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  1. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Oh and speaking of the multiplayer's assets, its stability, future access and the idea of an horde mode, i wonder how many people care about Doom 3's MP. Because that even had power ups not available in the SP, including a soulsphere that resembled the classic design. Like, there's no proper video footage of those and all the Doomwiki has is random screenshots. Like really, possible documentation is another reason to care about this.
  2. whatup876


    I feel like if id wants to make his background more impressive and even make him the original Doomguy, they could make Final Doom canon, since it has some of the hardest and toughest official levels. There's even a Plutonia level just named Slayer and TNT mentions demonic space ships. edit: this is also why they could bring back the face HUD thing, so they could show him get hurt or even smiling and laughing when he's at his peak of ripping and tearing. The destructible demons system means they could show his face get destroyed, even if this sounds a bit edgy. (but as long as it's played in a silly, not-so-creepy vibe)
  3. whatup876

    Wads of new monsters?

    Are you looking for a gameplay mod that adds enemies? How much exactly? I tried this mod once and i thought it was good for what it was. I haven't played later versions but maybe you could give it a try.
  4. whatup876

    Known Bestiary

    I wonder how many types of enemies they can come up with in this game, specially considering how they play in terms of gameplay and the balance. I can imagine some of them being like the floor tentacles where they're somewhat level hazards or something like that. Also, would a mimic like in Dark Souls work? Like a certain pick up looks different (Not glowing, different symbol in the medikit etc) because it's an enemy in disguise? Because stuff that is new to the series is one thing but how many crazy types can the power fantasy of the Slayer endure before they turn out really unfair? This is what we know of gameplay so far. * Cyber possessed is like a middle ground between possessed and solders. * Soldiers have jetpacks. * Possessed are unchanged. * Shield guys are also unchanged. * Imp's and Pinkies too. * And probably Mancubi but they seemed faster in that E3 Mars footage. (And in BattleMode they may have some smoke related ability) * They also may switch to flamethrower mode if their cannons are destroyed. * Revenants may shoot rockets differently. (Hopefully they're homing rockets again) * Arachnotrons move while shooting, drop grenades, attach to the ceiling and can charge stronger projectiles at a slower rate. (They're also the biggest example of destructible demons being shown) * Pain Elementals seem to just have Souls next to them and occasionally throw/spit them at the player as a projectile. (Which seems kinda weird, considering the existence of the Summoner and LS's being self destructible). * Gargoyles look like flying Imp's but i think they can shoot projectiles in different ways. * Fire Baron might as well replace the Barons. * HK's are unchanged. * Cacodemons can shoot multiple orbs occasionally. (Also, he used to blind you but i think nobody remembers that, so i can see Eternal reusing that idea for some different enemy) * Dread Knights can shock the floor for a while. (Basically, a temporary Area of Effect move). * Prowlers teleport and shoot 3 fireballs at once, making them meaner imps. * Carcass can summon big red walls like shields which can serve to protect their demonic allies. (And also, an obstacle to the player) * Tentacles coming out of the floor through holes, so basically Whac-A-Mole.
  5. whatup876

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    Also, what if they had a "pistol start" mode in Eternal? Select the mode and start each level with the pistol until you find the rest of the arsenal while trying to go past the enemies.
  6. whatup876

    New Screenshot (Carcass)

    Speaking of new screenshots, does anyone know where this comes from? I stumbled upon some video and i saw it there but not anywhere else, like Slayer's Club or some gaming sites. Said video being https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbPmUwDGZ64
  7. whatup876

    Eternal year one DLC ideas!

