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  1. The "latest wad" was a nod to Pharaoh, so if this is a sequel... I'd rather see something other than another Egyptian theme, unless you plan to use some custom textures. The Egypt thing is kind of a gimmick that works for a while/as one of 32 maps in a secret slot, but I don't think people want to play too many of them unless it's done really well. And I'd imagine it would be hard to do more than one well with just stock TNT resources.
  2. This is like exactly what I do. I often have hideous geometry as a place marker to remember my general idea. Sometimes it changes. Sometimes I put some monsters or other things in to remind me of a specific counter I have in mind. Basically, I go from general to specific but I give myself reminders of specifics. I also plan my key progression on Excel with something like: "gr/gb, ur+ub, gy, uy." That would indicate a key progression of get red key OR get blue key (and then the other), then use red AND use blue key simultaneously, then get yellow key, then use yellow key.
  3. I went ahead and made a video for this as well: FDA with commentary. I played on Hey, Not Too Rough in Crispy. Another fun one.
  4. Here's my first demo attempt with some commentary. Sorry, I think I said this was your first map a couple times. Overall, solid design and pretty good recasting of Pharaoh. The combat, even if it is supposed to be much easier than Pharaoh, could use a little work - not a ton. Thanks for making. I look forward to more of yours.
  5. I said I was going to edit my post with a video. This is me not doing that because very fittingly, @xvertigox, who is the one who inspired me to do more videos with his thread, posted one first. So I wanted to mention that I watched xvertigox's video and mine is very similar in some places. We did not collude in any way, so I think that goes to show that these are opinions that a number of people might have. Enjoy:
  6. I'm just going to be blunt. Please do not "remake" Maps 02-05. This is not good. I feel you need to create something from scratch to understand what makes a map good. Literally anyone can open Entryway in Doom Builder and add tough monsters and change the weapon distribution. It's not only extremely lacking in creativity, but this particular way it's done shows, I'm afraid, a lack of skill in mapping. Just make a small map from scratch. You can make it "extreme" if you want, but you'll become a much better mapper by creating than by this. Plus, the feedback you'll get will be 10x better because it will be all your ideas, rather than simply placing your ideas on a well established 25-year-old map. If you're really sold on the whole remake idea, and again, I recommend against it, I would still suggest you modify geometry and texture significantly so that your maps are not carbon copies of iwad material, but rather reminiscent of/nods to those maps.
  7. I think it would have to be 90 or 100 for me too.
  8. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your map. It's a solid first effort, in my opinion. Nothing was broken or extremely poorly done. My biggest observations: Your outdoor area was much worse than your indoor areas. Interestingly enough, I started out pretty awful at indoor areas, especially tech base type, and halfway decent at outdoor areas. You seem to have realistic expectations. You did not try to do everything in this one map, nor did you make it very long. That's good because you are going to grow as a mapper and you'll have fewer qualms about scrapping a small map than a large map. And if it's small, there's more chance you will update and polish it rather than scrap it. Your monster placement seems to be a bit of an afterthought. It feels like you designed an empty map and then put in monsters. It's not terrible, but you want to think about your monster encounters in conjunction with the designing of the actual space. People will expect a Doom 2 format wad to be playable in PrBoom+ and in limit-removing ports (e.g. Crispy) and possibly even Chocolate. So I suggest you test in Crispy or something. Sometimes just fine in (G)ZDoom = giant hall of mirrors in something else, etc. Take my advice with a grain of salt. I'm still a mapping n00b myself, but I can be very observant. In fact, take all advice with a grain of salt. If the map functions, then at the end of the day, everything is subjective. I'll certainly play more of your maps. I will edit this post later with a video, but my Internet connection here is too slow.
  9. Ah, piss, I'm super busy this weekend and probably won't be able to play this until Monday or Tuesday. Looks fun.
  10. Hey, thanks so much for playing not just one, but three of my maps. I'm grateful for your videos; they give me some ideas. To answer some of your questions, I'm working on a full megawad of 32 maps but I have not been making them in order. Some of them I know need some help. Map 01 was the second one I made, and I started out much better at outdoor/natural areas than indoor. If you continue, you will find 13 a bit dull as well, but hopefully the rest (14, 15, 18, 22) fairly interesting. The bottom line is I don't consider any of them absolutely finished, so I'm working on new stuff and polishing the old ones constantly, so I definitely appreciate any advice and videos.
  11. I enjoy watching your videos. I think your commentary is fair and solid without being critical just for the sake of being critical. And I have seen you more than once show the discernment to stop speaking while you are shooting and resume your thought when it's quiet again. As far as saves, you're doing people a favor by playing their maps and providing commentary, so you should do that in whatever way you deem appropriate. I, for one, would definitely rather see more videos with a few saves/resurrections here and there than just a few videos because you did five takes to get a "pure" playthrough.
  12. If you like old school, perhaps you'd be willing, at your convenience, to take a look at this n00b's (my) effort. There are eight custom maps in there at different slots, but specifically I'm interested in Map 19 at the moment. Standard limit removing Doom 2.
  13. @xvertigoxAh, yes. See, I literally never jump so I rarely even think about it, especially in a map that looks exactly like something from the mid 90s. So yes, gotta mention that jump is required if jump is required.
  14. 1) You want to make the encounters fair without straight up telling the player to cheat. Even if you give every weapon immediately at the start (Map 30 style), that's infinitely better than "type in IDFA." 2) Unless I missed something, the only way to get to the original start area where the yellow key is is to arch-vile jump. It's generally not a good idea to require arch-vile jumping. 3) There's also a voodoo doll up there serving no purpose that I can tell. 4) Most of the texture changes seem arbitrary and don't really fit. You've also changed some of the switch textures and the exit textures. 5) Why would I ever want to pick up a pistol? Why would I want to go to a secret area if all I get out of it, after killing a Mastermind, mind you, is the weapon I have an unalienable right to? 6) Assuming you're supposed to start with full ammo, this map is really not that hard at all. It's really too short to have an invulnerability. 7) I recommend you use something other than Slade (e.g. Doom Builder) to do your main mapping and use Slade only for your "metadata." 8) I suggest you give your attention to mapping basics (making solid fights, designing space well, visual detailing, figuring out how to make a door require a key) rather than to bonus features like plasma gun toting marine enemies.
  15. A nice idea. Hopefully it was well received. Maybe even a bridge into the awesomeness of Doom, as it's not too difficult or too long. I didn't see any errors or anything. Thanks for making.