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  1. Stocki

    Why do you WAD?

    I do it to relax. I've thought about why that is the case and came to the conclusion it must be something similar like for other people painting mandalas.
  2. Stocki

    Does anyone else hate hot-starts?

    I dont care at all. Like it either way. But if it is a hot start, I prefer the one's where I can look around, all monsters with their back to me. But when I fire the first shot, all hell breaks loose. Hmm ... Does that count as a hot start?
  3. Stocki

    Do you see the map as it is being created?

    I see only some key elements. Sometimes they are quite detailed concept ideas. The rest of the map normally evolves around these, when I am actually building it. Sometimes this leads to problems where I have to redesign larger areas because they don't connect well.
  4. Stocki

    Favorite Doom Weapon?

    Not alone, me too. That weapon is perfect for mowing through low tier enemies. And the animation is way cooler than the SSG.
  5. Most times UV. Often HMP is a little bit too easy, especially when playing the original WADs. Definitely not Nightmare, because that's not fun and relaxing anymore. That's when it stops being a game and becomes serious business.
  6. Stocki

    thoughts on DOOM 64?

    I started playing Doom 64 a few days ago and have to say I really like it. In terms of level design I prefer Doom and Doom II, although 64 has some nice extras like the coloured lighting and ambient sounds. The music is simply superb and in combination with the ambient it creates a really creepy atmosphere. While the first comp base levels reminded me a little bit of System Shock, once you enter the hellish levels it switched over to a Quake-like feeling. To sum it all up: Great game I can totally recommend. Overall I'd still prefer 1 and 2, but when it comes to atmosphere, 64 is far superior.
  7. Stocki

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Really liked what you did with the columns.
  8. What about 'a summoning of demons' as a general term?
  9. Stocki

    Doom 2's "best" demon?

    A close match between Revenant and Arachnotron. But the Arach wins because of this reaaaally satisfying death sound.
  10. Yeah that's true. It might break some maps. All in all I'd say it is not a question of the sourceport, especially if you don't want to disturb the classic experience. Just lower the difficulty.
  11. It's the first two levels that are hard. (the first being even more so imho) Regarding the sourceport I'd say: "Whatever you like best." Maybe some extra features in (g)zdoom like freelook and being able to jump will make it easier for you. By the way: On what difficulty setting are you playing? There's no shame in gowing for a lower one. You don't have to complete everything on Ultra Violence on the first try.
  12. Stocki

    what makes a map comfy?

    For me it's "comfy" if it is easy to navigate through the map. This does not necessarily mean it has to be a simple layout. It's comfy if I get a good understanding of what is located where (even if I'm puzzled with how to get there) For me this makes Episode 1 maps the most comfy. Could be related to a lack of teleporters.
  13. Stocki

    What does Doom mean to you?

    Fun, nostalgia and about the only part of 90s pop culture I can relate to.
  14. Stocki

    How to Deal with Mapping Sadness

    I just map to relax a little bit. It's a nice, quiet activity in the evening. I was always impressed with the feature-rich maps you could build in UDMF. So i decided to start a new mapset in that format for Doom 2. I was already 5 maps in when I realized it simply isn't fun and relaxing to me. I can't even put the finger on the reason. It isn't that it is too difficult. I'm a software developer. I handle much worse on a daily basis. ;-) So I decided to just go back to the standard Doom format (for limit removing ports though, but no ZDoom features whatsoever, etc.) and it was much more fun again. My personal takeaway is: I should map primarily for myself. I shouldn't look too much at other maps as a measure or benchmark to reach. I now treat them more as a source of inspiration. This, of course, is my very personal take. Maybe in the future I will even return to UDMF again. But not now.
  15. Stocki

    Pistol starts vs continuous play: which do you prefer?

    I play continuously if the levels are built that way (becoming progressively harder, better weapons only in the later levels, etc.). But I appreciate it a lot if the single levels are all playable with pistol start. With the levels I'm building right now, I also try to achieve that.