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  1. idkfa

    WAD suggestions?

    I'm just getting back into DooM for the first time in a long while, can anyone give me some suggestions for good WADs to play?
  2. idkfa

    zdoom marine colors

    How do I make the ZDooM marines different colors?
  3. idkfa

    When did you first play doom?

    When I saw the floors and ceilings had textures. Whoa.
  4. idkfa

    Another Megawad

    Actually ,I'll take map19 since I need to use the BFG. It'll probably be the only map in the megawad
  5. idkfa

    Favourite episodes (not megawads)

    The Darkening 2. It had cool new textures, and I liked its layout.
  6. idkfa

    The /newstuff Chronicles #117

    I thought the IC doom level was pretty cool.