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  1. Database Error

    Database Error 2.0 Testers Needed

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  2. Database Error

    Database Error 2.0 Testers Needed

    i humbly thank you for taking time to write your feedback :) im glad you appreciate how good the levels look and my usage of 3d floors. moving on to some issues: Secrets: there are many secrets in doom that are quite obvious that i find myself going into them, and few others that i go like: but how on earth was i supposed to know? some finds look like they were built to be secrets but aren't. i have seen many players wallhump for secret hunting. so i tried to hide few secrets in the space i had to work with. And, if i put radiation suits everywhere then that defeats the purpose of placing acid in the first place. if you are that interested in secret hunting, i suggest you save & load if u must look in the acid gameplay & demon placement: i noted how you repeatedly pointed out how boring it was placing the same demons class or combat pattern. these are the first 2 levels, and i wanted to progress the levels gradually; demons weapons and difficulty-wise. when i made the room with pinkies, i was aiming toward 2016 style of gameplay where you get locked into rooms, kill everything, doors unlock, move on to the next room for basically the whole game with few exceptions like Kadingir where the level is more cohesive notably in its first half. i think introducing pinkies here is perfect to cause an infight as you circle around, i don't think this room is similar in gameplay to any of the previous ones, so i dont quite understand your complaint there. i've added lost souls (you would've made a longer post had u continued LOL) revs, and archies toward the end too. infighting demons & damaging floors: i do realize the chaingunners gun each other down, but do they not do that in the original doom games? you also called it strange how some acid floors hurt and others don't, but again, isn't that the case in plutonia for example? since that place in particular had loads of chaingun pickups, i figured it would be unnecessary to have a damaging floor as there is enough already everywhere else with no radiation suits Conclusion: there were few things i had in mind already as i was finishing up the wad (like the lip blockage) but i figured i could leave that for future releases. in other words, i kinda rushed the release and gave myself a release date deadline to pressure myself into actually putting something out because i map on and off for years but never released anything, in the end, i realized there is always a place for improvement in everything, but that doesn't mean i should never love my work as i did all these years. thats why im glad to get your feedback and try to improve in the future <3
  3. Database Error

    Database Error 2.0 Testers Needed

    Thanks :) How does it play?
  4. Database Error

    Database Error 2.0 Testers Needed

    Hey you! I'm reworking my maps and in need of playtesters to provide thoughts and feedback I'm gonna need: *difficulty testers: report how difficult the map is: demon placement & variety, weaponry & ammunition, movement etc.. *visual feedback: provide feedback on the size, texturing, layout etc.. *general thoughts: provide selective feedback: gameplay flow, things you like, things you don't like, things you would change, improvement suggestions etc.. For the time being, i'm looking to have individual rooms/sections tested, not a whole map.. yet notes: - Communication through discord (DatabaseError#4875) - Zandronum & GZDoom compatible Stay Safe & Have a Wonderful Holiday :) ============================= Previous Topic