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  1. Update: added Ultimate Custom Doom and Precise Crosshair (see OP for details).
  2. m8f

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    I'm curious, what this mod did that isn't done by other mods? Why Doom Remake 4, not other famous mods? Should we anticipate other such shutdowns?
  3. ZDoom Community Top Mods of All Time
  4. m8f

    What's your favorite multiplayer port?

    While this topic is more generic, it contains some relevant answers.
  5. m8f

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    This may be considered a heresy, but I found out that dark SIGIL levels go very well with brightmaps (e.g. glowing eyes) and dynamic lighting.
  6. m8f

    Is there a mod to limit up/down look angle?

    If you are using GZDoom, there is a console variable for limiting up/down look angle: maxviewpitch. You can open the console and enter maxviewpitch 60 or maxviewpitch 45
  7. m8f

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    BTSX E2: http://esselfortium.net/wasd/btsx_e2_b3.zip (zip md5sum 8fe80a92320e1b5c43f1c03f1408a601). Vanilla Doom Smooth Weapons: latest: https://soulsphere.org/random/vsmooth.zip (wad md5sum e18290734a363e98d0a43dc1d80556e5). A pair of strange glitches: GZDoom v4.1.1: G1. If vsmooth.wad is loaded before BTSX wads, firing BFG9000 hurts the player. G2. If BTSX wads are loaded before vsmooth.wad, a single shotgun frame appears during BFG9000 firing animation: Prboom-Plus v2.5.1.5: P1. PrBoom crashes: I_SignalHandler: Exiting on signal: Segmentation fault P2. The same as G2. This is probably a Dehacked conflict, but none of these glitches happens on BTSX E1.
  8. m8f

    Which weapon mods include a Revolver?

    DoomRL Arsenal - together with many, many, many other weapons. High Noon Drifter - "Weird West" themed mod, of course, the starting weapon is a revolver. The Trailblazer - two of them. Accessories to Murder Ashes 2063 TC
  9. m8f

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Okay. The following may be the silliest thing that I have ever done in the field of Doom modding. Let me explain myself. When I see enemies in Doom (and in other shooters), I like to see them only as enemies. An enemy is an entity that is engaged in combat and is against you. Any other hint that the enemy can exist out of combat makes me uneasy. When I see such a hint, it makes me [over]think. I start to wonder if the observed thing should be studied instead of being exterminated. To me, the most noticeable non-combat hint is on Doom 64 dead imp sprite. You may have seen this anatomical detail. In particular, it makes me think: "Wait, it has a digestive system? So, it must eat. Probably it's a carnivore. Can it eat non-meat food? Is it hungry? Maybe it's just hungry and not evil?" And so on, and so forth. So, here is a patch (literally) that removes that anatomical detail.
  10. Hellshots Golf: "As far removed from running and gunning and shooting demons as you can get."
  11. m8f

    What are your favourite WADs?

    This list contains lots of favorites, including mine. That thread is still maintained, by the way.
  12. m8f

    working download link for sneaky doom?

    From this reply: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y8sc16ac30didqc/SneakyDoom.pk3/file
  13. Hunter's Moon - "the single-player campaign that Quake III Arena never had". Netronian Chaos - completely original roster of enemies and weapons. Rebel Rumble - "This mod is all about some arcade Shmups like Total Carnage, Smash TV and Raiden Series." Reelism - "High Chaos on a Grand Scale!". It's huge. Ashes 2063 TC - post-apocalyptic TC. Hocusdoom - "What would happen if Hocus Pocus was a fps like Doom, rather than a sidescroller?"