    If they ever bring back Mother Demon, i hope her design still has the weird back, that looks like her guts and spine coming out of her. It's that kind of detail that is hard to see in game unless you're lucky or just rip the game's sprites just to see it. Speaking of Kronos.
  8. whatup876

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    I think i know what kind of pistol we'd like to see return and show up in Eternal.
  9. whatup876

    Loving the return of the "unf unf unf"s

    I wonder if he's going to have more voice based sounds besides pain ones.
  10. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    I've also seen people talking about Japanese titles like Persona 5, Nier: Automata and even Gravity Rush 2. I think a theory of why some people think SP games are useless might be because a lot of them are story focused and cinematic, making them think that multiplayer is "the gameplay space", when a game like Doom 2016 and its upcoming sequel prove that you can still do great with a single player gameplay focused experience, compared to other AAA games in the western side of the industry. I guess some people think a game only has single player for the story, so they only play the MP and watch the SP on Youtube. Might also be a problem when some stories aren't that well written or even good enough to justify being a video game. It's also weird when single player is like the most normal and basic thing put in a video game, that it applies to plenty of video games: Ocarina of Time, Deus Ex, Chrono Trigger, Tetris, Crash Bandicoot.... almost ANY game can be a single player.
  11. whatup876

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED AUGUST 12TH

    I just downloaded the last version of the mod and tested it with Combined Arms, turned off item/prop replacers from your mod and noticed something: * In ZDL (the launcher i used) if you put the weapons mod before Vanilla Doom Plus, some items are changed to vanilla Doom, even the berserk. (similar to what happened with Dakka) * But then i changed the mod load order (Vanilla Doom Plus first THEN Combined Arms) and i started seeing the proper CA items in my playthrough. I guess the order can affect this, but at least i found a solution for this weird item replacement thing. Meanwhile, there was this specific part in map 2 where i found an invisible, yet solid object that can almost block paths and when i hit it, i got a sound that plays when the axe hits actual enemies. My personal theory is that the invisible object that i'm hitting might be something related to gibs from an enemy. (or even an actual dead enemy, who knows) And that dead pinky, if i recall, might be the blind Pinky.
  12. whatup876

    Excited For Eternal?

    Whether or not he'll replace the actual Baron, i still hope the Fire Baron has something new to him. Like, maybe he shoots lava that can continuously decrease the player's health for a while after it hits him.
  13. whatup876

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED AUGUST 12TH

    I don't know how to exactly help but in these forums, you could find someone that can. I hope this turns out well. Also, do you have a link to the ZDoom thread you've made? Just wondering.
  14. whatup876

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Considering how Hell in Doom always felt like a mix of actual/traditional versions of Hell + new/original take on it, i feel like Heaven could go in a similar direction. And old school Hell had a variety of textures, props and elements, so i feel like even Heaven could go in a similar direction, depending on how they'll expand it. A fear of mine is if Heaven turns out to be "the real villain" or if the new lore makes Heaven and Hell a bit "too alien", but otherwise, adding a bit of sci fi elements to these entities and making angels a bunch of assholes on their own isn't really a bad thing. Meanwhile, Doom 3's take on "aliens in Doom" was making them background info where they fought demons before humans and all there's left of them is a weapon that joins the player's side. Also, a bit related but i think someone would find this video relevant if they haven't seen it.
  15. whatup876

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED AUGUST 12TH

    i know Colorfull Hell and MetaDoom (Which also has some monster randomization in it and balance around it) have options menus. Colorfull Hell has options for behaviour changes, which classes of enemies are on/off (Such as black/white/grey/FIREBLU/EX/abyss/cyan monster classes) or how bonuses drops work. Because CH ranks enemy tiers with colors, the more powerfull ones are optional. MetaDoom on the other hand can let you completely randomize the monster spawns (Since otherwise the mod tries to be balanced around monster randomization), turn off certain monsters and turn off certain behaviours in case they break maps. And also optional Wolfenstein SS/Commaner Keen/Props replacements and how gore/blood works. I think the issue with one or both mods is if they use ZScript or at least a different code from your mod.
  16. whatup876

    Angel name revealed.

