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  1. Poorchop

    Do's and Don't's when making your first WAD

    This is the only advice that I can get behind. Nobody has to make maps for anyone else. If they want to start with a massive, overly ambitious map that only works in one particular source port, then that's fine as long as they had fun making the map. The other advice here is fine but only if the mapper is looking for validation from others.
  2. Poorchop

    Stylish Banned? Now What?

    I didn't realize that it was banned and I just checked out the news. Scary stuff. I'm with sirjuddington - been using Stylus for a long time now. Stylish has been flat out broken for me since Firefox switched to webextensions. Stylus is great. I know one of the developers and he's a very upstanding guy.
  3. Poorchop

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I'm trying to use a specific soundfont (gm.sf2) and in order to do that, I need to use FluidSynth from what I understand. However when I switch to FluidSynth, the pitch of the music gets shifted and the volume drops considerably. This only seems to happen in PrBoom+/GLBoom. The same soundfount + FluidSynth in order source ports doesn't cause this issue. What gives?
  4. Poorchop

    Duke Nukem 3D is depressing

    Haven't played too much of it yet but I couldn't really take it that seriously. Everything is pretty cartoonish to me. When you read deeply into the game and focus on the background, then I guess you can make it out to be sort of depressing. For me, I just see things like pig cops at a strip club, strippers taking their clothes off when Duke hands them cash and acting like nothing happened, and aliens taking a dump in public restrooms until Duke decimates the toilets and I can't really see it as anything other than a comedy. There's also gratuitous smut littered all over the game, which detracts from any hint of a somber atmosphere. If the game is depressing to me at all, it's only because it was such a shock coming from Duke 2. I played the hell out of Duke Nukem 2 when it was released and I just liked being a badass fighting my way out of a jail cell and killing monsters to the tune of a great soundtrack. Then I try Duke 3D for the first time decades later and suddenly there's all this pornographic content with Duke seeming less like an action hero and more like some dirty old man.
  5. Poorchop

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    Disjunction I think that this was first unveiled in 2016 but it wasn't officially released until 2/2017. Hopefully it counts because it's a masterpiece and that's an understatement. I seriously can't praise this map set enough. Great selection of music, great map design and layouts, beautiful aesthetics, tons of custom textures, and more. It has the quality of a map set that was put together by a team of veteran game designers and then play tested extensively to refine the game play.
  6. I just started this and I haven't read through this thread yet but I just gotta say that this is simply stunning. Map01 was just excellent in terms of visuals and overall scope. I started map02 and I pretty much feel the same way about it as well. Map01 reminds me of the part in Half Life 1 where you come out of some tunnels to the breathtaking (for its time) cliff side. The sunset skybox is great and I loved traversing the compound. This is a lesson to me in terms of visuals. I thought that I needed to work on fleshing out details but you show that it's possible to create a very attractive map with a great atmosphere without going crazy with textures or intermittent small breaks in the landscape. I'm also really enjoying the music that you picked out for this. I was working on a few other wads but this is definitely gonna take priority. Here's hoping that the rest is just as amazing.
  7. Poorchop

    Cream of the slaughter "crop"?

    I really liked Oceanside.
  8. Poorchop

    Motivation of the Quake dogs

    I don't like the idea of killing dogs. I don't care if it's just a video game. In real life, I'd always try to subdue the attacker first. Dogs don't randomly attack to kill people. Equating man's best friend to a pinkie demon is pretty nonsensical. One loves its owner unconditionally and does everything to protect it, and the other is some twisted hellspawn. Last time I checked, there weren't any documented cases of pinkies providing human companionship.
  9. Poorchop

    Motivation of the Quake dogs

    I just assumed that they're possessed. The fact that they're enemies is my least favorite part of the game. I absolutely detested hurting dogs in Wolfenstein 3D and I hated doing it again in Quake. For what it's worth, hungry dogs don't run around trying to kill people for food.
  10. Poorchop

    Pumpkin HELL

    I played the speedmapping version and I loved it. I thought it was really fun for such a short map. I liked it so much that I was going to expand on it some day with permission but I'm glad to see that you made it into a full map yourself. Looking forward to trying this one out.
  11. Poorchop

    3D Vanilla Bridge for Dummies?

    Sort of. I've only played around a little bit but I still find the process kind of weird. Maybe it's because I'm using ZenNode but I haven't figured out how to completely implement the bridge from Scythe 2. I get some weird errors when I try to make diagonal bridge supports. I've also noticed that the Scythe bridge has a lot of overlapping lines without any vertices at the intersections. I'm not quite sure how to make those. Making a very basic bridge shouldn't be that complicated though. If you're using ZenNode, my instructions work. You just need to create the linedefs that contain the bridge sector before making the bridge sector itself.
  12. Looks pretty neat. Are those background screams supposed to be from prisoners? Kind of unsettling but in a good way since they give the game a darker tone.
  13. Poorchop

    Does anyone remeber Hacx, a Doomlike shooter?

