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  1. I'd probably pay for it if it happens (as unlikely as that may be). Let's just hope the usual corporate stuff won't take place. ;-D It'd be for the nostalgic feeling of a minority of possible customers. And if Bethesda would decide to do this they'd have to cosider the interests of a lot of stakeholders. And those for sure won't be all "retro gamers".
  2. Stocki

    Who is better?

    I'd go with the roughed up right version but with the paler skin of the left one. That'd be the perfect combination for me.
  3. Stocki

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    UV, always. Thy flesh consumed levels 1 and 2 were very tempting to lower it, but I'm a little bit proud, that I went through on UV. I also build my levels for UV in the first place and then later add health/ammo and remove, replace or reposition enemies for lower difficulties.
  4. Stocki

    Favorite Doom/Doom Engine Game?

    Definitely the first Doom. I can appreciate the additions of the sequel, but I prefer the distinct styles of the episodes and the overall level design of the first part. Doom 2 always seemed a bit "hurried" to me.
  5. Stocki

    Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    Another one came to mind right now. Not that great for single- but a blast for multiplayer games: Rune (Vikings, Norse mythology, etc.) Though I have to admit you mostly play it in 3rd person perspective. That works a lot better, when fighting with swords and axes.
  6. Stocki

    Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    Not mentionend yet, as far as I could see: Clive Barker's Undying Nice horror FPS with some adventure-like parts mixed in. And also thumbs up from me for Outlaws.
  7. To be honest: my first thought was 'meh... reload takes too long'. And then I switched back to the normal shotgun. Worked out fine for me. Still prefer the standard shotgun twenty years later. But I have to admit, today I use the SSG more frequently. But it still isn't my standard weapon of choice.
  8. Stocki

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Today I don't experience it to be that scary anymore. But I can remember the tension when I played it during the 90s. I think it is the combination of low health and monsters that can appear almost everywhere and out of nowhere. You were never really save. And that doesn't happen anymore, because i know the original WADs too well and I became a better player with first person shooters in general. I'm simply not in that situation anymore. At least not that often. ... Hey now that I think about it ... There's one thing where Doom is still scary for me. And it has to do with this feeling of never being totally save. Which probably tells me that this is really the reason for me: It is still scary when I'm in a dark room or light flickering and attacked by enemies I can't see very early. Either they are hidden behind corners or - even better - if they are Spectres. This situation creates the same uneasyness i've experienced when playing Doom for the first time. That seems to be very similar to your "I could easily die here".
  9. Stocki

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Hi Agent6. The current placement of things isn't final yet. Yeah you're right. It looks a little bit odd. I wanted it to have a random look. Not too symetrical. As if a room has broken apart here. Maybe I'll place it somewhere else, since now we are two who aren't coompletely satisfied with the placement. ;-)
  10. Stocki

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Currently I'm working on some hellish levels floating within a black void. They are part of a multi level wad with themes set from "outside", "research facility gone wrong" to these hell levels. I don't know yet with how many levels I will end.
  11. Stocki

    How do you make maps?

    Most times I start with a general idea like "Valley with multiple buildings within a mountain range". Then I add details - just in my mind - like "nukage river between buildings" or "large, dark area with crates in one building". This is where I start. After that I sometimes make some test areas to choose textures and then simply start mapping, without any detailed plan. Of course this sometimes ends in situations where I have to remap some larger areas and it all could have been prevented by just making some minor scribbles. But for now I don't seem to become any wiser in that regard. ;-) Sometimes those maps end a lot different from what I was imagining in the first place. But generally I am quite happy with the result.
  12. Thanks for the info. In other words: my setup isn't too uncommon. ;-) As for versioning: I just have a private Git repo at hand. I probably also wouldn't use it otherwise, since WADs aren't mergeable and you can't see changes on them as easy as with standard sourcecode. But since the repository is there ... why not?
  13. Just as a general question: What is your setup when creating WADs with more than one level? Do you keep them in separate files until you are finished or do you work on a single large file? Furthermore, if these WADs have some texture replacements, do you have a separate WAD for these as well? As for now I keep everything in separate files. I include my texture WAD as an additional resource to the Doom IWAD when creating a new level. In the end I wrap the whole thing up in one large file. I was just wondering how you handle this. Small side-question: Anyone here using versioning for his work? (Git, SVN, etc.)
  14. Stocki

    My first WAD - Spoiled waters

    Thanks a lot. On my current project I've actually started modifying textures. I just needed a completely black one. But I've already given thought about going a bit further and creating some from scratch. Regarding new monsters: Thats always a delicate thing to tamper with. It is directly related to game balancing. But given some time I might even try that.
  15. Stocki

    Favorite "City" Level

    As I'm working on a city map right now: What are the characteristics of city maps that make them your favorite ones? For example: Do they have to be realistic? Tough encounters only inside of buildings, etc.? Do they have to be completely open or do you prefer a predefined way through the map?