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  1. The sheer fact that the first mapping project I'll ever be working on in BOOM format has all enemies and weapons modified/customized I'd say yeah I really don't mind 'em. The biggest issue when it comes to Vanilla and BOOM format is how limited you are relative to DECORATE. That's also where the charm lies in modifying/customizing the enemies with DeHACKED. How can I make(or download) an enemy look like it belongs in DOOM and behaves like a DOOM monster without upsetting the balance/playstyle people are accustomed to. And how much customization can I actually do with DeHACKED (Vanilla being the hardest). When I first released a DEMO it was quite obvious that changing up the balance of the arsenal and enemies can really turn off players or really make them thirst for a proper map pack with them in habitats and shit so it's a tightrope scenario for the modder. The enemies were simply too brutal (yes even by themselves) and projectiles were almost all moving at the highest speed they could go and basically had the smack of a Revenant Missile. Don't ask me what I was thinking upon releasing this demo considering these enemies balanced. Even the melee only enemies were bastards. As cliche as it is I think D4V is one of the best examples of what you can really pull off with Vanilla DOOM (The sheer fact that you can play it with any vanilla pWAD with balance generally in tact is an amazing feat). The blood that stays on the ground shortly is always nice(even though I've actually done this myself without realizing other people have done it and I actually took it a step further and created different blood pools depending on damage output). Weapons are obviously harder to make standout with DeHACKED although you can actually make pseudo land mines, and a dispersion weapon that are noticeably different from your Vanilla/BOOM arsenal. Probably some other stuff too, but who knows. Doomkid also comes to mind for what I think is a healthy dose of dehackery and sprite changes.
  2. Mr. LBN

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    OVERBUFFED (Austinado Edition) MAP01-MAP06 - PrBOOM-Plus - DOOM II.wad - Ultra Violence (ONLY) - BOOM Compatibility - Pistol Start or Continuous playthrough (Balanced for pistol start) - Difficulty : OVERBUFFED!  These are the maps I need tested please. OBAustinado.zip
  3. Mr. LBN

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It something I literally couldn't wrap my brain around until I accidentally discovered that you didn't have to be in that specific sector to wake up monsters outside the map. When I actually think about it I feel slow because you're literally joining together sectors.
  4. Mr. LBN

    Things about Doom you just found out

    When you join a sector with a teleporting monster sector trap outside the map you don't actually have to be on the internal sector to wake up the monsters with a gunshot. It operates as if the outside sector can hear what the internal sector can hear.
  5. Mr. LBN

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    9th MAP for my first project entitled OVERBUFF'D (BOOM Compatible). This is my first map where the aesthetic is kinda neat/catchy. It operates like a bootleg invasion map and you have two turrets that are teammate like (They'll still kill you if you shoot them enough, but will never attack you outright).
  6. Mr. LBN

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    OVERBUFFED v2 - PrBOOM-Plus - DOOM II.wad - Ultra Violence (ONLY) - 9 MAP DEMO (Aiming towards 15 MAPS total) - BOOM Compatibility - Pistol Start or Continuous playthrough (Balanced for pistol start) - Difficulty : OVERBUFFED! If you ARE NOT Austinado please refrain from downloading the attachment file unless curiosity really gets to you. OVERBUFFED.zip
  7. Mr. LBN

    Does anyone else hate hot-starts?

    Welp. You'd hate me as a novice mapper if you hate hot starts. I recently just went back and tested my first mapset entitled OverBuffed I'm working on and every single level is a hot-start (yes even MAP01 although it's just one enemy walking at you). Never really thought that people didn't like it this much, but I'm a pistol start player/mapper so it is assumed that you're at least starting with 100% health and 150 rounds. One of the first times I posted a map here which is currently in the MAP03 slot I got a fair amount of complaints in that you quite literally die once you start and that the enemies were extremely overpowered which is kinda funny since you're supposed to be doomguy. Did a total overhaul of the enemies via dehackED and redid the map 3x over. I will never not do hot starts and since I'll be working on map08, it's just going to get more frustrating.
  8. Mr. LBN

    What enemies can you make with dehacked.

    All of this is behavior is possible in Vanilla DOOM although I'm not sure if you can condense this all in one .deh file (the only issue).
  9. Mr. LBN

    What enemies can you make with dehacked.

    Does BOOM (Complevel 9) dehacked mods count for this thread or just vanilla only?
  10. Mr. LBN

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/is4evls2zr8paoe/OB.zip/file Let me know when you start to stream so I can join along!
  11. Mr. LBN

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    I have taken into consideration the advice I got during the stream from you and the viewers and have dehackED some of the enemies to be more balanced. Ammunition should be less of an issue now as well, but I did also design these maps where you have to knife the zombies at least to conserve ammo since they're they only enemies you can properly knife without outright killing you although from what I've seen they still could easily kill you. I've also buffed the shotgun and supershotgun (but you obviously didn't find it during playtesting). If you'd like to re-stream/test the maps/gameplay again, please let me know and I'll send you the link. I also really appreciate you doing a live stream as I would've never figured out what to do without proper feedback.
  12. Mr. LBN

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    I didn't get too much feedback and was hoping you'd give this frustrating pWAD a shot? There's only one difficulty setting which is Ultra-Violent and it's so far 7 maps total. They're very challenging and frustrating so if you don't make it too far without quitting I understand.
  13. It doesn't allow me to save once I change the colors. Thank you for your help anyway.
  14. Got it to work! The only problem I'm having now is finding a color map that matches with the mud/slime texture. Do I have to create one or is there one I could extract from a certain pWAD?