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  1. whatup876

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED AUGUST 12TH

    I tried this mod for a while and i like the idea of it, but i got some questions. * Was this inspired by Colorfull Hell but with the idea of it being less OP compared to CH? * Did you made this with weapons mods in mind? I mixed your mod with Dakka for example and its berserk replacing power up was gone. (i got regular berserk when Dakka had its own berserk replacement) * Have you ever thought of an options menu for the mod? Like whether or not someone wants enemies replacing props or new power ups or even costumization for the overall difficulty. (like messing around with spawn chances for example) * In case you couldn't figure out how to do options/CVARs, is that why you made alternative versions of the mod?
  2. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    A lot of games that don't have MP can still be played, remembered and talk to this day and Wolfenstein TNC had a lot of other problems besides no MP. I think a problem with MP games is that unlike single player, they're dependent on player counts, which means if only at least 10 people are playing a game, then technically nobody is and when there's too many MP games in the market, that can be more difficult (Unless something like devs giving players control of the game happens, which is barely a thing). I mean, we had Overwatch being hyped, then PUBG, then Fortnite, then Apex Legends... it makes you wonder if their players would miss these games. At least it might be a big case with shooters, because with something like fighting games, a lot of people into that genre will still play a variety of FG's. Fighting games also have like 2/3 minutes rounds, probably less chances of bad business techniques, tournaments, a different skill ceiling and maybe a lesser focus on "wide appeal". (i might be incorrect on this one, so if anyone knows more about this or anything else, correct me if possible) Also didn't help that Doom '16's MP had a two weapon limit, which considering Doom/FPS history is kind of a sin. I haven't checked the MP in a while but in case it dies, i still think players should be allowed to set personal matches or even offline matches with bots, because during the current state of the topic of video game preservation, nobody wants to see a game die. Specially when Doom 2016's MP had some interesting assets and lore pieces. Speaking of bot matches and offline, i hope BattleMode at least has that in case we never get a horde mode.
  3. whatup876

    "fantasy combat puzzle" describes doom new and old

    I just remembered how the Blood Punch works and wondered if that could work, in case the player makes "too many GK's". Like, he does a melee instakill at the cost of no bonus items, in case he made too many glory kills. Might not be a good idea.
  4. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    I wonder if BattleMode would ever get some things that just aren't in the main campaign, considering how 2016's MP had a lot of stuff not used in that game's campaign. Then again, most D4 MP stuff was just foreshadowing Eternal.
  5. I feel like that as weird as the HUD is right now, they could either give it a few tweaks or even options. I wonder if it could be improved by looking like the classic HUD with red letters/numbers on grey bases. But regardless, i feel like i have to actually play it to see if the HUD would even bother me that much. But i still think the question mark feels out of place in any Doom game because its design just isn't interesting creativity wise.
  6. whatup876

    Eternal year one DLC ideas!

    When it comes to DLC single player expansions, there's probably some things they could do with it. * Make Crash and Phobos into Doom characters, probably protagonists of the expansions. * Some levels based off Tei Tenga. * Plutonia/TNT based stuff. (maybe a level taking place in a corrupted flesh space ship from TNT's story) * Doom 64 based stuff. * Unused ideas being used. (Doom bible or any other cut content from the series) * Maybe some stuff from the mobile RPG games, 2016's multiplayer or even Resurrection of Evil. * Newer types of guns and demons. * Some nod to other games, like Heretic/Hexen or even Strife.
  7. whatup876

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Something that could improve the multiplayer is if it can be seperate from the base game/single player being downloaded. In case someone doesn't like it, they can at least not have it occupy space in their hardware.
  8. whatup876

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    It's just a dumb skin based off an overused popular meme. At least the meme is related to the series, although i prefer the agitated skeleton jokes.
  9. whatup876

    The new GUI...

    Something that bothers me about this HUD is how the icons for the grenade and flamethrower applications of the shoulder cannon aren't close to each other, despite being tied to the same function.
  10. whatup876

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    The idverse in concept is one thing but i don't really wanna see stuff like Skyrim or Fallout getting "connected", since it's already "out of bounds". The one fantasy themed franchise that would work being related to Doom is Heretic/Hexen.
  11. Violence aside, the idea of putting Doomguy in Smash makes me wonder about just the entire presentation: Trailer, character render, music selection, icon, stage, moveset, used designs and looks, easter eggs, details, spirits, assist trophies etc. Considering how some characters, specially the two Belmonts, can have some amazing treatment, i fear if Doomguy is just there as an ad for Eternal than feeling like a celebration of his series. Specially when Doom fans managed to have cool projects that i guess someone could learn a thing or two from. I mean, Doom 64 is something that i think should be referenced in a crossover like Smash and for more reasons than just being tied to Nintendo history. If Doom is just there to represent Eternal, that they don't really tackle on other games, it'd be like putting him in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.
  12. whatup876

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    All of these journalists seem to have the same clip but edited, so only certain clips show on certain videos. I want the full thing too. I don't mind them as long as they're short, skippable and maybe even optional. I hope you still get to shoot underwater but we're already taking too much from Quake at that point.
  13. whatup876

    Battle mode Trailer

    Something i was expecting/wanted was a horde/survival mode. You pick a map, fight as many demons for as long as you can, while upgrading yourself and getting new weapons, then occasionally fighting a boss until you lose. And maybe add some co-op to that. BattleMode sounds neat on paper but i hope it's not restricted to just two playable demons. (both how many players in that side and more besides Revy and Mancubus) Revenant also should have actual homing rockets in the single player. I remember him having it in the MP for 16.
  14. whatup876

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    I won't be surprised if the IOS won't show up in the final version of the mural. They're probably saving him as a surprise final boss, similar to the Spider Mastermind in D4 until maybe the release trailer, showing glimpses of her.
  15. whatup876

    If the new series is a sequel to Doom 64...

