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  1. whatup876

    Excited For Eternal?

    I said this multiple times: A Heaven in Doom can work if it follows parallels to Hell in the other Doom games. * You think Hell in Doom is both actual Hell and its own thing? So should heaven. * You think it's cool that there's an amount of textures, props, decorations etc to make Hell visually interesting enough for mapping potential? So should Heaven. It's also why i thought Kahn Maykr looked cool because a cyborg angel with an exposed brain goes on pair with a big brain on metal spider legs, except it's from Heaven. We've also seen both ancient looking castles/temples/whatever and a tech Heaven, mirroring stuff like ancient dead castles in Hell and the tech stuff in Hell too. They don't always have to be just 1:1 with Hell, so give them unique props and stuff along with the "parallel" stuff like "what is their version of FIREBLU". I hope this happens, even if Hell in 2016 was 90% floating rocks without the abstract nature of old school Inferno. Like, imagine what Heaven in old school Doom would look like if it was old id behind it.
  2. I wonder if they could make it where if a player hits a limit of lives, the current 1-up pick ups turn into health power ups like megaspheres/megahealth.
  3. whatup876

    New Screenshot (Carcass)

    Also, you know that screenshot that shows a Mancubus and a player with a chaingun inside a "Heaven" like section from that map with a Titan? I was rewatching the Battlemode reveal E3 trailer and...
  4. whatup876

    New Screenshot (Carcass)

    Speaking off possibly unseen screenshots (next to some already seen) there's this Portuguese site that has some of them. I tried making a link through some site archive but it messed up the images, so i might as well link it to the actual site properly. https://www.gamereactor.pt/imagens/?textid=449543&id=2917173 We also get a better view of a selectable enemy in the demons' HUD being a "Maykr drone" and "Marty minimart".
  5. That's another thing to remember: chainsaw's use of fuel depends of the enemy.
  6. whatup876

    Tower of babel artwork

    I wonder what the inside of the tower could look like, because i'm sure we're gonna have to climb it to the top. I expect some non euclidean geometry.
  7. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    I said this already and even made a thread in the Doom 2016 forum of this site. (i'll even link it there if anyone cares) But i hope both multiplayer modes of 2016 and Eternal have lasting legacies, since that is what makes Doom special. (and you know, "eternal).
  8. whatup876

    QuakeCon 2019 Demo Speedrun (PC Gameplay)

    I hope Heaven isn't just 100% sci fi and tech pipes. What made Hell in Doom cool (at least in 1 and 2) is that it was a mix of things. Traditional Hell aspects with some "outside" influence and elements. Rocks and fire meet flesh and tech etc. And there was a variety of level props, textures and decoration. I hope Heaven goes for a similar route to feel like it belongs in Doom. They already have the Khan Maykr being a robo angel with an exposed brain. Like, that's a good example, as if it was Heaven's own Spider Matermind. And there's Empyrian from 2016's MP, that could serve as the "ancient castle/fortress" portion of Heaven. I like to imagine Heaven having their own versions of Hell's FIREBLU even.
  9. whatup876

    Slayer's Club giveaways

    I mean, we already have the Gargoyles. You'd also have to think of unique abilities and attributes to them. But as far as i know, Maledict is a singular character (Betruger) i think.
  10. whatup876

    You should DIE if you fall off the world.

    Considering how 1-ups work differently from the Mario type of 1-ups, i expect situations where you lose both a live and some health. Because the entire point of these items is just to reset your health and become invencible for a short while, as you're given another chance to keep fightning.
  11. whatup876

    Excited For Eternal?

    Something i am worried about is one of the pre order bonuses being a campaign or something. I hope it's not anything we've seen in trailers and marketing so far and doesn't feel like it was cut from the main game. And also, if it turns out to be available after release. (i remember when 2016's multiplayer dlc became free after 2 years or something) Like at 7:23 in this video, someone brings up some concept art about a "cultist" base and i hope what we've seen of it is still in the main game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gb2lnXiRaE Like if these revealed locations turn out to be something from a preorder bonus and not the main game, that would suck. And it's weirder, when they're already planning on DLC expansions for single player. It is, however, refered as a "master level", making me wonder what that means besides a reference to the master levels for the original Doom 2. I just feel like this deserves a bit more attention than just a weirder looking HUD and 1-ups.
  12. whatup876

    Stream soon.

