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  1. Something i remember from that Stadia footage from March is the Cacodemon spitting multiple orbs in a volley, with said orbs being "innacurate" as if they were aimed at different angles.


    I wonder if they took that out since i haven't seen again in anything.

    Because i kinda like the idea of enemies having different multiple attacks.

  2. Something i realized seperated pre Doom 3 Doom and the series ever since is how levels are handled.


    Levels in older video games were abstract locations where you could get the idea of what assets are used, as if they're less about being actual places and more about presenting a theme.

    Think like worlds in other older games or the likes of Mario or Sonic games even.


    Because then we started having more sophisticated levels that present actual places but you never get the feeling of it having modular assets to built something with.


    In a game like Doom it worked because it's a first person game were levels are expected to be mazes, so one rule Romero suggested for level making is making "landmarks" so players are likely to know where they are, without always needing the automap.


    I think that is one of the reasons why Hell in the original games is what it is too.

  3. Also, i remember the PSN version of the master levels having Bloodsea Keep somewhat broken because a secret relying on killing a Mancubus (guess which slot the map originally filled) didn't work.


    Edit: it's also a shame to think of how BFG edition of Doom 3 sucked because the Hell levels in lost mission looked good.

    They were actually new.

  4. I could have edited the post before but something i realized when it came to simplicity was the new power up designs.

    In old Doom, they're all spherical but with different faces and things inside them while 3 had more different designs (only 1 used outside multiplayer, apparently which was Berserk) and 2016 had spheres that were either empty or had skulls inside but they had different effects like flames or energy travelling around them. (and Blursphere was on MP)


    Eternal has this Arcade items that stand out a bit too much even in Doom standards.


    The 1 up could have been similar to Doom 64, so it's a Megasphere with a Praetor/Doom helmet.


    Secrets being a question mark is weak and would fit better as ancient demonic scrolls or UAC tablets with private/classified info.


    Dash refill items could be argent related spheres or even something with wings to fit the theme of Heaven's inclusion.


    Then again, some of these might be placeholders if i recall.


  5. Speaking of Marvel, i just heard that someone decided the Venom Symbiotes came from some god's sword who fought Thor or whatever that is. (someone correct me on that one even if it's off topic here)

    Sometimes, certain things in fiction are either already explained or don't need explanations or at least could use more fitting ones.


    Also, even if this Hell doesn't look that Hellish, they did add a religious cult aspect to the UAC and added priests from Hell. (wonder if there's any Heaven priests)


    I can see myself probably being a bit nitpicky with this and this is someone's vision, even if based on an existing series.


    I wonder if Doom will get different designs again without story justifying it or lore continuity, because the series already went to different iterations like some comic franchises and a series like Twisted Metal, sort of.


    A dumb idea for a new story would be if Doomguy became a CEO of a demon killing focused corporation that would rise with the fall of the UAC called Doom Inc. and i realized that would almost be similar to Devil May Cry's story.

  6. The nazi removal should have been handled in a way close to the SNES Wolfenstein 3D port and GBA Doom 2 port: replace Hitler with Deathshead in paintings, make Nazis speak broken english with an accent and maybe change their designs to resemble TNO armor while the Swastikas are that W logo used since RTCW.

    And then level names and music are still kept because they literally come from Wolfenstein and aren't really references to real Nazi stuff.


    Besides, they kept this removal along with marketing new Wolfenstein games about killing nazis (which IS Wolfenstein but they all now have different tones if you compare them, even) and you can still kill Commander Keen, a child who is meant to be related to none other than William BJ Blazkowicz himself. (which technically means you go from killing nazis to a child who's the grandson of an half jewish anti-nazi hero)


    Meanwhile, Resurrection of Evil gets content cut such as certain levels and minigames for no reason, even if one of the minigames had a Goatse reference.


    Edit: what about what they could add to or improve for D64?


    Like a new mapset similar to No Rest For The Living.

  7. I just remembered two funny details about the "leak":

    * He mentioned demons wearing suits, which sounds like a parody someone would make and a political cartoon comic on a news paper.

    * The game keeps the super detailed art style from 2016 and id brought up how much detail it'll have, yet somehow someone didn't bother to model Doomguy's hair.


    I still find the "most demons are UAC creations" part kind of weak.

    Kind of reminds me of how in the MCU, Spiderman is too tied to Tony Stark, even if this comparison doesn't really make sense.


    I think Hell works better as their own faction, that just looks and acts purely evil because they're Hell and every other faction cannot truly beat it except Doomguy.


    I feel like the lore was intended to make Doom's universe more interesting but instead i get the opposite sometimes.

    Almost kind of affects the basic appeal of "Doomguy fighting demons from Hell".


    I wouldn't even mind something crazy and lore contradicting on the level of "Every Doomguy ever is the same, even the RoE one" and more different art direction designs, while it's a series like Fallout where the world building and story should actually matter, but eh... Bethesda.

  8. By the way, when this new thread ends, you may want to find a way to archive the threads.

    I heard the fireden 4chan archive stopped archiving new /v/ threads and even a new one that is currently used (the arch b4k one) only saves stuff for at least 2 months. (i think it was images but still)


    Maybe some archiving site could work.

