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  1. whatup876

    The Invasion mechanic.

    An idea i wondered if it could work is playable demons having skins. On one hand, they brought back older designs because they stand out better than some items in 2016 and it'd take a lot of effort with the destructible demons thing. But the fact that some demons would look different could make them stand out better than just having the player's name above said demon. Still, depending on how many enemy types are in the game and whether or not they get "exclusive" abilities (Caco tongue, Rev actually having homing rockets, Pinky being also a Spectre) it'd take a lot of work and probably not be a good idea.
  2. whatup876

    Should secret levels make a return?

    If they bring back classic levels, i hope Final Doom and 64 get some representation, because i'm pretty sure some of the ones in 2016 were recycled in VFR. Or at least levels from 1/2 that weren't represented yet, since Dead Simple could finally use the Arachnotrons.
  3. whatup876

    Should secret levels make a return?

    Secret levels could work in a way that even offers more lore and fits the game's universe. But like Ramiel said, they'd take a lot of time and effort.
  4. whatup876

    How do you think the Sword would work in the game?

    A boomerang would make more sense as an equipment item/something out of the shoulder gun. At least you can call it "Doomerang".
  5. I just visited an old thread i made.


  6. whatup876

    My thoughts on the new Eternal Stadia footage!

    I'm surprised nobody thought of the destroyed planet to be Deimos but that could be wrong. I don't mind platforming as long as they don't make it like in 2016 where you think you can survive long falls until that Argent tower section where you can fall to the ground from such a height and actually die. That felt annoying and sort of made some of those animations of Doomguy landing/reacting to his falls misleading, so actual death pits of nothing is fine. That new enemy looks cool even if he's a bit out of place (in terms of designs) but as long as new gameplay enemy abilities (both from new monsters and recurring) feel varied and different, that is cool. Doomguy doing "UNF" noises is good, for both giving him more humanity (without making him talk) and possible immersion/feedback. That chain in the rocket launcher could be from a mod, but still makes the design look more interesting. Like really, a lot looks good except for the fact the Plasma rifle still feels weak.
  7. whatup876

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    D64 EX is like a fanmade port but isn't Turok on Switch using an (originally) unofficial made port? I know Hugo Martin mentioned D64 in an interview about D4's Switch port and they've made some references to that game in their social media (and even Eternal's gameplay showcase). I remember hearing that id may own Doom 64 but not the soundtrack because that still belongs to Aubrey Hodges. Besides the trademark issues, it can also (maybe) depend on demand for it.
  8. whatup876

    New Doom Eternal Footage on Google Stadia

    Is it only GameSpot that have footage? I hope other sites either also give us something or id themselves shows us more footage before E3.
  9. whatup876

    Oddball theory on the Marauder and Doomslayer

    Since the Maruader is expected to be a rival character for Doomguy, i wonder how he will play. Maybe his boss fight would be something like Quake 3's single player fights, were you're in some arena fighting a character that plays like you. I also wonder if he could be a recurring boss throughout the game.
  10. whatup876

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    By the way, in case this thread is still relevant: Were there any plans for a "Nightmare Cacodemon"? Because in the Playstation version of Doom, the game's version of Doom 2's Tenements (originally map 17), the cage with the Archvile has its Archvile replaced by a Caco that is a bit more transparent.
  11. Even with these E3 news i still hope we get info before it, like maybe in that Google conference. Something i hope ends up being "big" in the game is the enemy variety, considering "twice as many demons" probably refers to enemy types. I liked most of the new abilities and monsters but not the lack of homing rockets, dual Mancubi fireballs at the same time and the lack of a hard, yet iconic enemy like the Archvile. I can expect them to take something from a previous id game but still, whatever these new monsters will be, i hope they got a lot to offer in terms of gameplay and looks. I won't mind the return of hitscan either since you're more powerfull in this iteration of Doom than in the classic Doom games, so i guess it makes it fair. Edit: i also thought it would be cool to bring back something from the mobile RPG games or Resurrection of evil or something from those areas but that can be in some later expansions, so we get actual new stuff first.
  12. whatup876