    Going back to the topic of Doom's different iterations, i wonder if it could be a good idea for id to explore cut content and unused ideas/concepts. I recall there being an Arachnotron/Spider Mastermind for Doom 3 with a skull (and also 6 legs) and wondered if that could work as a type of Arachnotron, since the skull could fit how some demons have skulls placed in certain spots in their designs. Also, i've seen complaints about the player's speed but i guess i wouldn't mind it as long as they fit the gameplay and design of the game. Edit: Speaking of speed, i do hope Haste and speed based upgrades/runes return.
  13. I remember the mod Hellforged having an enemy that attacks the player's health without affecting the armor. Maybe they could make a spirit/ghost enemy like that, one that can even go through the player or even other enemies.
  14. whatup876

    Doom-Slayer HUB ideas

    Probably some easter eggs referencing Doom related stuff. Like a bowl of waffle cereal as a nod to Chex Quest. Or a picture of BJ and Commander Keen. Or a poster of Crash from Quake 3.
  15. How does anyone feel about the fact that armor kinda works like a second health bar? Because the way how that works could have been an upgrade instead.
  16. I wonder how long it'll last. The multiplayer, SnapMap, scores in Arcade Mode, player deaths in Ultra Nightmare etc. Mostly because when an online portion of a game dies, you rarely get a situation where developers let the players still use these features in some manner, like for personal matches between friends and such. Or anything that allowed players to gain control of that, for a game they've bought with 60 bucks. And i don't think the source code of the game may ever be released. (or at least a version of it) It's also because the multiplayer has a lot of cool assets and even lore in the levels. (which has kinda become an aspect of the series now) And i think SnapMap has some lore stuff too https://twitter.com/doomwiki/status/1077482280782888960 So i wonder how that's going to work out, because even though i didn't use much of these features, there's still some audiences for it (even if they're small) and a game or a portion of it dying is something really shitty. I also recall hearing that even playing with bots requires internet, which in itself sounds ridiculous. Doom as a franchise is associated with longevity and i feel like every entry in the series should be as alive as 1/2/Final/64 are. Even with the different tastes and aspects aside. The same goes for Eternal's online functions like BattleMode because we never know what we could lose, but we do know it won't last forever. Another reason to care about this is documentation and overall information, because Doom 3's multiplayer had a few power ups exclusive to that mode that don't really have much going on, in terms of documentation. At least for the Doomwiki. (there is no other "doom wiki", as far as i know) Which means even D3's MP needs a bit more care. A crazy idea i thought of is if every map, weapon, item, monster, perk etc is thrown in a different mode/game that is an arena/horde mode where you can play offline solo and fight demons in a map you select etc. And i guess you'd get access to the skins costumization to. I'm still surprised they haven't considered a horde mode besides some SnapMap tools that let you do that.
  17. whatup876

    My feelings on DOOM Eternal in London

    I mean, some people probably felt the same way you did with Doom 2016 because of the originals and even Doom 3 to some point. I can see where you come from, even for a series that kind of already went through many identity shifts. I think Eternal's art direction is more interesting in some ways than 2016, specially when how they handled the Slayer previously almost felt like a Zenimax exec told id Software to capture the Halo fanbase, along with a two weapon limit multiplayer and all. I also thought 2016 had a really basic version of Hell and how they explained the demons' backgrounds (Either making them sound more "alien like" or being outright UAC creations) felt like the midichlorians of Doom to me. It felt like they were trying to give "logic" to a dimension that literally existed to be evil and dangerous to mankind, one that in the original games looked varied with its amount of textures and sprites to help that. I do wonder if in a next game or expansions, they could shoot for another art direction. Because the problem with the goofyness is if we reach Borderlands 2 levels of that. I also do think Doom needs a little bit more horror. Doomguy being stronger is one thing but Hell needs to prove they're really that strong and scary, to make Doomguy's job even more impressive.
  18. whatup876

    Known Bestiary

    If the missing demons from 2016 were to return, would anyone like any gameplay changes? And how? I kinda imagined some of the following: * The worms from the Hell Guards become their own entity; they're small, extremely low health but probably fast (a weapon like an assault rifle isn't ideal) and can do a Duke Nukem Protozoid Slime/Blood Choking Hand sort of attack where they "drain" the player's health and cover his vision with their ugly creepy mouths. but any sort of attack and dashing gets them out of the way and kills them. * The Cybermanc (who's not the only cybermanc anymore, so call him slimancubus): considering the new gore system, shooting his cannons cause him to spew a green liquid that makes him pour acid next to him and when his slime balls hit the player, they attach to him temporarily, causing Doomguy to have 4 or so seconds of the health going down (at some appropriate speed and quantity) before it stops. (you can also stop the health drainage from acid just by picking up health like in Team Fortress 2 where this sort of thing happens) * Hell Razer: i heard people complain that sometimes he just aims at a spot and shoots at it while you're not there, so maybe make him move the continuous energy beam while he's firing it instead of just freezing at a certain spot; a secondary attack could be a rail gun like attack (it's slower but ends up being a quick, strong beam like Hell's own Gauss cannon) and a different color/effect could be applied when indicating the attack. * Speaking of the Razer, i once thought if he could be cybernetic in a new design and have a chainsaw in his other arm (ONE saw blade, since the Hunter gets TWO), one that functions like in OG Doom/Doom 3 so it actually does a "continuous/health draining" attack when it hits you and not a simple melee attack. * He also bled yellow in some concept art, that could be used in this game. * Harvester: He actually steals health from you and heals himself with it, to mirror the player doing that, but otherwise, he can still shoot 5 fireballs at once and his health shouldn't be that high to compensate for the self healing he has. * There was the possessed engineer who's like a walking barrel, don't know what to do with him or the Summoner. I just thought they could get some new moves and stuff if they came back. Edit: Also when the poison balls from the Cybermanc hit you, Doomguy caughs like the flechettes from Hexen. Wonder if one of these monsters could benefit from their equivalent of a BFG ball or Tesla rocket from the 2016 MP.
  19. whatup876

