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  1. Done! You can reinstate your points at any time if you want. Replayability isn't the only existing merit, just saying. Nope! You can only lower the position of a wad by voting for other wads.
  2. Agreed. There is no way to measure "best" in the field of entertainment at all, so popularity ranking it is. TCs and standalone games do count, everything doom-related count. It seems that most of the folks here don't consider them "Doom wads", so they rarely occupy top slots. Official expansions are all listed now. Strangely, Doom 64 isn't. For the reference, standalone games in this list: TCs:
  3. m8f

    Low End Hardware

    Slaughter Map Performance Booster
  4. Sure, as long as there is proof of existence. If I ever forget to change the state of a wad when it's released, please let me know!
  5. I don't have a list of direct links for the files here, so I cannot offer a way to automatically download everything. Most of the WADs here are uploaded to /idgames, others are from ModDB, file sharing services or personal web sites. Maybe Doom Launcher can somewhat facilitate downloading, as it can download from /idgames (I haven't tried it myself).
  6. m8f

    Single-level wads for Doom II

    Miasma - Boom Disturbia - Boom Breach - LR ZDoom Community Map Project II (ZDCMP2) - ZDoom Grove - Boom Elysion - Boom Hurt - ZDoom Brigandine - LR Arcadia Demade - LR Comatose - Boom The Given - LR Foursite - LR ZDoom Community Map Project: Take 1 (ZDCMP) - ZDoom Doom Center - ZDoom Extreme Terror - ZDoom City of the Damned: Apocalypse - ZDoom Holy Hell - LR Grime - vanilla Lullaby - ZDoom Redemption Of The Slain - ZDoom Torment and Torture - ZDoom Monster Hunter Ltd. Part I/Part II - Boom Hellrun - vanilla Mangle - vanilla No Chance - Boom Remnant - LR The Beesong - ZDoom Doom City - vanilla Eden - Boom HSFC - vanilla Odessa 1 - vanilla Waterlab GZD - ZDoom 5till L1 Complex - LR Castle of the Damned - vanilla Cheogsh - ZDoom Saturnine Chapel - Boom Valhalla - ZDoom Brotherhood of Ruin: The Lost Temple - Boom Dawn of Reality - ZDoom Drip Feed - Boom Firetop Mountain - ZDoom Frozen Time - Boom Gateway to Shangri-La - Boom Infraworld - The Hatehammer - Boom Island - vanilla Jade Earth - Boom Okuplok Slaughter Map - Boom Planisphere 2 - LR SELFISH5 - Boom The Egg of Human Endeavors - Boom The Ghoul's Forest 3 - ZDoom UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot - ZDoom Verdant Citadel - ZDoom Chord 2 - vanilla Crimson Horizon - Boom dead.air - ZDoom Neighborhood From Hell - ZDoom Townhouses - vanilla Vrack - Boom Vrack 3 - Boom Balls - ZDoom Bermuda Triangle - Boom Botanic Biosphere - ZDoom Chord 1 - vanilla Chord 3 - LR Chord G - vanilla City Assault - ZDoom DEMON DRIVER!!!! - ZDoom Europe - vanilla IC2005 - Boom Marine Assault - ZDoom Vrack 2 - Boom City of the Damned - ZDoom Ice Rage - ZDoom Jägermörder - 01 : Chemical Lab - Boom Black Room - Boom Castle of Eternal Carrot in the Sky - Boom Demonastery - Boom Hoover Dam - vanilla Hotel Hell - vanilla Lilium - LR My House (MyHouse.wad) - ZDoom Nostromo's Run - vanilla Polygon Base - vanilla Spicy Evil Spaghetti - ZDoom The Eye - Boom The Great Dog Escape - ZDoom The Mucus Empire - Boom The Ultimate Icon of Sin - ZDoom The Walls - vanilla Void - ZDoom
  7. From Doomworld Community Top WADs of all time: Years by points: Years popularity by "popular" (voted) WADs count: There was some decline about 1998-2007, but since then it's pretty stable. Note that more recent years' WADs lag behind in being represented because people had less time appreciating them.
  8. m8f

    Best total conversions?

    Games/TCs: The Adventures of Square Batman Doom REKKR Urban Brawl: Action Doom 2 Doom: The Golden Souls 2 Harmony Rise of the Wool Ball Chex Quest Freedoom: Phase 1 and 2 Doom 64: Retribution Doom: The Golden Souls Aliens TC Osiris TC Urban Brawl: Dead of Winter Shadow Of The Wool Ball Ni'mRoD: IXNAY on the HOMBRE (Nimrod) Ashes 2063 Cold as Hell Hacx Army of Darkness TC Source
  9. Fixed, thanks! Unused points: 167 Apaul27: 3 GratefulName: 1 TheGreenZap: 5 msx2plus: 5 DoomPlayer00: 4 sincity2100: 3 Nefelibeta: 4 Billa: 1 Steveb1000: 5 heliumlamb: 5 Astro X: 37 Gosu_Noob: 5 Electro Rage: 10 mhrz: 4 Christophine Place: 10 brendondle: 14 Codename_Delta: 48 Red Recluse: 1 faad3e: 2 I doubt that putting this information in the list will convince people to add their points. If I @'d or DM'd them, maybe (which I won't do, it would be annoying). Also, given that missing points are mere 1.36% of total points, adding them won't change much.
  10. Ray Mohawk 2: community project led by Doomkid, 3/20 maps by Doomkid. Jamal Jones: community project dedicated to Doomkid, 4/69 maps by Doomkid. Bourgeois Deathmatch: megawad by Decay, Doomkid, and Razgriz, 7/30 maps by Doomkid.
  11. Engine popularity by relative points per year: Note on engine groups: Notable years: 1998: ZDoom, Boom, MBF, PrBoom and Doom Legacy are released. 1999: the end of vanilla reign. Assault on Tei Tenga (ZDoom), Bermuda Triangle (Boom) and Jägermörder - 01 : Chemical Lab (Boom) are released. 2000: csDoom and Skulltag are released. 2001: Eternity and ZDaemon are released. 2002: the year of ZDoom. Also, Caverns of Darkness (Eternity Engine) is released. 2003: vanilla strikes back! 2004: PrBoom+ is released. 2005: GZDoom and Chocolate Doom are released. 2007: ZDoom dominates. Odamex is released. 2009: the year of Boom. 2012: the only year after 2003 where vanilla has > 50% points. Zandronum is released. 2015: the year of Boom II 2020: DSDA-Doom, Q-Zandronum and Woof! are released. 2021: Heartland (Eternity Engine) is released, MBF21 is finalized. 2022: the year of Boom III.
  12. I started marking the engine for WADs. At the moment about half of the WADs in the list is covered. As always, corrections and additions are welcome. Top Boom: Top GZDoom: Top limit removing: Top vanilla:
  13. faad3e, thank you for voting! Your points exceed the 55 points limit, so they were scaled down: 10 -> 6, 9 -> 5, 8 -> 5.
  14. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/jotohev3 or https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/jth2?
  15. WADs by category (excluding standard single-player): Multiplayer Standalone game Helper IWAD Mod Music Peace Total conversion If some wad in the list doesn't fit in the "standard single-player Doom maps" formula and it isn't listed above, please let me know! Also, it would be great to fill missing monster counts (see here) (at the moment about 73% of the list is covered).