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  1. @Clippy Doomworld forum topic Well, well, it turns out monster placement is what makes a map. It you were to look only at the space here, you’d probably say, “Meh, doesn’t look like much. Probably a newcomer map.” But Clippy put together a cool showdown here with menacing cyberdemons against whom your tactic is flight, not fight. I like the ways you have to manipulate the enemies pretty much the entire map. Maybe it’s his wife Mary Jane, but Clippy has some pretty solid ideas. Now this thing ain’t much to look at, but it does have a nice alteration moment, where everything goes darker. Also, 10:40-10:45 is perhaps my greatest Doom accomplishment ever. Bottom line: A map of enjoyable fleeing and infighting
  2. @Clippy, very good, thanks. Some "livestream" thoughts below:
  3. HAK3180

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    I have a few guidelines. Inescapable death pits are okay if they are near the beginning of the level and/or the level is very short. If the wad is continuous, the player is in all likelihood saving. If not, then they are being more cautious. So the annoyance is mild; the time waste is a couple minutes at absolute max. They are okay if death is clearly communicated. Normally this is done visually, when the player can see every linedef of the pit and there's no teleporter or lift and nothing to "explore" by jumping in. This is not how most iwad pits are, which is therefore a cue that you should maybe dive in. So if the pit is death, don't let the player think "Oh, but I can't see what's over there unless I drop down." Inescapable death pits should always be max damage. Inescapable death pits must never have any items in them. They should not be the "main event." If it's hardcore platforming or tightroping or something, then the pit should not be inescapable, unless #1 is in play. In other words, don't instakill me for not being a parkour prince, but it's okay to kill me for being really careless. This is all very subjective of course, but I've come to find the above sums up my feelings/expectations on the subject.
  4. (@MAN_WITH_GUN, @Andromeda, @Clippy) I guess I'll address Map 07 issues now. I had been waiting for MWG's footage, but I don't want too much time to pass. Let me be clear that I am not at all disagreeing with the notion that this map is quite a bit harder than most everything before it (and a lot of what's after it). I will consider that aspect a lot more as more of the wad takes form. Difficulty is somewhat subjective anyway, and even if not, my goal is not a steady incline from Map 01 to Map 30. Very few wads do this. The overall trajectory often goes that way, but let's be honest: Abattoir is harder than Odyssey of Noises. I do intend for the overall trajectory to be upward, but Map 07 is an intentional outlier, being a boss map. I also have Maps 11 and 20 as intentional outliers in terms of length, being the traditional episode transitions. I also feel it's important to point out that Map 07 is a different kind of difficulty. It is much more strategy-oriented than a lot of other combat in the wad. Some players don't like that, I understand. So some of this map is about figuring out the best way to tackle it. Once you do that, it becomes much easier. I'm not a great player by any non-N00b's standards, but I can beat this map 10 times out of 10 on Ultra-Violence with no secrets. And as the video I posted shows, it can be beaten without playing the first half well at all. To me, this confirms that the issue is not difficulty per se, but the style of difficulty - again, that it takes a certain strategy to "solve." So when I put myself in someone's shoes who's playing it for the first time on Ultra-Violence, I do not expect them to survive. I find that perfectly okay, especially since this map is so short and is a boss map. I don't think the attitude of "I should be able to FDA this on Ultra-Violence" is really an appropriate attitude to have for really any wad, unless you are really, really good at Doom. The idea that you have to play a map or a fight multiple times before having a reasonable chance at survival is not at all a foreign concept to Doom pwads. You see this in wads called slaughter or challenge literally all the time. Again, I don't disagree that part 2 of Map 07 is a lot harder than anything up to that point. But taking the thing on its own merits, I'm curious about the displeasure of this map. "I don't like this because it's too hard" and "I don't like this and it's too hard" are two different things and I'm wondering which is in play here. Adjusting for the former could just mean more supplies, but adjusting for the latter could be a more significant overhaul. Thanks for mentioning the damaging floor. The inescapable stuff (excusable to me by virtue of map brevity) is supposed to be -20, but I usually just rocket myself or IDCLEV00 if I fall in, so I never noticed.
  5. HAK3180

    Most Badass Bible Lines?

