help would be appreciated greatly.
  19. I'm making this thread with the intent of trying to find some games I've been trying to find for years, and let other people post here to try and find their game. So here is how this works. For Askers: Post in the thread, list EVERYTHING you can possibly remember in the game. (Game system it was on, gameplay, game locations, characters, ect.) it doesn't matter how old or new the game is. For Answer Givers: Quote their post, tell them the name, and link to a gameplay video and place to LEGALLY buy the game if possible. No Warez\Abandonware! When you tell them what game it is, please don't link to Warez\Abandonware, It's not allowed on Doomworld, and I don't want any of that in this thread. Ask away! :D
  20. By real I mean co op in the campaign, not a separate mode only like SnapMap. I've really been wanting to get a group of buddies together and play through the entire series, but unfortunately we can only do that with the classic Doom, D64 Retribution, and Doom 3 (With the Open Co op Mod.) Not Doom 2016. Which would be badass in co op. I'm hoping we'll get to do that in Eternal. But even if we don't I'll still buy it, cause it's going to be a kickass game either way.
  21. That feeling when GZDoom 4.1.0 butchers the Wolf 3D TC's menus and it's borderline unreadable:



    Can we please have a way to toggle that off? This is what it used to look like back in 3.0



    1. V0idH0und


      Apparently it also ruined the episode selection menu:


      I'm rolling back to 3.7.2 for the Wolf 3D TC till this is fixed.

    2. Misty


      You should report this to zdoom forums, bugs won't be fixed if you don't report them. 

    3. V0idH0und


      That's the plan, If I can remember my zdoom forums password. :P

  22. V0idH0und

    WIP: The Id's RPG series coming soon

    Glad to see this project isn't dead, I've been stalking watching this thread for a looong time. :)
  23. Could anyone recommend any GZDoom settings to help me accomplish this? I've been mostly fiddling with this myself and I can't seem to get it right. The only thing I've got is the texture filtering and sprite edges. Doom 64 also seems to have this cel shading effect on the first person weapons? Doom 64: None of the recreations, or EX, have that effect. EX: Retribution: Any idea how I could replicate it in GZDoom?
  24. V0idH0und

    Heavy Metal Armageddon - work in progress

    Now this is awesome. I'll be stalking watching this thread. Looks great! Especially for your first map.
  25. Good thing it still looks great then huh? :) I'd be willing to write a shader to reproduce that effect if i had any experience doing that. (Assuming it can be reproduced correctly) But I'm mostly just a novice decorate coder. :/