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  1. ReaperAA, thanks for the update! Maribo, thank you for voting! Tally updated.
  2. LadyMistDragon, thank you for voting! Tally updated.
  3. m8f

    Is there a QUAD DAMAGE mod?

    https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:PowerDamage Working example in attachment. Should be loadable with ZDoom-family ports. quad.zip Edit: forgot to say - it replaces Partial Invisibility.
  4. Top 10 by game, filtered from the tally. Inspired by Doomworld Community Heretic / Hexen Top WADs of All Time. Doom (from ~59 entries) SIGIL No End in Sight Doom the Way id Did Knee-Deep in ZDoom 2002: A Doom Odyssey Tech Gone Bad Phobos: Anomaly Reborn Nihility: Infinite Teeth Phobos Mission Control Castle of Evil Doom II (from ~373 entries) Ancient Aliens Alien Vendetta Valiant Scythe 2 Eviternity Sunlust Scythe Back to Saturn X E1: Get Out of My Stations Going Down Speed of Doom Final Doom (from 12 entries) Plutonia 2 TNT: Revilution The Plutonia Experiment Plutonia: Revisited Community Project Plutonia AD TNT: Evilution Plutonium Winds Urania Lunar Outpost 359 SkePLand Heretic/Hexen (from 5 entries) Faithless Shadows of Chronos Elf Gets Pissed Heretic - Curse of D'sparil Serpent: Resurrection Standalone (from 11 entries) The Adventures of Square REKKR Urban Brawl: Action Doom 2 Harmony Rise of the Wool Ball Freedoom: Phase 1 Freedoom: Phase 2 Urban Brawl: Dead of Winter Action Doom Return of the Triad
  5. Ezepov, akolai, Doomlover77, thank you for voting! Tally updated. Doom Wiki says that the first release of Pirate Doom was in 2013. I put the year of the initial release to the list. Also, I fixed Fragport release year, which is 2001, according to the wiki.
  6. Fixed. By the way, 2021 is a good year for Doom WADs. It isn't even over yet, but it has already beaten 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 by points.
  7. Hitherto, thank you for voting! northivanastan, game, thank you for updating your votes! Tally updated. @game, did I find the right Judgement?
  8. xdude_gamer, thank you for voting! Tally updated.
  9. m8f

    More open source games?

  10. m8f

    Magic related wads?

    Excellent Hell-Forged by Amuscaria.
  11. m8f

    Which is better?

    The Ultimate Doom is the best The Ultimate Doom. Doom II: Hell on Earth is the best Doom II: Hell on Earth. TNT: Evilution is the best TNT: Evilution. The Plutonia Experiment is the best The Plutonia Experiment. Doom 64 is the best Doom 64. Doom 3 is the best Doom 3. Doom (2016) is the best Doom (2016). Doom Eternal is the best Doom Eternal. Different games cannot be ordered from best to worst. They are different.
  12. m8f

    How to add reloading to weapons?

    Also take a look at RRWM reloading system.
  13. 3 519 122 years, 22 days and 13 seconds.
  14. nikitsune, thank you for voting! Tally updated.
  15. m8f

    What are the best custom wads of all time?

    People talk about other things too. It just so happens that Doomworld isn't focused on them. No. It simply exploits bugs of a certain version of ZDoom, and therefore doesn't work on more recent versions.