    What if its name is a bit of a word play on "Unmaker"? https://the-goddamn-doomguy.tumblr.com/post/185851787350#notes
  17. whatup876

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED AUGUST 12TH

    I tried this mod for a while and i like the idea of it, but i got some questions. * Was this inspired by Colorfull Hell but with the idea of it being less OP compared to CH? * Did you made this with weapons mods in mind? I mixed your mod with Dakka for example and its berserk replacing power up was gone. (i got regular berserk when Dakka had its own berserk replacement) * Have you ever thought of an options menu for the mod? Like whether or not someone wants enemies replacing props or new power ups or even costumization for the overall difficulty. (like messing around with spawn chances for example) * In case you couldn't figure out how to do options/CVARs, is that why you made alternative versions of the mod?
  18. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    A lot of games that don't have MP can still be played, remembered and talk to this day and Wolfenstein TNC had a lot of other problems besides no MP. I think a problem with MP games is that unlike single player, they're dependent on player counts, which means if only at least 10 people are playing a game, then technically nobody is and when there's too many MP games in the market, that can be more difficult (Unless something like devs giving players control of the game happens, which is barely a thing). I mean, we had Overwatch being hyped, then PUBG, then Fortnite, then Apex Legends... it makes you wonder if their players would miss these games. At least it might be a big case with shooters, because with something like fighting games, a lot of people into that genre will still play a variety of FG's. Fighting games also have like 2/3 minutes rounds, probably less chances of bad business techniques, tournaments, a different skill ceiling and maybe a lesser focus on "wide appeal". (i might be incorrect on this one, so if anyone knows more about this or anything else, correct me if possible) Also didn't help that Doom '16's MP had a two weapon limit, which considering Doom/FPS history is kind of a sin. I haven't checked the MP in a while but in case it dies, i still think players should be allowed to set personal matches or even offline matches with bots, because during the current state of the topic of video game preservation, nobody wants to see a game die. Specially when Doom 2016's MP had some interesting assets and lore pieces. Speaking of bot matches and offline, i hope BattleMode at least has that in case we never get a horde mode.
  19. whatup876

    "fantasy combat puzzle" describes doom new and old

    I just remembered how the Blood Punch works and wondered if that could work, in case the player makes "too many GK's". Like, he does a melee instakill at the cost of no bonus items, in case he made too many glory kills. Might not be a good idea.
  20. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    I wonder if BattleMode would ever get some things that just aren't in the main campaign, considering how 2016's MP had a lot of stuff not used in that game's campaign. Then again, most D4 MP stuff was just foreshadowing Eternal.
  21. I feel like that as weird as the HUD is right now, they could either give it a few tweaks or even options. I wonder if it could be improved by looking like the classic HUD with red letters/numbers on grey bases. But regardless, i feel like i have to actually play it to see if the HUD would even bother me that much. But i still think the question mark feels out of place in any Doom game because its design just isn't interesting creativity wise.
  22. whatup876

    Eternal year one DLC ideas!

    When it comes to DLC single player expansions, there's probably some things they could do with it. * Make Crash and Phobos into Doom characters, probably protagonists of the expansions. * Some levels based off Tei Tenga. * Plutonia/TNT based stuff. (maybe a level taking place in a corrupted flesh space ship from TNT's story) * Doom 64 based stuff. * Unused ideas being used. (Doom bible or any other cut content from the series) * Maybe some stuff from the mobile RPG games, 2016's multiplayer or even Resurrection of Evil. * Newer types of guns and demons. * Some nod to other games, like Heretic/Hexen or even Strife.
  23. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Something that could improve the multiplayer is if it can be seperate from the base game/single player being downloaded. In case someone doesn't like it, they can at least not have it occupy space in their hardware.
  24. whatup876

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    It's just a dumb skin based off an overused popular meme. At least the meme is related to the series, although i prefer the agitated skeleton jokes.
  25. whatup876

    The new GUI...

    Something that bothers me about this HUD is how the icons for the grenade and flamethrower applications of the shoulder cannon aren't close to each other, despite being tied to the same function.