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  1. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @NeedHealth Doomworld forum thread for Nova III project I like this. It's a quick little run through a map that's part tech base, part natural environment. The combat is never boring but also never too challenging. I don't know how hard the megawad is supposed to be or if it is supposed to progress in difficulty, but this is map 06 and it's pretty easy on Ultra-Violence. Personally, I don't need a map to be hard to be fun. I think this one looks great and is a fun play. The textures look nice and set the mood nicely. A few minor potential negatives: there were a few misalignments, one of which I point out at the beginning. What some of the switches do is not always very obvious (,not that you ever get confused). The music, although I love it, I'm not sure fits the theme. It would seem to me to suggest a large level that you can run around in freely, like an Odyssey of Noises or Mt. Erebus, but honestly, I'm not sure how important matching mood to music is anyway. After all, it's very arbitrary and I normally play with my own music anyway. Bottom line: Nova III will be pretty fun if this is the type of quality we can expect.
  2. Megalomaniac.wad

    First of all, you have way too much stuff in your zip file, like for example, gzdoom.exe. Secondly, don't be surprised if no one plays this when your text file says, "it's horrible." Thirdly, the map itself... For UDMF secrets, mark them as generalized effects > secret yes - something like that. It's possible for the Mastermind never to get released, yet that's the only way to win. Mandatory secrets are often not appreciated, but if it's not a secret, then there's really no way to tell there's something back there if you happen not to hump that wall, except that you didn't mark any of your lines as secret, so the automap gives away where they are. The overall concept is not bad: survive the onslaught of a few boss monsters and a bunch of other weaker enemies. But the map doesn't look very good, obviously. One idea I do like is the somewhat hidden medikit and rocket launcher (and others?) trenches. But it's pretty much a huge monotexture rectangle with a few more monotexture rectangle sectors thrown in. It's really not hard. You just clear out the hitscanners and then there's enough space that you should never get hit by anything. I think you misspelled "chosen."
  3. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @xdarkmasterx Doomworld forum topic This map stays true to xdarkmasterx's style: gameplay over beauty. I must say, though, that he has much worse-looking maps. This one is a little bit bland and has a ton of the green zimmer texture (to be fair, it is the premise of the level if you read the description), but the geometry itself never leaves you dumbfounded and there are some nice details here and there, including lighting. The flow is solid - nothing outstanding, but never confusing or annoying. Basically there are two paths, either of which will lead you to the first key, which leads to the second, which leads to the third. The combat is pretty well done throughout. It forces you to move right from the beginning and discourages you from clearing out whole rooms at a time; it accomplishes this with damaging floors, monster placement, and supply placement. I did not think any area was unfair, and only a couple areas were weak: the arch-vile and revenant on platforms are easily campable and the final area was underwhelming because of amount of plasma and variety of monsters (= infighting), but both of these could be quite different on harder difficulties. Bottom line: if you're a solid player and don't mind less than stellar visuals, give this a go.
  4. Looking for opinions on my map

