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  1. I was not, but now I am! Thank ya ---Edit--- After looking over this I'm honestly not too keen on doing something of that nature, I'd really like to work with a fresh, new project.
  2. I'm considering pulling myself out of musical retirement, and decided perhaps it'd spark some creativity to have some maps to write music for. Some here may know me previously, and liked some of my stuff, etc etc whatever. For anybody new though, I'd like to show of some choice midi tracks (on soundcloud) I've created to give people a taste of what I can do! Here goes! I'd Like a Word With You: https://soundcloud.com/jared-baldinger/idlikeawordwithyou Swingin' In the Wind: https://soundcloud.com/jared-baldinger/swingin-in-the-wind Aaaand The Crystalline Temples (Sorry for the pops and glitches in this one, idk how it happened and lost the original) https://soundcloud.com/jared-baldinger/the-crystalline-temples Feel free to inbox me here, OR on facebook! Sorry if I am slow to reply https://www.facebook.com/jared.baldinger
  3. DiluteKoh

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    That REALLY, is truly the thing I can't stand honestly, and I meant to add that in my post but forgot. It's a trend in games these days that I really don't like. I really miss the days where like, there was a THEME going on. Like in classic doom, even if the demons are dead, that song is still going in the background, and you're still batshit insane going on a rampage to finish the level. The "okay it builds up, HOLD ON 2 ENEMIES DUN DUN DUN DUN oops ya killed em real quick okay back to quiet OH OKAY HERE WE GO AGAIN Etc etc" It's just like...STOP. Actually in the end it kinda kills any form of tension because you can automatically tell when you've killed em all off just by the music cues. Bah. The album on it's own is really awesome though. It's not my FAVORITE, but it still slays. I'm getting old.
  4. DiluteKoh

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    I won't lie, and not to be "that guy" but I can't really name a single track as a favorite, which is weird since I got really into the type of metal it was trying to emulate. It wasn't "bad" by any means, but I seriously felt like some sort of soul was missing. Sort of like one aspect of something had been taken and then pounded into the ground. I'm also an ultra picky musician so don't put too much into my words lol.
  5. DiluteKoh

    The future of Doom...

    Well obviously not. Then again it really depends, I think only time itself could answer that one. Personally I know jack about coding, and if you want my honest opinion the very fact that you can make a computer do things by typing words into strings and making executables is like some kind of black magic to me.
  6. DiluteKoh

    The future of Doom...

    16 years ago, when I first discovered Doomworld, I was surprised THEN that the community was as strong as it was. It's still going, I mean I popped into #zdoom, and was surprised that yep, the same ol cast of characters are still there. I honestly believe, if things less mod friendly like NES gaming and the likes are still as popular and going strong, Doom is NOT going anywhere. Actually, I see Doom being referenced in the past 10 or so years in mainstream culture, far more than I ever did back in the day, and even then I saw it a lot. The game is almost as immortal as Hellenistic philosophy and literature. Actually at this point, it may as well be a memetic virus, being ported to everything and anything that is capable of computing on any level.
  7. I'm back, bitches.

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      Sure you back :"")

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      To answer your question T0aMasta32423 I'm a re-reg. I got my ass banned for being intentionally dumb for reasons I can't remember. Originally DiluteCo, and before that diluted.

      I hope I don't get banned for re-reging, but yeah.