    King Saul wanted to get rid of David, who was in love with his daughter. So the king told him the price for her was 100 dead Philistines, thinking he would die trying. Well, David comes back with double the asking price. "Wherefore David arose and went, he and his men, and slew of the Philistines two hundred men; and David brought their foreskins, and they gave them in full tale to the king, that he might be the king's son in law. And Saul gave him Michal his daughter to wife." - 1 Samuel 18:27.
  6. @Clippy, I don't know what you hear when you're playing, but the video product's balance is just fine, in my opinion. Sound effects might be a touch quiet, but I only say that after just now going back to listen specifically for balance issues.
  7. @Clippy, great! Thanks for playing. 21 is the second highest monster count, but probably more total HP than Map 11. “You’re not just going to let me have that key” – I think it’s very important to vary these four possibilities: trap expected = trap, trap expected = no trap, trap not expected = trap, trap not expected = no trap, especially within a mapset, but even within a single map. Last fight – I seldom do full lockdowns where you 100% must fight, but I often encourage the player to stay and fight with either supplies or just a natural appeal to pride. I definitely do monsters in secrets. There may have been a stray somewhere, but I would guess at least 7 of the remaining 9 were in one secret. For more on that, please watch 49:07-49:09 in slow motion. You came very close to one of the other secrets as well. This map started as an Oblige map. More info on that process here.
  8. @AtticTelephone Doomworld forum topic These maps demonstrate an ability to compose Doom maps at an entry level. There’s clear progression, some attention to visual detail, and even some creative ideas here and there. Making the space fit the encounter is the name of the game, though, and that really only happens in the one room in Map 01 where the consoles are going up and down. If the goal is to do 11-15 maps, I would recommend trying a lot of new things and focusing on interesting and flowing gameplay Bottom line: very basic, but competent stuff
  9. It would have had to be from the beginning, I think, with more/different rules. If they were only allowed to draw and not explain, for example, then the mappers could have given more cohesion to the whole thing, especially visually. The feel is very much 25 small rooms combined into one map. I think something like this could have felt less...disjointed with a slightly different approach. I'm not saying you guys messed up; I'm just saying there are other ways this thing could have gone.
  10. @Alfredo Doomworld forum topic These are both pretty solid maps with a few annoying points. The wad author seems unable to rein it in on occasion, and the result is a wild, disorganized scramble that feels like an arena after 5 minutes of an Icon of Sin. But for the most part, you get thoughtful layouts with challenging and interesting combat. I do think visuals are the least concern here, and it shows. These maps don’t feel vanilla; they feel crude and underdetailed. As much as I like the focus to be on the gameplay itself, it seems a lot of players aren’t touching a wad if it doesn’t impress them visually. I also don’t like to see so many monster death triggered events. It’s a paradigm shift from Doom, and what may seem like a subtle thing can seriously alter the experience. I think I said at one point, “Make your encounters interesting enough that players won’t want to skip them.” But very often here you are forced to kill certain monsters to progress. That can also have softlock implications if ammo balancing is off, but fortunately I have not yet run into that. For me the highlight of 4 was first coming into the hectic area toward the beginning. The lowlight was the big finale spamfest that just seemed like a total amateur throwing down monsters with the simple goal of difficulty without any regard for nuance or intrigue. The highlight of Map 05 was the double cyberdemon fight for the red (I think) key. You had to run back and forth and carefully place rockets and then use your cells wisely. The lowlight in 5 for me was where I used the invulnerability. Same thing as four, but slightly less extreme, it felt too random with little distinct about it. The architecture was actually potentially interesting there, so I think it had more to do with monster selection. Bottom line: I’m very curious to see this wad at 10 maps
  11. @Rince-wind Doomworld forum topic Very interesting concept. I think there are ways to make something like this a more polished and cohesive map, but the parameters were simple: you draw it, I map it. So by the very nature of the concept, this thing was all over the place, but I thought the difficulty was well pitched and fairly consistent throughout. I thought a good job was done of making every area a legitimate part of the map, and none too dominating. As much as this was, for the most part, pretty obviously 25 rooms, it came together quite well and still managed to feel like one map, as much as it could. Honestly, I didn’t say too much in this video, but I did wonder about how much say the sketch artists had, whether they influenced just geometry or also even Thing placement and texturing. Bottom line: This is a cool thing; check it out.
  12. Bad news: I recorded four videos without commentary. By "without" I mean I just didn't have the mic recording, so I stand and look at stuff as if I'm talking about it, but I'm just not... This affects the last two and the next two upcoming. I will rework the commentary to be more extensive, but I will not be re-recording these, unfortunately.
  13. @Delisk Doomworld forum topic It’s pretty bland visually and architecturally, with mostly right angles and a prevailing marble theme. Some lighting variation is attempted, but it would be much more noticeable if more localized. Usually in this map it's one large area of one brightness and the adjacent area is entirely another brightness without subtle variations within those separate spaces. Some spaces are also too big, but there are much more generic first maps out there. This has some pretty unique encounters and even progression ideas. I like the rising and lowering of that one entire platform and the fact that care was taken to make sure there are no softlocks. I also thought the last section and to some extent the dark section with revenants showed the ability to create nuanced situations. It seems this Delisk may have the creativity to go far and clearly demonstrated a Doom Builder knowhow that will be beneficial to swift improvement. Bottom line: This early effort shows dedication and promise
  14. @TravyB Doomworld forum topic It starts as a classic, but visually modernized tech base. The Doom 1 vibe continues for quite a while, as you face only those monsters and use only the shotgun for several minutes. You also get a vision as to how the map will unfold early. I think the chaingun comes either right on time or a touch too late, depending on the player’s love of single shotgun. I really like the dark hell knight section. It makes a great use of lighting and roaming monsters. They don’t crowd your space, but they’re in all the right places. I’m not a big fan of the deus ex machina effect with the sudden teleport to a completely different area that seemed entirely absolute of the rest of the map. However, I thought the section was well done. It was clear that you were not to try to kill the enemies with guns. From there the map starts to go downhill for me. I like the frenzied combat with crates and stuff, but it grows wearisome with the available arsenal. I did not acquire the rocket launcher that appeared to be a secret, and there was a lot of meat from that point forward. In general, I don’t like custom monsters either, and my least favorite kind was on display here, that is, monsters that look and act like a Doom monster in every way except one subtle but game-changing way. When revenants punch, they stop and don’t move. These revenants continue moving through their punch animation. That may seem like a minor change, but it’s completely game-altering. Bottom line: Overall the map is pretty enjoyable, and I would have enjoyed it a lot more with the rocket launcher.
  15. @MAN_WITH_GUN, did you not like it because it was too hard or because you thought it was bad mapping? If the former, did you try medium or easy? I'm sure I'll have more to say when I see your footage, but for now, I did a demo in which I am very inefficient with ammo, even in the spider fight. I also got neither secret and left a box of shells and some health in the spider room (there are 5 on Ultra-Violence, not 4). I also entered the spider room with only 56 health.