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  1. Just as a general question: What is your setup when creating WADs with more than one level? Do you keep them in separate files until you are finished or do you work on a single large file? Furthermore, if these WADs have some texture replacements, do you have a separate WAD for these as well? As for now I keep everything in separate files. I include my texture WAD as an additional resource to the Doom IWAD when creating a new level. In the end I wrap the whole thing up in one large file. I was just wondering how you handle this. Small side-question: Anyone here using versioning for his work? (Git, SVN, etc.)
  2. Thanks a lot. On my current project I've actually started modifying textures. I just needed a completely black one. But I've already given thought about going a bit further and creating some from scratch. Regarding new monsters: Thats always a delicate thing to tamper with. It is directly related to game balancing. But given some time I might even try that.
  3. As I'm working on a city map right now: What are the characteristics of city maps that make them your favorite ones? For example: Do they have to be realistic? Tough encounters only inside of buildings, etc.? Do they have to be completely open or do you prefer a predefined way through the map?
  4. Thanks to you all. That means a lot to me. I'm really glad you enjoy the map. You are helping me a lot to see what I should change and what to keep in my maps. My next project will be a set of four to maybe five maps. Encompassing a city-, space station- and hell level (green marble). I'll keep you updated. :-)
  5. Hi, thanks a lot. That's a great track. Not the typical "doom sound" but indeed very fitting for the mood of the level. As soon as I get to actually replacing sources in WADs I'll surely embed it in this one. (haven't done that yet.)
  6. For me it has been the thing with id software as they just seemed to be these guys with a new idea or concept. And they just followed through with it. With Doom, at least most of them, made what they wanted to do. As a bonus: during that time the company was small enough to keep communication short and to the point. In my eyes: if you had an idea and the rest of the team was ok with it, you could do it. As I see it, this becomes harder as companies or development teams grow larger. Today such an environment can mostly be found in the indie game scene, but seldom with triple A games/studios.
  7. Not really the first one, but as I said, the first one published. This was the first one I thought "hey it came out pretty good. What the hell... Why not make it publically available." All other maps so far I build just 'for me myself and I'. Thanks for the commendation. Happy you enjoyed it.
  8. Hey guys. I've updated the map. Some of the rooms should not be as cramped anymore and I also replaced some hitscans. I've uploaded the level to (see OP for link).
  9. Thanks or the feedback Nine Inch Heels. The claustrophobic feeling, as DemonusDefunctus called it, is intended. I wanted to have a contrast between the darker, cramped start and the later bright and open parts of the map. But maybe I can smoothe out some edges and make passages a little bit wider. I'll see what I can do there. Regarding the hitscans: I was asking myself if it was a little bit too much. There are some I would replace. For example the chaingunners on the far side of the nukage lake. Those already struck me as a little bit unfair.
  10. Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed it. I tried to keep it close to the original Doom. (So, nothing of that fancy stuff ZDoom offers.) Doom is one of my fond teenage gaming memories. So I tried stick to this. I've never played Golden Eye. Do you have anything in particular (level name, etc) it reminded you of? I'd like to google for some screenshots.
  11. Hi guys. I just signed up here after lurking for a few weeks. This is my first WAD (or at least the first one I deemed good enough to make it publically available). I'm looking for some criticism, possible improvements or simply your opinion on it. Name: Spoiled Waters Difficulty settings: Yes, but not extensively tested. It's playable on UV without knowing any secrets. (But they'll help a lot.) Map: Doom 2, Map01 Multiplayer: No Port: ZDoom (haven't tested with anything else) Format: ZDoom - Doom in Doom No freelook, crouching or jumping needed Link: ( Time to build: Don't know. I just do this for recreational reasons every now and then. Took me several evenings. Screenshots: Excited to hear what you think about it. Thanks in advance. :-)