    The New BFG

    I just wonder how much can you do with BFG mods besides the BFG10K from Quake 3 and the cut alpha/beta "christmas lights" fire from the pre release versions.
  20. whatup876

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    Somewhat related but i found where they did the speedruns of the demo. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/458733989 At 08:05:32 i think. The Dread-Knight has some sort of projectile attack that seems to be fast. (and reminds me of an implied alt fire for the Ballista meant to "fruit ninja" cut enemies) And the PE does in fact throw 3 LS's at once.
  21. whatup876

    Stream soon.

    The power fantasy aspect of the Slayer is clearly based off memes and it gets tiring hearing the same Chuck Norries jokes, which is why i'm glad the game is harder and brings back Doomguy's pain noises. A strong hero needs challenges to overcame and the idea of even someone as OP as the Doom Slayer being Doomed can make him more interesting. Another problem with adding memes in the series is when they're these sort of entry tier jokes everyone including their grandma knows off. I'm already sick of the Doot meme, where's NEDM for example? I guess they just don't want to alienate the newer/more casual fans. One thing that does bother me is when id or Bethesda do anything to do with throwbacks or history and screw it up, in a way that says: "Did they lie about something or just didn't do proper research?" Like, when they say some piece of trivia in Slayer's Club about a model of the Spider Mastermind being the same as the original, even though it's a replacement rather Or when Tim Willits accidently refered to the Archvile as "the Revenant from the original Doom". Or when a tweet posted a screenshot of NRFTL while it was written about Doom ONE's anniversary. Or like the trailer for the new ports switching Doom 1 and 2 footage when dropping the games' titles and awkwardly putting an SSG sound over E2M1 shotgun footage. Or apparently using a slightly edited Spriters Resource Revenant in an image comparing two versions of the enemy. These are just some examples, possibly coming from lazyness and poor fact checking and research. Whether or not it's intentional can remind us when they lied about the creation of FPS at this year's E3 and how most people already think Bethesda created Fallout. Anyway, i think the idea of Doomguy being stronger at least fits the gameplay. And i do kind of enjoy the "gamey" direction of the series because, looking at Doom era FPS, some felt like they had something in common with games from other genres because they have ideas that generally make a game interesting. Compared to the COD type of shooter that tried to be more "realistic" and simpler in gameplay, as if it was made for someone ashamed of liking video games.
  22. Besides this, Doom 2 RPG also sort of referenced heaven with the Holy Water Pistol. Can't think of another example of the series referencing heaven, tho.
  23. whatup876

    The Titan

    I still expect the Icon of Sin to be the final boss.
  24. whatup876

    "Doom Hunter" was inspired by "Hell Tank" from Zentrix?

    I'm still glad, to this day, they kept the Doom 64 chainsaw.
  25. whatup876

    Stream soon.

    It's actually interesting to think about how Doom even changed art directions and identity in the first place, which i guess can also feed into everyone having different ideas of what Doom is. (even with source ports, ports they first played on, pop culture memes and mandella effect in mind) Also, because some of these elements are iconics and they changed the series a lot to the point some new stuff also became iconic, but others felt like it gave the series an identity crysis or just wasn't that memorable. Something interesting about Doom is that at least before 3, the series never had a "universe". It was mostly gameplay (which in some ways can be seen as simple), 2.5D/3D environments and sprites, little to no plot and the modding scene being what expands on the series. I feel like some people like later games for the elements and ideas they add to the series but at the same time don't see it ever replacing the original Doom. (be it modding, gaming legacy or its identity and quality even) You look at other franchises that get reboots and they already have much more sophisticated universes and their reboots were either god awful or had nothing interesting to offer, so they're forgettable. It's probably why gameplay mods (like MetaDoom), out of genre fangames (like MiniDoom 2) or even crossover potential (like the idea of Doomguy being in Smash) can be interesting. You get to see what the series has in terms of ideas and stuff while also seeing how each iteration has something to it and everyone will have personal preferences over even minor stuff like the screen liquify transition from the originals. And for what reasons would they bring back the older designs, said designs still look different enough so they're just more recognizable as Doom (but not all of them "play" like the originals) while having some "spins" on it, like how the Manc has a different face and all. Some of the older design ideas can be helpfull to the concept of Doom lore too like different blood colors or a Hell that isn't just rocks and trees. Besides, there's still a lot of actual NEW stuff in Eternal, like the SSG grapple hook and shoudler gun.