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  1. Azure_Horror, thanks for the update! Tally updated.
  2. doombedoom, thanks for the update! Bob9001, thanks for voting! Tally updated.
  3. m8f

    My Experience with GZDoom Optimization

    That particular list was updated recently. But maybe it should better be linking to Internationalization page instead.
  4. ZDoom Community Top Works of All Time
  5. Azure_Horror, thank you for your update! Tally updated.
  6. brendondle, thank you for voting! Tally updated. Experiment: list Community Top WADs in reverse order. Incentive: make less popular WADs more visible.
  7. mhrz, SaladStream, thank you for voting! Tally updated. @brendondle, you have to vote for at least 5 WADs. ___________________ Added a list of people who helped maintaining this thread to the OP. If I forgot somebody, please let me know. ___________________ By doombedoom's suggestion, some votes were salvaged: - Christophine Place: some points capped; - Hitboi: points recalculated correspondingly to fit in 55 allowed points; - Nembras: no change. ___________________ By the way, the points from the previous Community Top thread constitute < 40% of total points at the moment. This is not counting updates, so the real ratio is even less. So, most of the votes are relatively recent (2019 and later). ___________________ @Wyrmwood, voting for Hedon is allowed (commercial works are already in the list, standalone works too, so there is no reason to disallow it).
  8. Electro Rage, thank you for voting! Max points for an entry is 10, so Magnolia is capped to 10. You have 10 points left. NiGHTS108, thanks for the update! Wyrmwood, thank you for voting! I cannot put points for Doomcore Trilogy because points are already assigned to Reverie separately, so I assigned points to base Doom Core. _______________ I think there are already too many pins in this forum. However, it isn't for me to decide. _______________ Announcement! When somebody finds an error in the OP data, they will be added to the credits in the OP.
  9. m8f

    Leveling up mod

    Gun Bonsai provides leveling up and weapon upgrades.
  10. Ayeloo, thank you for voting! Tally updated. ________________________ More insights: 50.6% of list entries aren't in Cacowards, 25 Missed Cacowards, Top 100 Memorable Maps, Top 100 WADs of All time, Top 10 Infamous WADs and official WADs. Almost all of the top 25 entries from this list have Memorable Maps in them. Exceptions are Eviternity (which came after Memorable Maps list), Memento Mori 1 and 2 and Hell Revealed II. The most 'officially acclaimed' WADs are BTSX episodes 1 and 2 and No End in Sight (Cacowards, Memorable Maps, official add-ons).
  11. m8f

    i need to find the best doom mods

  12. A launcher for completely different software? It's an operating system.
  13. Gosu_Noob, Meowgi, thank you for voting! Tally updated.
  14. Ragu, LadyMistDragon, tonytheparrot, thank you for your updates! Tally updated. ________________________________ Years, sorted by votes: 2015 2016 2014 2018 2005 2012 2010 1996 2001 2003 2013 2008 2017 2009 1997 2019 2021 2011 1995 2020 2007 2004 2002 2000 1998 1999 1994 2006 2022