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  1. Stocki

    doom blind run tips

    Depends on the maps you are playing. Good maps will make you revisit areas (like E1M2) or provide some other means of orientation. For example E1M1 will take you on a tour around an inner courtyard. This courtyard also has a tunnel exit as a hint from where to enter it. Look out for such clues. But more generally speaking: Take your time, every now and then, to look on the map. Also try to remember which doors on the map are locked by which key. (Some sourceports can even show you that on the automap.) Try to connect the 3D visuals of a room with the lines on the map. Another thing: Turn back every now and then and have a look at the room you just moved through from a different perspective. Hope that helps. :-)
  2. Stocki

    Favorite Visual Theme Throughout An Episode

    I can't name a specific WAD. I like themes where tech and flesh/bones are mixed. It always reminds me of H.R. Giger.
  3. No not at all. I actually prefer the standard shotgun mostly because of its speed. I use it if I have to kill a bunch of low tier enemies in quick succession, even more so if it is over a larger distance.
  4. Stocki

    Key bindings for weapons

    Thanks for the help, you all. I guess i can put something together from your settings that fits my preferences. Especially the MWDOWN and MWUP could be useful. I haven't event thought about that yet. :-D But since I don't cycle through the weapons with the Mousewheel, that seems to be a good idea. I'll try to put the weapons there I have usually bound to 6 and 7. I have already moved the grenade handling to additional mouse buttons and that worked pretty well. Again, thanks a lot.
  5. Stocki

    Key bindings for weapons

    Maybe I'm missing it in the settings, but: Is there a way to bind multiple weapons to one key? Similar to the Shotgun and SSG in classic Doom? I'm asking because I really dislike the "wheel" and there are too many weapons to bind them to the number keys and still have them in comfortable reach. At least for me. I'd like to keep the weapons on the numbers, because the keys around WASD are already pretty "crowded" with flame belch, chainsaw, blood punch, and mod switch, etc. If multiple bindings are not possible, what are your key bindings for the weapons? What's comfortable for you?
  6. Stocki

    What's your doom mapping inspiration?

    Real life places I've been to. Mostly those are larger rooms or buildings, like for example the entrance of a hospital or a room in a museum.
  7. Stocki

    Pump station - Doom II wad

    Hi everyone. I've considered your comments and updated the map. It is now available via the idgames archive. You can get it here: pumpstat.wad. I have also updated the link in the opening post. Thanks again for testing and for your comments and suggestions.
  8. Stocki

    Pump station - Doom II wad

    Hi Orcsbreath and ElPadrecitoCholo. Thanks for playing and sharing your opinion on it. I'm currently thinking about making some secrets a little bit more obvious and have already moved one secret area, just to make the connection between a switch and the area of effect more obvious. Furthermore the final battle will have some stimpacks available on the nukage level. And I'll see to make the chaingun in the green room available. ;-) @ElPadrecitoCholo: Were you able to find all secrets by searching (I assume so, because of the time) or did you take a look at the WAD in the editor?
  9. Stocki

    Pump station - Doom II wad

    Thanks to you both for playing the map. Yeah indeed. It can be hard to manage the fight above the nukage without taking at least some hits from the Arachnotrons. I'm now thinking about maybe placing some more "islands" in the slime so you can go over the edge and take all three enemies out separately, if you are careful enough. From Biodegradables Playthrough I'd say I should place another SSG somewhere earlier in the level. There is one in a secret though. By the way: Congratulations for grabbing the first chainsaw! You can reach it by other means. I even tried multiple times to jump over into the secret. I couldn't manage it and thought the gap was wide enough. :-D
  10. Hi everyone. Originally I was working on a replacement for Doom Episode 1 but got overall dissatisfied with what I was making up in Doom Builder. It all seemed to be too rectangular and symetric. So I decided to make a Doom II single level wad instead to work on exactly these issues. I came up with this techbase level: Name: Pump station Map: Doom II, Map 01 Difficulty settings: Yes, but not extensively tested. Manageable on UV without secrets Multiplayer: No Port: GZDoom (might work with others, only tested with this one) Format: Doom II No freelook, crouching or jumping intended Link: pumpstat.wad (idgames archive) Before I upload it to the idgames archive I'd like to know what you think about it, if there are things you'd improve, etc. Screenshots: Thanks in advance. :-) Edit: updated link to latest version
  11. Also got no idea how many I've actually read. The ones that stand out in my memory (just now that I'm thinking about it): Umberto Eco - The Name of the Rose Graham Greene - The third man Gaston Leroux - The Phantom of the Opera Algernon Blackwood - The Willows Robert E. Howard - Conan (I know, strictly speaking not a book. More a collection of short stories.) Jean-Christophe Grangé - Blood Red Rivers H. P. Lovecraft - Also more a collection of short stories Stanisław Lem - Solaris
  12. Stocki

    Why do you WAD?

    I do it to relax. I've thought about why that is the case and came to the conclusion it must be something similar like for other people painting mandalas.
  13. Stocki

    Does anyone else hate hot-starts?

    I dont care at all. Like it either way. But if it is a hot start, I prefer the one's where I can look around, all monsters with their back to me. But when I fire the first shot, all hell breaks loose. Hmm ... Does that count as a hot start?
  14. Stocki

    Do you see the map as it is being created?

    I see only some key elements. Sometimes they are quite detailed concept ideas. The rest of the map normally evolves around these, when I am actually building it. Sometimes this leads to problems where I have to redesign larger areas because they don't connect well.
  15. Stocki

    Favorite Doom Weapon?

    Not alone, me too. That weapon is perfect for mowing through low tier enemies. And the animation is way cooler than the SSG.