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Status Updates posted by whatup876

  1. I just visited an old thread i made.


  2. Just wanted to say thanks for liking my post.

    1. Gerardo194


      You're welcome my friend! 

  3. It's been a while, but are you still working on that mobile id games project?

    Because i wonder if it was possible to release some of the assets, like sprites and sounds, whether or not the ports of the games themselves would have also been released.

    I hope i'm not bothering you or sounding annoying.

    Anyway, congrats for those Doom 64 monsters.

    1. Gerardo194


      Hello, friend. Yes, I'm still working on the mobile Id games projects with my brother, it's true we haven't posted anything about it but we still keep them alive. 

      About the RPGs resources, I cannot release any of them because it was my brother who extract them all. But everything will be release at its due time. This is a hard work.


      You aren't being annoying or so, in fact I'm glad you are still aware of this my friend. 

      And thank you very much about the D64 monsters. :)

      Any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to ask me. 

      Best regards.

    2. whatup876


      Glad to hear.

      Hope your brother is doing fine with these projects.

      I admire the effort that was put into making these projects a reality.

    3. Gerardo194


      Thank you very much, we won't let you down!! Now mapping on PSX Doom format is a reality as well. :)