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  1. Awup

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    I think the gauss cannon is a lot more suited for Doomslayer's style being big and tough and shooting an obnoxiously big beam. If they are switching it with the ballista, hopefully there will be some way to upgrade it to make it's projectile similar to the gauss cannon's beam.
  2. Awup

    Does anyone play besides bots?!?!?!

    Like other people here I would suggest using IDE or Doom Explorer instead of Doomseeker. Although ZD isn’t as active as it used to be, it is still possible to find CTF/duels and deathmatchs. I would suggest learning how to use IRC. Also, look for American duel servers. When you sit in a duel server by yourself in ZD it will send an irc message to the main chat room to let people know you’re waiting for an opponent.
  3. Awup

    Is there a Doom community in NYC?

    It seems like you would be able to find some retro gamers who you could interest in joining you, even if they aren’t Doom fans currently.
  4. Hopefully gonna play some Doom after work tomorrow.

  5. Awup

    Playing Doom on a Joystick

    I have a Qanba fight stick that I use for Tekken and MvC on my ps3. I remember I tried setting it up for Doom and I wasn't able to map certain keys for it. I think my computer/gzdoom was able to pick up the buttons, but not the input from the actual joystick, so I wasn't able to use it for Doom/Wolf3d. There should be a way for it to work. The stick is built to work for PC and ps3 fighting games.
  6. I started playing Doom and ZDaemon back in 2006 after I turned 13. I usually play competitive multiplayer, but I like all the ways to play Doom.


    I participate in the World Doom League and I am in a competitive ZDaemon clan called Frag Syndicate [FS] "The sexiest competitive clan ever!"



    FS on top!


    1. Doomkid


      Good to see you in these parts

    2. Awup


      Thanks, looking to get more involved in the community more like I've wanted to.

  7. Awup

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    I know I wasn't as close to him as a lot of people were. But I still can't believe we have to face a Doom without him. A driving force in a competitive community that we couldn't have even imagined without him.