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  1. Can you try GZDoom 4.2.4?
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XYZZY_Awards
  3. m8f

    Coolest Console Application?

    Also, this made me occupied for hours:
  4. @DwarfCleric, if it's still not clear what's happening, here is an analogy: Vanilla WAD <-> ASCII .txt file Limit-removing WAD <-> UTF-8 .txt file GZDoom WAD <-> OpenOffice/LibreOffice .odt document with fonts, formatting, embedded images, etc. doom.exe <-> Notepad in Windows 95 prboom+ <-> Notepad in Windows 10 GZDoom <-> recent LibreOffice It's like you try to open a .txt file with LibreOffice under DOS, fail to do so, and wonder why it doesn't work/doesn't open. It's still your original file from 1993, but older machine struggles opening it with more demanding software, because that software can do so much more with that file than vanilla did. And to be able to do these new things with old files, it needs to convert them internally into new data structures and formats that ultimately take more memory and processing power.
  5. m8f

    Coolest Console Application?

    > are usually used as a training ground for beginner I disagree. Lots of programs don't need graphical user interface.
  6. Makedounia, thank you for voting! The tally in the OP has been updated.
  7. Ivory Duke, Scorpius, eharper256, thank you for voting! Rince-wind, thanks for keeping your points up to date. eharper256, I couldn't find anything on "No More Details". Counted "Needs More Detail" instead. Please correct me if this isn't the intended WAD. The tally in the OP has been updated.
  8. Please, vote for 10 WADs at least.
  9. Whoops! Fixed now. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. termrork, your new points are added. Red-XIII, Tartlman, Nazgul9, joepallai, OniriA, DJVCardMaster, thank you for voting! joepallai, I believe it was "Suspended in Dusk". If it wasn't, please tell me. The tally in the OP has been updated. Rince-wind, yes, you are. Please make a new post here.
  11. The votes from dylux are updated. It may be that dylux changed votes at some point, because the current post is very different from the original points. Is that is the case, please make a new post every time you update your votes. Payload4367, thanks for heads up! CinnamonKilljoy, termrork, Payload4367, thank you for voting! termrork, note that you still have 5 points left. JudgeDeadd, thanks for the update! The tally in the OP has been updated.
  12. joepallai, maximum number of WADs to vote for is 20. CinnamonKilljoy, minimum number of WADs to vote for is 10. Polri, thanks for voting! The tally in the OP has been updated.
  13. STILES, thanks for voting! The tally in the OP has been updated.