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  1. The list with current versions Weapon Menu Plus Download Screenshots What is Weapon Menu Plus? It is an extension for GZDoom weapon and inventory handling capabilities; It is universal addon for any mod. Features Allows fast and reliable weapon selection: you see what you are about to select; Works with any HUD and any weapon mod; Can show ammo counts; Menu for inventory items too; Optional Zoom, Laser Sight, Quick Access Fire, and more; Don't forget to set up controls in Options -> Weapon Menu Plus Options -> Controls; Configurable colors, fonts, and positions: Options -> Weapon Menu Plus Options -> Weapon Menu Options. Target Spy Download Screenshots This mods provides health bar and info for targeted monsters. Features ASCII target health bar, name, and more; current and max target health numbers; configurable position and colors; different colors for overhealed, injured, and almost dead targets; "Kill Confirmed" message; info on pickups and other objects can be shown too; customizable crosshairs; Weapon Menu integration; frame around target (off by default); netplay support. Autoautosave Download Universal autosaver for GZDoom. It works as a configurable checkpoint system. It is designed to be compatible with any monster and weapon mod, and any map. Pomodoro Timer Download What is Pomodoro? Pomodoro is 25-minute time period. How does it work? When you start the game, the pomodoro timer is set (by default 25 minutes). You play the game. After 25 minutes, annoying messages appear that suggest you to take a break. You pause the game, relax, walk, stretch, etc. for 5 minutes (by default). Then you play the game again. Every 4 pomodoros instead of usual break there is a long break (by default 15 minutes). Features configurable durations for pomodoro and breaks (Options->Pomodoro Options); timer works even when game is paused (or menu is opened); it is possible to force pomodoro, or break, or long break; configurable keys (Options->Pomodoro Options); mod doesn't interfere with gameplay. When time is out only messages appear; savefile compatible! It means that you can load pomodoro.pk3 with any existing saved game. IDCLEVer Starter Download Universal mod for forced pistol starts. Features pistol start can be toggled on and off in options; an option to control starting ammo amount; an option to start with backpack; a key to keep current weapon on new level. Armament Tuning Download This minimod contains some extra options for weapon tweaking. Mostly universal. Features multipliers for ammo, kickback, and weapon bobbing; convenient menu for all GZDoom weapon options; toggle to disable gibbing; option to light up not acquired weapons; commands to give little ammo for current weapon and to clear decals. Laser Sight Download This minimod provides standalone configurable Laser Sight for GZDoom. Features moves smoothly; equally visible on all distances; configurable color and size; (optional) alternative colors for targets and friendly targets; option to hide when weapon in Slot 1 is selected. Hellscape Navigator Hellscape Navigator is a collection of tools designed to help navigation in complex maps. Single player GZDoom. Download Screenshots Features Automap Footstep Markers * Display visited places; * Fade with time; * Configurable looks: footsteps/arrow/point; * Configurable lifetime and generation period; Signs * A Sign can be placed to leave a note on level (use Sign to read the note); * Three kinds: wooden/metal/transparent to fit level theme; * Can be configured to be indestructible or not; * Present on automap; * Can be displayed on compass; Compass * Shows view direction; * Can show pointers for signs and quest markers; * Can show pointers for switches (only if close); * Different styles; Area Names * Entrance/Exit/Outdoors/Secrets; * A Sign can be configured to create custom area with name; Miscellaneous (mostly optional) * Custom automap arrow; * Colored messages for keys and doors (Doom, Heretic, Hexen); * Grid coordinates; * Exploration status; * Reveal map on level start; * Reveal map when it is mostly explored; * Give scanner on map revealing; * Display locked door status from a distance; * Entryway Translocator (teleport to start); * SpaceTunnelingDevice (temporary noclip); * Use automap markers (via binded key); * Displaying map name on level start; * Auto use. Ultimate Custom Doom Download What this mod does: It's basically a "make your own difficulty" kind of mod which lets you modify the following: - Damage done! - Damage taken! - Movement speed! - Health, armor, ammo regeneration! - Jump height! - Air control! - Max health! - Starting health! - Friction! - Permanent power-ups! - Health and armor degeneration! - Randomization! - Monster manipulation! (Limited options) Precise Crosshair Download How to use Required GZDoom version: 4.1.3 or higher. 1. HUD Options -> Crosshair must be OFF. 2. HUD Options -> Default crosshair must be not "None". Features * Shows where you shoot; * Respects autoaim; * Supports custom crosshairs; * Respects GZDoom crosshair options*; * Options to mirror crosshairs; * Options to disable crosshair on slot 1 and when weapon is not ready. *Except "Enable Crosshair". This option will disable only the standard crosshair.
  2. Update: added Ultimate Custom Doom and Precise Crosshair (see OP for details).
  3. m8f

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    I'm curious, what this mod did that isn't done by other mods? Why Doom Remake 4, not other famous mods? Should we anticipate other such shutdowns?
  4. ZDoom Community Top Mods of All Time
  5. m8f

    What's your favorite multiplayer port?

    While this topic is more generic, it contains some relevant answers.
  6. m8f

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    This may be considered a heresy, but I found out that dark SIGIL levels go very well with brightmaps (e.g. glowing eyes) and dynamic lighting.
  7. m8f

    Is there a mod to limit up/down look angle?

