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  1. Simple Mirrored Monsters

    Very nice little touch! Diversifies the monster-killing process. Loving the variety of supported games and mods. Have two minor complaints: monsters raise states are all unmirrored, and Cyberdemon maybe should not have mirrored death since his arms are not symmetrical. So I took a liberty of modifying this mod and making Advanced Mirrored Monsters (see attached file). It contains versions for Doom and Back to Saturn X. It fixes my complaints, and also adds the following features: if killed with fire, monsters leave charred corpses, and proper monster raising from gibs. amm.zip
  2. Universal Weapon Menu Mod (v1.4)

    Update: 1.1: added Freedoom and Smooth Doom official support. optimized code. 1.2: fixed minor bugs. 1.3: optional fire to close menu (assigned key). Now Weapon Menu can be used without special open/close key: you can open menu with slot number keys and close with assigned fire key.
  3. Universal Weapon Menu Mod (v1.4)

    It would be great to know if somebody finds this mod helpful, what functions and options should be added, and what weapon sets should have out-of-the-box support. At this point I'm out of ideas how to improve Weapon Menu, and I don't know if it should be considered finished.
  4. Universal Weapon Menu Mod (v1.4)

    Yes, it can. There are a lot of options: console or small font can be selected instead of big font, then text can be scaled down (this affects messages too, though), then distance between entries can be decreased (with step size multiplier), not acquired weapons can be hidden, and even weapon names can be turned off for pure minimalistic menu.
  5. (Back to Saturn X: E1 MAP01) (Doom 2 with Project Brutality - Autodetection System is used) Usage: Assign controls in Options -> Customize controls -> "Weapon Menu Keys". Open Weapons Menu by pressing assigned Smart Selection Keys or Open/Close Menu key. Cycle through the Weapons Menu with Smart Selection Keys or Next/Previous weapon keys. Smart Selection Keys cycle through all the weapons in one slot. If Menu is closed, Next/Previous weapon keys act as standard Next/Previous weapon Keys. Close Weapons Menu, and highlighted weapon is selected. Weapons Menu does not affect gameplay. When it is opened, you can run, shoot, do whatever you want to do. New weapon will be selected only when Menu is closed. Be sure you adjust menu position, font and text scale in Options to fit your screen and weapon set size. Some options take effect only after Options are closed. Features: allows fast and reliable weapon selection. with menu, you see what you are about to select. No more blind weapon choices! last used weapon quick access (by assigned key). configurable colors, fonts, and positions. configurable controls. Just don't assign keys for features you don't want. works with any HUD. autoload safe! If weapon set isn't recognized, standard weapon selection is used. secret weapons that appear in Menu only when you have them (some mods). works with almost any weapon set. API: CVar (cvarinfo) and ZScript (WeaponMenuInterface.txt) for HUD developers. Weapon Menu has two types of weapon support: Out of the box. You load the weapon mod with Menu, it works right away. Autodetected. You load the weapon mod with Menu, you run setup (see below), then Menu works. Weapon Menu supports the following weapons out of the box: Original Doom 2 weapons PerK's Smoother Weapon Animations Enhanced Eriguns: Eriguns1 Standard, Eriguns1 Extended, Eriguns2 (limited) Beautiful Doom 6.3.0 Final Doomer 2.4 Faspons (Feb 24) HXRTC Project Final Edition (Revised 17 feb 2018) Kriegsland: Blutordnung (2.3 04/02/18) Complex Doom V27a3 Weapons of Saturn (October 31, 2017) Hard-Doom v8.1.1 Heretic IWAD weapons (not tested) Chex Quest (Single Player) Strife weapons (not tested) Argent (v0.5.3) Doom 64 'weapons only' wad by Nevander (updated 5-29-2016) X version Responsive Weapons + Faster Weapon Switching Dead Marine (v0.9.3) Parkour v1.1 Brutal Doom v21 (test feb24) Combined Arms v1.0 Freedoom v0.11.3 Smooth Doom (2018-01-13) Trailblazer v1.4b Other weapons are supported, but require initial setup. When you load weapon set that is not supported by Weapon Menu out of the box, a message will appear with a suggestion to try Autodetection. To autodetect weapons: After you load Weapon Menu with your weapon mod, after the level starts, enter 'wmauto' in console. Relax for 2 minutes and watch while the script cycles over all of the weapons in your weapon set. Do not do anything while script works, even if you think script does nothing. Doing something will mess up the results. When script is finished, it reloads the level, taking away all weapons except starting weapons, so it is wise to run autodetection at the start of a new game. Then autodetected weapon set will be remembered until the new autodetection will be run, so you can play a megawad or a bunch of maps with the same weapon mod. Remembered weapon set will be also stored in a save. But if you autodetect one weapon set, save the game with it, then autodetect another weapon set and load first save with first weapon set, autodetection data will only last until new level is started. Then you will have to autodetect again and lose acquired weapons or play without the Menu. Autodetection system has the following limits: no more than 50 weapons in a weapon set. no more than 6 weapons in one slot. weapon names are composed of internal names, so they may be a bit inaccurate. autodetection will detect all the weapons that are in a mod (within limits), even if they are unobtainable in a game. So it is recommended to use an option to hide not acquired weapons. Download: GZDoom Zandronum GitHub Changelog: