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  1. I seem to be having issues attempting to set up testing in PrBoom. My first problem I resolved by consulting this thread, many thank to @MYK for the answer to that issue. Now I am getting a peculiar error (see attachment). It seems (from what I can glean from other posts) I have a flat texture that is preventing the map from compiling (I assume?) so I can run it in gl PrBoom. Can somebody point me in the right direction?
  2. I have not, I am going to look into that. I thought the health would be the single best way to get across the horror of suffocation, but I wanted to have that feeling of desperation when you have almost figured out the maze and you have to choose between killing a demon in the way, or risk taking a hit by running past him in route to the exit. I also agree. I was thinking this could be a tutorial level where you just get the idea of "I have to RUN". Maybe this area of the ship is the part that was hit the hardest and is depressurizing at the fastest rate. Fewer enemies, but you have to find the route to the airlock. Having the 60% "if you know the path" point is extremely insightful. I am going to work on that for the next level. My plan for the health concern at the moment is to let the player find an infirmary or something every few levels so they can heal up, especially right in the middle of a level before a boss. I want you to dread finding the infirmary as much as you are relieved to find it. It is a safe zone, temporarily, but eventually you will be forced out. You guys rock so hard. edit: I was thinking I may want to modify the behavior of some of the enemies (and come up with some originals). It has to be possible as we have the monsters coded in there to begin with. The pinky Demon just doesn't work nearly as well as I thought it would.
  3. I am learning so much. I have to sleep now but I am going to finish reading this I actually did put a secondary path to success, but it is behind a false wall when you go down that first dark hallway. Looking back, I think that is a bit obtuse and probably not what you have suggested. As you said, it is a gauranteed path to succeas. Just a different one. They light puzzle solving had occurred to me and I am so glad you think that would be fun. I have to go to sleep now, but I am going to read this again in the morning.
  4. So you would personally prefer an even more lenient map? How you you feel about gameplay that discourages strafing? I added a few monsters that will punish you for not paying attention. Every little peck of damage is extremely important and I have not beaten my new level with the changes.
  5. Yes when I first started testing this I was getting hit immediately out of the gate. So I put down a health pack down so that you don't start out at 90%. That is a good idea. I have just been introduced to the concept of scripts. I am looking into it. Can you recommend a good tutorial? I started using one tutorial, but the person kept referencing some sort of reference sheet I could not find.
  6. Really you thought the correct path was quite lenient? I went through and I finished with 10% or so health left. Did you find either of the secrets? There are two of them in the level. They aren't terribly clever secrets, I don't think, but I find them fun, but I put them there. Thanks! I am gratified that the idea (if not this particular execution) has merit. I toyed around with the idea of putting monsters behind walls to attack you. I also have a pinky hiding in the level, but I found the AI extremely disappointing. It isn't nearly as effective at harassing the player I thought it would. I want to go through and program my own AI for a creature much like the pinky. A melee monster that follows the player pretty closely and will take a swipe at the player once the player tries to double back. How would your rate this as a tutorial level? Would you suggest adding multiple paths that lead to the end? Converging paths? Both? I had the idea of using optical illusions to disorient the player. Things like, making hallways ends seem closer than they actually are. Do you think "holographic" walls are cheap? Walls players can run through? I do, the player would have to run into every wall in the map.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to help. :) So PrBoom is meant to be old school. Got it. UDMF is the one with all the fancy tricks. That explains why I could not find the material online.
  8. I am new to mapping and I am taking a very simple premise and I think I could turn this into an entire game. I find this fun, but I would like some of your opinions if you would be so kind. The premise is simple: Your space station was under attack and is depressurizing. You are (as far as you know) the lone survivor and you need to get to the opposite side of the space station while taking damage continuously as your ability to breathe is ripped out of your lungs. I want to emphasize the run more than the gun, but I think I could integrate guns into the gameplay. I created a level to demonstrate the idea. it is extremely short. Let me know what you think. SpaaaceDemo.zip
  9. I have been scouring the internet for the last couple days and have not been able to discern the answer. I think I am failing to articulate the question. I apologize if the Can somebody please point me in the direction of a guide to editing levels for PrBoom in DoomBuilder 2? I want to use a PrBoom port on Android because that has the best VR in that ecosystem at the moment (in my opinion, yes better than all the prettier younger ones). Alternately, is there a better WAD editor for PrBoom? I was doing some nifty things in GZDoom with UMDF to do with light and transparencies. I am pretty sure I read in the PrBoom documentation that it supports both of those things I was doing in GZDoom. I have been using DoomBuilder2 and the UMDF format has a lovely interface for changing lights, but that is all taken away when I am in the BOOM format. Am I missing something fundamental? Total newb question, I prostrate myself before you all.