  9. They also remind me of something in regards of Doom enemy designs: they don't have to make sense, just go with some idea that is cool.


    I think an issue with the new Doom universe is that Doom is technically a mix of sci fi and fantasy + religious references (and then of course action and even horror) but the new games feel like they lean heavy on the sci fi part.


    You have the codex entries describing demons like they're alien like, some parts of the designs and how UAC scientists are responsible for some of the demons, specially cybernetic and even some non cybernetic ones.


    As if Hell creating new creatures would have been too silly while the place isn't as abstract as classic Doom Hell. (even when Eternal has 1 ups now)


    It's like there's some lack of magic or supernatural/paranormal logic.

    Like if the sci fi side of things is UAC and Mars, should the other side not have any scientific explanations? like lost souls just floating and burning just because?

    Specially because an entity like Hell can be stronger with anti science/weird "magic" alone.


    I remember some article talking about how a sequel to 2016 could improve on the game and asking a question "Where Did The Weird Go?".

    Which makes me think a bit more of the otherwise small story of the originals and see how in some ways, it can be more fitting than 2016's lore.


    But at the same time, Hell always had a bit of sci fi with some demons like the brain spiders and Archviles already looking alien like and the tech they've had on the levels' visuals. But even then, there was still a level of weirdness in that verson of Hell.


    I think besides gameplay, a way to expand the series is with art direction and designs instead of just story.

    Because some of the new design ideas and visuals are good on their own, they can already speak something without a backstory or lore.


    Like, if story is how some designs end up being cool looking, then that's great, but if it's also what limits some design direction, then focus more on the fact that this new enemy or gun just looks cool and would still fit Doom.

  10. Hey look, another "leak" thread.




    This one tries to "describe" us the intro and end of the game.


    There's also a part saying that Tyrant and the new Manc originate from human DNA and that's just lame, honestly.

    Can't Hell simply have a variety of creatures that aren't just chitinous or shell detailed?

  11. From what i remember, the expansions were described in a way that sound like this: you may play as other characters and they may take place BEFORE the events of Eternal. (possibly to tie the game and 2016)


    I can see why Slayer could be a different entity but at the same time, you have how old school Doom the designs try to be and the fact that the Doom Slayer is pretty much id making the "Doomguy is the strongest video game character" memes from 2009 canon.


    There's also another thread linked to who says different things, but technically, both have a chance to be fake.



    I honestly see no reason to bring back Spider Mastermind besides a remake of map 20 Gotcha where she fights Cyberdemon (Tyrant).


    Even if a portion of the leak is true, that would imply someone making up lies for fun, even after the "truth".


    But hey, it's either this or those crappy Stadia footage videos on YT.


  12. Does anyone have any theory on how we'll go to Heaven in Eternal?


    I imagine the Tower of Babel could be how we get there.


    If i recall it right, the original story was that mankind built it to reach god until he punished everyone with different languages.

  13. He looks like a shotgunner considering his armor's color and some of the other footage of the demo with the shield guy.

    Because chaingunners used to have red armor.

    I wouldn't mind a chaingunner enemy based off the D3 tentacle commandos, specially if they're also based off the cut D3 sounds with the loud, english speaking phrases like "Your kind are over". (the ones from the beta/alpha from Trent Reznor, which is like, one of the greatest losses in this franchise)


    Also: Would anyone mind if the Marauder was an enemy and not a recurring boss?

    On one hand, it'd be interesting to see a rival for Doomguy. (like, imagine a Doom equivalent of Vergil or Shadow)

    On the other hand, this could be the first time an enemy ever carried another SSG. (and nowaday's former humans don't even carry the same UAC arsenal as you)


    Considering how former humans were meant to carry the same weapons as the player and the Doomguy was pretty much a representation of humanity (which he had to save from Hell), i feel like if the Slayer was to come from a different world, it would make sense if his people were in a similar situation: everyone is doomed except the main character and some of the folks that were meant to fight demons got corrupted.


    So the Marauder is to the Night Sentinels what former humans/possessed soldiers are to the UAC and mankind.


    I guess this means we could have some possessed angels that otherwise, oppose Hell.


    It can also be difficult to come up with someone on the level of the current Doom marine, so an army of different demons is already good enough.

  14. I was going to post one from Daithi De Nogla but it relies a bit too much on his humor, so look that up if you care for something less reliable.

    I only stumble on these because of Doom Eternal and don't care for either Stadia or whatever these Youtubers even make outside of these videos.


    All i do is look up on YT "Doom Eternal" and organize the search by selecting the most recent videos.

  15. Regardless of whether or not he's faithfull to the original version, i still hope the enemy variety in this game doesn't feel like they're recycling different types of attacks between enemies.


    The Carcass' shield walls, an Arachnotron in a ceiling with grenades and a teleporting, triple projectile firing Prowler is a step foward, for example. (specially with how far they went with the weapon mods/alt fires)


    I'm also under an impression that the Fire Baron replaces the regular Baron because they just couldn't think of a specific mechanic for a variant.