    I agree with a lot of the other posts in this thread. I've been playing Hacx quite a bit lately although I haven't finished it yet. The game feels like a bit of an anomaly but in a good way. Something about the music, the maps, and the monsters strikes me as sort of odd and uncanny. I don't just find Monstructs creepy, but a lot of the other monsters as well. Even the basic Thugs are kind of unsettling. So far, I've been enjoying it. I like all of the small additions and tricks that they incorporated into the game like locks that flip up to reveal a switch. Breakable furniture, particularly breakable windows, are really cool. I agree with cyan0s1s that Harmony is also worth checking out if you like Hacx. Harmony is pretty unique in that it went with the classic approach of developing sprites from original clay models. I hadn't heard about either game until fairly recently but they are both worth checking out. I do find it really strange that they went with the decision to release this as a commercial product. I know that they paid the licensing fee to legally sell the game but as other mentioned, it was a questionable decision when true 3D engines were already hitting the market. There were also other total conversions from around the same time that were released for free, so I'm not really sure how they planned on marketing this. I'm glad that they ended up making it available for download eventually so that people could at least experience their work. Surprisingly, Doomsday Engine supports Hacx and it looks especially good, especially with the abundance of light sources that they have in some maps.
  14. Poorchop

    3D Vanilla Bridge for Dummies?

    This was extremely tricky for me in GZDoom Builder Bugfix. It took a lot of trial and error. I didn't understand all of what Memfis was saying in his first post in this thread. For me, I had to create the upper levels first. Then I had to connect the upper levels with two linedefs. I had to create the bridge sector itself last of all. If I just create an unbound bridge sector in the middle of my map, then it causes a lot of confusion within the map editor as to where the bridge sector begins and ends once I change the sector's linedefs to the same number as the sector itself, as mentioned in Memfis's post. I also had to give the dummy sector a tag. Maybe I misunderstood Memfis but I didn't see him mention creating a sector tag in his post. This became apparent when I took a look at the bridge in Scythe 2. I finally got the invisible bridge working at this point. Now comes the trickiest part - creating the bridge support beams. The biggest issue here is that GZDoom Builder Bugfix automatically creates vertices wherever linedefs intersect. I figured out a partial workaround for dealing with this. I drag the bridge sector completely off the map. Then I create my linedefs that will have the mid textures representing the support beams. Lastly, I drag the bridge sector back to where it was originally. I have my options set to only merge overlapping vertices, not to merge linedefs or sectors. This prevents the editor from creating vertices from where linedefs intersect when sectors are dragged on top of one another. However, this method does not work for creating the diagonal support beams as seen in Scythe 2's Map01 bridge. It's still good enough for me that I got this far but prettier bridges seem to be out of the question for now. Bridge sector is in the very center. That's what I created last (but before the dummy sector). Leftmost area consists of the stairs with the first stair having linedef 83. The two green horizontal lines are the lines connecting the upper level sectors that I created first. Those are linedef 91. Once this is complete, I drag the bridge sector off the map, create the bridge beams, then drag the bridge sector back to where it is in this picture. Hope this helps anyone else in the future who might be as confused as me.
  15. Poorchop

    A brief thought on Aubrey Hodges

    The timing of this thread is the oddest coincidence. I just got done playing a bit of the PS1 Doom TC for the very first time. When I found this thread, I was in the middle of listening to this soundtrack. I agree with most of your post. However, I feel that the original tunes do have a place in this game. The metal and heavy rock of Bobby Prince's work is fitting for Doomguy's mindset. The guy has total forgotten what fear feels like and he's all about running super fast and ripping and tearing through every demon that stands in his way. He's a total badass and the demon-infested facilities are his playground. Only some tunes feel completely out of place like the samba music in Map02. It cracks me up every time I think about it because I really love the tune but it has no place whatsoever in any Doom game. For me, the magic of Aubrey's work comes from the way his music complements the atmosphere in the PS1 version. The colored lighting does wonders for the game. I played through the TC for a while and I'm still in awe over the lighting. The ambient soundtrack is just fantastic. It's perfect to me because it's not exactly shooting for horror, and it doesn't have that industrial feel as in Quake. It's just moody and somehow, the tunes are good enough that I want to listen to them outside the game. Before finally getting a hold of the TC, I've been watching play throughs of the PS1 version online all week mostly just to listen to the soundtrack and also to appreciate the awesome colored lighting they added in. It's such a great port of an already great game.