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  1. m8f

    Easy way to look through forums for quality of life mods

    Advanced search is your friend
  2. m8f

    I'm new to Doom mods. What are some good ones?

    Obligatory link: ZDoom Community Top Mods of All Time
  3. The Inquisitor III, Super Sonic DooM, Hocusdoom, Castlevania - Simon's Destiny. Also Netronian Chaos, though it doesn't contain maps.
  4. m8f

    Can anyone recommend any good Doom downloads?

    It seems you are referring to Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth Starter Pack. It contains Brutal Doom itself and 32 maps designed for Brutal Doom. Brutal Doom itself is a gameplay mod for GZDoom and Zandronum. There are many, many other gameplay mods. GZDoom is a source port, a program that runs Doom maps and mods, targeted for advanced features. Zandronum is a source port too, targeted for multiplayer.
  5. m8f

    Can anyone recommend any good Doom downloads?

    Fixed now. Thanks for heads up!
  6. m8f

    Can anyone recommend any good Doom downloads?

    ZDoom Community Top Mods of All Time
  7. m8f

    Drifting DoomGuy

    There is a mod for this: Less Slippery Doom Movement Seems to work in Zandronum. Notes: player moves slower, mod is singleplayer only.
  8. m8f

    Who created Doomworld?

  9. m8f

    Can anybody help me?

  10. m8f

    Half-Life 2 styled pistol?

    What source port are you using? If GZDoom, there are several weapon mods that have this pistol behavior. High Noon Drifter, ww-doomnukem (Accessories to Murder), xa-parko (Parkour), ww-mixed3, to name a few.
  11. Wow! Thanks for clarification! Now I see it. The wire is also red on CYBR sprites. I haven't noticed it until now.
  12. I always wondered, what are these straight red lines?
  13. m8f

    Original Doom Mapinfo?

    As far as I know there is no "original" MAPINFO for Ultimate Doom, as MAPINFO was first introduced in Hexen. But there is MAPINFO for Ultimate Doom included in GZDoom: doom1.txt ultdoom.txt
  14. m8f

    Code Blocks type usage