    Oddball theory on the Marauder and Doomslayer

    I remember the codex or testaments saying that the Slayer/Doomguy is incorruptible and a tweet from the official Doom twitter refering to Marauder as "corrupt". I'd imagine the Marauder either being a rival that could be a recurring boss or even an enemy that is meant to mirror how the player plays, to make him stand out compared to other enemies.
  13. whatup876

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    Now we're like 7 months (i think) since we've seen gameplay footage and we got a teaser for the new Doom movie. I wonder if they're focusing on making the single player bigger and complex, they have yet to work on multiplayer anything besides Invasion. I still hope they show some news eventually before either E3, Rage 2's release or even another Quakecon.
  14. whatup876

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Not sure if it's late or anything but i still think MetaDoom could have had an appearence at the Cacowards. * It's about every Doom game ever made and some more parts of the franchise's history. * It has a variety of content and tries to balance it and offer ways to make it a bit more "map friendly" (like making its SS guards/Keen replacements optional). * Has some good amount of references, details, easter eggs and ideas. * That Spider Mastermind design by DrPySpy. Maybe it's because it's one of those mods that took a while to "grow" in the sense that the latest version always feels like the "ultimate" version. The mod is possibly the best tribute anyone could have done to the series. If i were to use some probably pretentious take, it could be seen as to Doom what Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse is to Spiderman i guess. If i were to give another mod a mention it'd be Dakka by Ijon, since it's a simple yet really fun mod.
  15. whatup876

    Any good gzdoom horde/survival/invasion/wave based wad/mods

    This post may be abandoned by now, but i feel like i'm looking for something similar to what OP mentioned, that is compatible with gameplay mods. Also, OP, if you're still here, have you tried Reelism? Edit (03/21/19): I just tried this mod called Demon Counterstrick which allows infinite spawning for monsters/weapons/items in maps, as an attempt to make revisiting areas more interesting. It works with gameplay mods and can make maps feel like they have some horde mode, even if they're not made with that in mind. Could work with maps that are huge. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=59887
  16. They could make the main campaign and multiplayer into seperate downloadable files. I mean, didn't some COD games did that?
  17. An horde/survival/round based mode would fit Doom due to its nature and association with neat gameplay elements and variety of guns, enemies and all that. Specially since we could salvage the assets in the not-so-well-recieved MP and we got the "arenas" in the singleplayer as an example. Also, semi-related, but something i wonder if is out there are horde based mapsets for GZDoom that work with gameplay mods. I played a mapset called Disrepair and it had a survival mode, so i used a few mods and it worked outside of some text bringing up broken scripts. I always wondered if horde/round/wave survival maps compatible with gameplay mods are a thing. I heard they are for Skulltag. Like, imagine Reelism for example but instead of its own mechanics and elements (outside of the timer and rounds i guess), you use other mods and mix them up so you can play those maps with GMOTA or Demonsteele. And i guess infinite spawning items (but with some specific time) could help to make it "endless".
  18. whatup876

    "It's too cartoony"

    The talk about sound reminds me of how Trent Reznor was gonna do Doom 3 sounds and stuff like the Commando's lines and all sounded kinda cool. A shame it didn't get in the final version. I think the Sawyer had some cut sounds too. 3/1/19 edit: another art direction choice that i thought was lacking was how power ups were either empty inside or had that plain image of a skull. I liked how some classic Doom power ups where spheres with moving demonic faces and Supercharge was like a trapped soul. That could have helped to make the new lore more interesting. 3/22/19 edit: something i realized is how this new version of the UAC has more advanced weaponry and most of the soldiers you find carrying stuff like the HAR are dead. Yet the soldiers that got possessed are carrying this specific plasma gun, as if only they got possessed and Hell never thought of possessing someone with a super shotgun. Of course the traditional zombiemen being gone is mostly because of hitscan but the idea of former humans carrying the same weapons as you is an interesting one, specially when Doomguy started out as a marine like these guys. Maybe they could have made it where their bullets/pellets are "demonic" as a side effect of possession, so they're projectiles but when you use the weapons, they're hitscan or something. I also remembered how old Doom named their Hell levels, which was mostly stuff about mythological/religious/fantasy ideas and anything in that area. Stuff like "House of Pain", "Limbo", "Dis"...
  19. Those new pics look awesome. Question: what if the Spider Mastermind had black pupils on her red eyes, much like the original classic version of her? At least to make her a bit more different from the Arachnotrons. Otherwise, everything is 10/10. Then again, you don't really notice her eyes that much.
  20. whatup876