    If they bring back the Mother Demon, i hope most of her original details are kept in her new design. That weird spine of her, dislocating from her back to the outside along with her internal organs is one of the scariest parts of her design and that works to make her terrifying . And also, possible glory kill potential.
  16. whatup876

    Cursed Doom Images

    This is from a Github build of MetaDoom, so it might be gone now. It popped up in the entry for the HWP. I heard DrPySpy made it.
  17. whatup876

    the baron in doom eternal is called a "fire baron"

    If they bring back the normal Barons, i hope they bleed green again. I also hope the fire Baron is a bit more distinct from the normal one, like what if every time he was hit, he bleed lava blood that could damage the player if he was close enough? Edit: distinct in terms of gameplay of course.
  18. whatup876

    New Doom Eternal Footage on Google Stadia

    The Carcass looks more like a mix of the Mancubus and Arachnotron. An enemy with some ability related to its death state or dying kind of reminds me of the zombies from Blood (comes back after "dying") and Quake (can only be killed with certain weapons) I also wonder if it's possibly for there to be a monster that can reflect projectiles (as in, back to the player) but can still be hurt with hitscan/"quick ranged" weapons.
  19. An arena/horde mode sounds like a cool idea, considering the mechanics and gameplay elements Eternal has and is expected to have. If it's tied to the coliseum, i hope there's still a certain selection of maps for the mode instead of just one area about said coliseum. Maybe make it as if the night sentinel had their own holodeck training room or something.
  20. whatup876

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    I really hope the Night Sentinel have some stuff to do with heaven because having heaven in a Doom game seems like a big opportunity. The series always had its own version of Hell that still had hints of being like a traditional Hell at times and 2016 kinda changed that a bit. Also, i expect a part about Doomguy's identity to reference how he's originally meant to be the player, with suggestions about his "being" changing in timelines and dimensions or whatever happens to him or something about how "anyone could be a slayer". Edit: I meant like how he travels through different dimensions and if this could also hint whether or not he was the classic Doomguy or even the Doom 3 marine. Or that "the Doom slayer" is not really a person but an "idea".
  21. whatup876

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    I wonder if Doomguy will have some Robocop inspired backstory. Like at some point, he got defeated real hard during some fight but then was found and "repaired" by whoever made him the Doom Slayer. Not with cybernetics of course. They also mentioned a bit of Robocop inspiration with D4's intro and that Phobos UAC scene. This could also imply he was already fighting demons before being called Doom Slayer, which could hint (but not necessarily confirm) that he was the OG Doomguy.
  22. whatup876

    Doom eternal weapons

    I like how the melee has a punch instead of a gun butt animation, since it's more fitting and less generic. The shoulder gun, as silly as it looks, reminds me of an inventory system in games like Heretic where you use items without loweing your weapon and i find that neat. The shotgun looks good and its alt fires look more interesting than the ones in 16 but i hope the gattling one is just fully upgraded in that footage or otherwise it looks OP as if it's replacing the chaingun. The SSG looks interesting and i like the grapple hook. The machine gun/heavy cannon is alright and i like the new sniper rifle mod. The rocket launcher has a more interesting design and that shows something in regards of the art direction: you still get that "too much detail" direction but at least some stuff has designs that are still interesting instead of feeling like they're just throwing polygons for the sake of expanding on their engine. (like this one has skulls, exposed chamber and a chain and the 2016 one was just tech stuff in it) The ballista is cool. The plasma rifle looks better and it's good that they brought back the classic design but i wonder if gameplay wise, it'll have its own "niche" spot from the heavy cannon. (which i don't think really happened with the 2016 PLSG, since it has a higher firing speed but the damage felt the same) The chainsaw came back and i wonder how the crucible will work. We still haven't seen the pistol, chaingun or even a BFG. (because it's not a Doom game without it) I guess i liked almost everything i've seen.
  23. whatup876

    Theory regarding the new Mancubus

    An "Eternal" Cyberdemon (as in a "modernized/old school" look) could be justified if it's a different species from Baalgar (an Harbinger) and if he was made by Hell itself this time. Not sure how he would play, though.
  24. whatup876

    25 Years of Doom and the all-new Slayers Club

    Not just colors but also just other classic Doom Hell stuff, since Doom's Hell was this abstract combination of flesh, rock, metal etc that simply works to look as "non human friendly or understandable" as possible. (it also works because the amount of texture/prop variety used is why Doom mapping never dies) Don't think it's possible to bring back FIREBLU but the walls of faces is something that i'm interested to see in HD. Edit: also is it me or are there birds in that image?
  25. whatup876

    Theory regarding the new Mancubus

    A detail i liked about the original Mancubus is how his "Menablanablah" sound sort of suggests some made up language these creatures have. Also, i remember the D64 Manc making him closer to the Baron's, which could imply any creature could be a Manc if they're fat enough to have six nipples and that new cyborg monster from the Stadia footage looks similar to the new Manc.