    If you are using GZDoom, there is a console variable for limiting up/down look angle: maxviewpitch. You can open the console and enter maxviewpitch 60 or maxviewpitch 45
  8. m8f

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    BTSX E2: http://esselfortium.net/wasd/btsx_e2_b3.zip (zip md5sum 8fe80a92320e1b5c43f1c03f1408a601). Vanilla Doom Smooth Weapons: latest: https://soulsphere.org/random/vsmooth.zip (wad md5sum e18290734a363e98d0a43dc1d80556e5). A pair of strange glitches: GZDoom v4.1.1: G1. If vsmooth.wad is loaded before BTSX wads, firing BFG9000 hurts the player. G2. If BTSX wads are loaded before vsmooth.wad, a single shotgun frame appears during BFG9000 firing animation: Prboom-Plus v2.5.1.5: P1. PrBoom crashes: I_SignalHandler: Exiting on signal: Segmentation fault P2. The same as G2. This is probably a Dehacked conflict, but none of these glitches happens on BTSX E1.
  9. m8f

    Which weapon mods include a Revolver?

    DoomRL Arsenal - together with many, many, many other weapons. High Noon Drifter - "Weird West" themed mod, of course, the starting weapon is a revolver. The Trailblazer - two of them. Accessories to Murder Ashes 2063 TC
  10. m8f

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Okay. The following may be the silliest thing that I have ever done in the field of Doom modding. Let me explain myself. When I see enemies in Doom (and in other shooters), I like to see them only as enemies. An enemy is an entity that is engaged in combat and is against you. Any other hint that the enemy can exist out of combat makes me uneasy. When I see such a hint, it makes me [over]think. I start to wonder if the observed thing should be studied instead of being exterminated. To me, the most noticeable non-combat hint is on Doom 64 dead imp sprite. You may have seen this anatomical detail. In particular, it makes me think: "Wait, it has a digestive system? So, it must eat. Probably it's a carnivore. Can it eat non-meat food? Is it hungry? Maybe it's just hungry and not evil?" And so on, and so forth. So, here is a patch (literally) that removes that anatomical detail.
  11. Hellshots Golf: "As far removed from running and gunning and shooting demons as you can get."
  12. m8f

    What are your favourite WADs?

    This list contains lots of favorites, including mine. That thread is still maintained, by the way.
  13. m8f

    working download link for sneaky doom?

    From this reply: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y8sc16ac30didqc/SneakyDoom.pk3/file
  14. Hunter's Moon - "the single-player campaign that Quake III Arena never had". Netronian Chaos - completely original roster of enemies and weapons. Rebel Rumble - "This mod is all about some arcade Shmups like Total Carnage, Smash TV and Raiden Series." Reelism - "High Chaos on a Grand Scale!". It's huge. Ashes 2063 TC - post-apocalyptic TC. Hocusdoom - "What would happen if Hocus Pocus was a fps like Doom, rather than a sidescroller?"
  15. Oh, I almost forgot Mr. Friendly. It effectively inverts the Doom formula, while still being a Doom mod.
  16. Wads: Comatose - "A limit of sidedefs in LR format is achieved here, so it is not possible to draw at least one new line at all". Mods: Lithium - "gameplay mod that features an upgrades system, currency, two new classes with full weapon sets, an inventory system, deadlier enemies, monster mod and multiplayer compatibility". DoomRL Arsenal has over 200 weapons. The Guncaster adds an overwhelming amount of new content. Doom Tournament - "UT99 themed weapon and item replacement (with some extras)" Total conversions: Batman Doom transforms the game radically. REKKR "vanilla TC set in a fantasy world", "For use with doom.wad (Ultimate Doom 1.9)." There are more, of course.
  17. [Palette] Red Abyss Also, the mandatory link is PalPlus.
  18. m8f

    Problems with Open-GL accelerated on GZDoom

    It may be useful to know your graphics card model. Also, the generic answer for this kind of problems is to update your graphics card driver (if you haven't already).
  19. m8f

    Games using DOOM mods

    I assume that you have already looked at this wiki page. Also REKKR has a standalone version.
  20. m8f

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Regarding Doom mods, I consider myself open-minded and ready for something unusual. Still, there are works that intimidate me by their size or the amount of new content. They feel too big, too complex for me. From time to time I download one of them, launch it, admire for a bit, and... close it till next time. This unwillingness to learn isn't usual for me, and this makes me uneasy.
  21. Can you please explain why you think it's bad? I cannot imagine any harm. It means that anybody would be able to use Doom assets without restrictions.
  22. m8f

    Knee-Deep, Shores, and Inferno as one campaign

    There is a GZDoom mod for this: Episodic-EX.
  23. m8f

    how do i add monsters with source code?

    Here is the enemy behavior code in Chocolate Doom, if I am not mistaken (If it's not, someone please correct me): https://github.com/chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom/blob/82ff0b70095060015274ae80c8dd66bb55011c26/src/doom/info.c#L127 There is Pinky somewhere. If you want to make a Doom fork for MS-DOS, you will have to get MS-DOS-compatible source code, patch it, and compile. All this by yourself. It is a big task.