    "It's too cartoony"

    Also, another aspect to the demons that could be mentioned (unless it was already) is sounds because while some of them were alright, i kinda miss the Baron's famous roar, since i forget how the new one even sounds like.
  21. whatup876

    "It's too cartoony"

    While a lot of people discuss how the demons look, i wonder how they feel about the overall lore and backstory behind them and Hell. I think Doom 4 implied that the Hellrazers where kinda like a parasitic virus when they could have simply refered to it as a "curse" instead. Because otherwise, that kinda leans towards the 2005 Doom movie's plot. Then there's how some of them are UAC creations, which kinda ruins the aspect of Hell being so weird its home to a bunch of weird looking creatures. That and how Hell overall looked like it kinda "lowered" its power level which makes me wonder if it's just because there weren't enough Hell levels in the single player and some areas were meant to represent the Night Sentinels' world being taken over. Maybe some of the demons' backstories is kind of an issue with explaining some monsters in fiction, where it's better left unknown. Meanwhile, the classic Revenant's backstory (remains of dead demons being weaponized) could make more sense with the name. I also saw the lore being a reason why people prefer the 2016 Manc over the Eternal/OG one, even though his design kinda works as a representation of sloth and gluttony, as a fat angry ogre with six nipples. Like, he's supposed to be nasty. Someone once said that the 2016 Pinkies should have been a subspecies for a shell-like modern Pinky and i think the same could be said about the chitonnous cyclop Manc, even if CyberManc gets to be renamed as "Smile Mancubus". Then again, one thing is trying to explain Hell creatures with their own "biology" and all, but another is trying to make Hell lean towards Lovecraft inspired material, which is more of a Quake thing i guess.
  22. whatup876

    Excited For Eternal?

    Speaking of the game's performance, i wonder how Eternal will run considering these factors: * Its single player campaign is expected to be bigger, hence the "many, many places" and "twice as many demons". * How they have the Switch port in mind with 30 FPS and its release date as the same as other versions, that run at 60. * The destructible demons feature. * The amount of detail put into levels and environments. * A feature like the Invasion mode. * And the fact that Snapmap/modding and maybe multiplayer aren't in the base game at release. I just hope the game's new engine makes it have great performance and all, even with the consideration of the possible file size of the game.
  23. whatup876

    "It's too cartoony"

    I thought Doom 3 had some interesting ideas for monsters as if they thought more outside the box. Problem is they go too far away from feeling like they came out of Doom, so a few adjustments like using better colors or adding some elements like spikes or horns could at least make them feel more "demonic". Otherwise, they feel more like aliens than demons. Which is funny considering how the D4 Mancubus might as well be the most different out of all Mancs. The most cartoonish Doom has been was in the RPG phone games and even then, their enemies had neat concepts that could fit both the classic Doom's and even later iterations of the series.
  24. whatup876

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    That's awesome. Not sure if you mind me asking this, but how much more D64 concept art do you have? Because i think a lot of threads with those images had them hosted on dead sites, so some pics are probably gone. It'd be nice seeing them coming back and archived safely. I also think another reason for this cover to be dropped might be because of the unused Cyberdemon monster.
  25. whatup876

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    I have another question and it's about the cover box art of the game. I heard Doom 64 was meant to have something similar to Doom 1 and 2 which would feature Doomguy in demon hunting action, which even includes the "double" Cyberdemon. The highest quality version of the image i got was from a site dedicated to hosting Doom related images, so this is the best image resolution for the unused cover i've found. So the question is: If this art is official and was made for the game, what caused the change from it to the game's final box art being just a pentagram with a demonic face?