    I played this on Crispy on Ultra-Violence. This is solid stuff. I liked your subtle/not-so-subtle nods to Perfect Hatred, Sever the Wicked, and Against Thee Wickedly (and others?) As far as flow, I liked how the key doors were set up so that you didn't have to backtrack. I liked the beginning part with some different paths. I did not love how the E4 part got you the blue key. I think there are bars there at first and a switch somewhere (no idea which one) lowers them. I really had no idea what any of the switches was doing in the E4 area. Eventually I randomly went over there and there was the blue key. I'm guessing paying a little bit more attention would have made it more obvious, but alas, I didn't. Personally, I thought the E4 insertion into the tech base was pretty well done, primarily due to the outdoor area. In some wads, parts are basically deus ex machined into the map and it stands out as unfitting. Visually, besides some walls being a little bit bare, it looked good. Sufficient detailing and distinct but thematic areas gave it some aesthetic appeal. As far as combat, I was always a little bit low on ammo. I found 0 secrets, so I'm positive there was a plasma gun somewhere, maybe even a BFG. But it became problematic for me a few times. Even a chainsaw or berserk (although I could have missed those too) would make a big difference, especially with all the demons. I had no chance at the cybderdemon (though I suspect there's a telefrag secret somewhere), and definitely could not kill everything at the end, even letting them take out each other as best I could. Other than ammo, there were some nice traps. Lots of small space traps and some of them were not all that expected, like facing four more revenants after already killing two that opened up when you flip the switch. So I enjoyed most of the combat. However, there were some very camp-friendly areas, like when you open the first key door, there are perched revenants some distance away and a reclosing door. Also, there's a room with hell knights on a lower level that will come close to the ledge and thus be unable to hit you while you pick them off. The hitscanners don't appear until you go down there, meaning if you stay up, the hell knights are no threat.
  5. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @PeterMoro: I think this times 1/4 would have been outstanding. I liked how there was a much more straightforward section in the middle with all the marble stuff. I'll be glad to play more of your stuff; you've got a good mapping head on your shoulders, clearly. I mean, this is a work of art, truly. This thing honestly reminds me of Super Metroid. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more with a different attitude, i.e. not recording it and trying to do it in a reasonable amount of time.
  6. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @PeterMoro Re: Deimos Abandoned Base #79 idgames download page I started to do part 2, but I had to quit recording. As far as I'm concerned, this is a puzzle map. Here's why: These are reasons this is a puzzle map, not reasons this is a bad map 1) It's freaking huge. 2) There are always many possible ways to go. 3) There are multiple of each key door and most of them do not let you see progress. This was the most frustrating part of the entire map, I think. I spent hours trying to get to the blue key, and once I did, of course there are like half a dozen blue doors and only one of them is where you need to go. Same exact thing upon getting the yellow key. 4) There are numerous parts where you have to hit multiple switches to progress. 5) There are numerous doors that open on switches and the switches are very often not nearby. At one point I flipped SIX switches and didn't have a clue what a single one of them did. 6) There are numerous doors that only open from one side and force a major detour if you want to go back. 7) There are tons of areas that seem important (how you access them, how large they are, how significant the fights are), but don't really offer anything toward ultimately completing the map. So I determined that a decent video would not be feasible: it would either be extremely long and boring due to so much confusion and backtracking or it would not even be close to FDA. I don't have the time or the desire to learn this particular map well enough to be able to do a demo in which I know what I'm doing the whole way through, but that would be the only video of this map worth watching, in my opinion. Puzzle is not a bad genre per se, though; it's just not very conducive to this kind of thing, i.e. videos of my first playthrough. I'm probably not qualified to comment on a puzzle map because I haven't played many and it's not really my thing, but I think it's just too big. There are plenty of epic maps, even ones with lots of exploration, that you can still navigate with a sense of knowing where you're going. In this map, I felt like I was exploring at first, but then it just became me banging my head against a wall trying to find new areas and key doors and switch hunting. If the goal is puzzle, I think it should be smaller. Puzzle maps should be full of "aha!" moments, not "I guess this is the right way" moments. But if the goal is epic exploratory adventure, I think the progression should be more obvious. If the goal is both, I think it's nearly impossible to do that well. Just for reference, this map is every bit of 24,000 x 14,000, and it would take a 36,000 x 24,000 pixel rectangle to fit the whole thing. Bottom line: I applaud the effort. I did finish the map (with much cheating) and it's very well put together. See a few posts up for more specifics. If you have a great memory and a lot of time and love puzzles, do play this map. If you think progression should always be fairly obvious and/or you prefer more linear maps, definitely do not play this.
  7. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @PeterMoro A tip to you and anyone else watching (especially long) videos: You can still understand pretty much everything I say if you watch on 1.5 speed. Yes, I do end up getting a rocket launcher, just no SSG. I'll probably attempt part 2 on Monday.
  8. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @PeterMoro idgames download The above video is just part 1, since the map is so long. It seems to be well designed and I have to give props for the intricacies and pretty good visuals throughout. But so far, it's just too big for me. This map would probably appeal to a certain audience, but for me, there's just too much to do. It feels like every route leads to a few more routes and that never ending sense of "At some point I have to come back and explore this some more" takes its toll. For the first probably 45 minutes or so, I was pretty much always seeing something I hadn't seen yet, but then I got to a point where I had to go back through the massive level to look for key doors/the next path. It didn't help that there were lots of each key door and even multiple exits. Plus, many of the doors don't open or open on switches. After the red key, I had no idea what my ultimate or preliminary objective was until I spotted the blue key, but then I didn't know how to get it anyway. The interconnected design is fascinating and probably genius in hindsight/after you finally figure it out, but for now, I'm thoroughly confused. I will probably not even start recording part 2 until I figure out where to go next. (*Hint hint* Or Peter could give me a hint) Visually it's pretty good. There's a lot of attention given to lighting and some other details. Sometimes it's a little rectangular and occasionally there's a bit too much of the same texture, but its pretty well thematic throughout. I didn't have a problem with the monster selection/placement: lots of hitscanners to keep you on your toes but never really unfair. But the issue was balancing the level for so many possible routes. There were times where I really could have used a super shotgun but never found one. There were times where I could have used a rocket launcher, but I found it much later. I guarantee this map is played unrecognizably differently by everyone who plays it, due to how big and nonlinear it is. For that reason, it should probably feature multiple pickups of each weapon. I only saw one rocket launcher and no plasma gun or super shotgun in over 600 enemies and over 80 minutes. Bottom line: It's well done for the most part, but it's long and exploratory to a fault. I'm hoping the second half is a bit more straightforward.
  9. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @Glaice Doomworld download page Pretty good map by Glaice again. I don't know if Abyssus is the right name since it's mostly tech base, but it's pretty well designed and plays pretty fun. It doesn't look absolutely terrific, but there's enough detailing that it certainly is not an eyesore. The flow of the map is such that there are a lot of doors, many of which open directly, some of which open on switches. It's not always clear what a switch does, but I wouldn't call it switch hunting; it's more like "which of the two or three locked doors did that open?" The combat is pretty good. Even when there's some backtracking, new monsters have popped in to guide you and make your life miserable. Much of the map is tight and filled with humans, so you often cannot just avoid projectiles easily. There are also some well thought traps and interesting secrets. There were a few odd combat situations, like by the blue key and the ending, but a nice E2 map overall. Bottom line: pretty similar to an iwad map, and that's a good thing.
  10. hell house

    I feel like this guy suffers from schizophrenia or something. Some of the stuff is straight garbage, but some of it is actually pretty good.
  11. Anyone up to play-test my tech-base map?

    Not too shabby. Keep mapping.
  12. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @beast Doomworld forum topic For the most part it feels like Knee Deep in the Dead, but it has a few hellish elements that are pretty well done and some Doom 2 monsters and super shotgun. Parts of it are (presumably intentionally) extremely similar to E1M1 but it's by no means a clone. The design is fine and it looks pretty good most of the time. There's definitely some attention to detail, like some lighting differences, lots of height changes, and texture variety. There are a few things that could use a little bit of work, like in a place or two the texture change is kinda abrupt. A little bit of shawn or support or something in between might work. Also, there are ways of getting around the fact that there are only so many switch textures. And I don't mean making new switch textures. In a spot or two it looked like you wish you had a different switch but just used the best match available. Maybe not though. Game play was fine. Nothing too cheap and nothing too simplistic. I thought the teleporting room was odd, and I thought the commando room was too encouraging of camping, but other than that, enough of a challenge and not boring. Bottom line: This being beast's fourth map, I'd say it's a promising new(er) mapper. It's a short and pretty sweet tech base.
  13. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @xanrer Doomworld forum topic Not much to say here. Just a little lighting experiment. Check it out if you're into that kind of thing. It looks pretty cool.
  14. Mutilate the Wicked (level VANILLA)

    I don't get it. After the opener you either win or die. How do I play the rest of the level?
  15. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @Sparktimus Download the .7z First of all, I played this on Hurt Me Plenty because I didn't remember Sparktimus had suggested Ultra-Violence. I did find it a little bit easy, but perhaps more polishing was done on Ultra Violence. Still, it wasn't boringly easy - just a chill, Doom 1 feeling tech base. The layout and look are well done. I nitpick a few things in the video, but there's plenty of detailing, interconnected areas, smart design techniques, etc. that make this feel like it's expertly put together. There are actually some nice lighting details. I think what I was getting at is that there's basically an overall 192 or so light level, and although there are nice shadows and flickers here and there, perhaps some rooms could be significantly darker overall. I really liked the secrets in this map. Very Doom. Bottom line: This is a short and sweet tech base that looks to be the start of a promising set.