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  1. Mr. LBN

    Favorite shooter after 2000?

    Why can you never play it again? This sounds like me after I was forced to retire from that game during a competitive season.
  2. Mr. LBN

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    These layouts look really comfortable and neat. Something charming about 'em.
  3. Mr. LBN

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    GRASS GRUMP LOBBY (Re-Work) What this means is that the entire wad needs to be redone from the ground up...We have all year for this project but still...Having to start over for the 3rd time because I'm not satisfied with the overall quality leads to some frustration with high points. This is basically the opening lobby level to the first Zone: Grass Grump and each ZONE will have its own personal lobby corresponding to its theme.
  4. Sourceport(s): Prboom-Plus UMAPINFO Edition, DSDA-DOOM, Chocolate-DOOM Difficulty: Plutonia, Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Early Sunder (Ultra Violence) MAPs: Preferably 1-10 depending upon length (i.e One map shouldn't take longer than 15-20min preferably) Playtesting Style: Video & Commentary (Save only if necessary or depending on map length) Why this thread? Because I ultimately prefer this type of feedback for my own work and since I've only ever gotten written comments, and no demos I felt left in the dark here, and giving gameplay and commentary gives mappers a better understanding of how their map works from a blind perspective. This is to also help myself get better at commentary and gameplay videos so I help you out, and you indirectly help me out. Goal of this thread: Upload at least 2-3x a week Keep it updated all year Indirectly advertise my own pWAD (shameless advertisement) Communicate with the Community Complete a request ASAP to not keep mappers in the dark It's best if you just post your request here, or if you prefer some privacy just shoot me a PM with a direct link to your pWAD.
  5. Well I was thinking something along the lines of some kinda bootleg CD with some interesting custom mapset(s) on it, not the actual quality of shoverlware CD's (since I have no idea about the DOOM content on those CD's). Maybe I misunderstood the OP, but FAVA BEANS is a very good E1 replacement for its time, and it would've been cool to see it in some bargain bin or some bootleg bin for DOOM.
  6. Mr. LBN

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Is there any possible way you can crop the statue, and import it into your pWAD as a sprite replacement?
  7. Mr. LBN

    What is your most heated gaming moment in doom?

    Over a decade ago on an old profile doing a UV-Max run. I remember specifically breaking my mouse, and probably dented the chassis of my laptop or monitor or something. It's a fuzzy memory, but I definitely remember posting about it, and was told something is wrong if you're getting that frustrated with something you're supposed to enjoy.
  8. Mr. LBN

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Woah... Woah... Woah... This architecture and texture scheme is something else!
  9. Mr. LBN

    Custom level name looks weird

    As ViolentBeetle said: You most likely converted to the wrong palette. 1. Try re-importing the Custom Level Name Image to your pWAD. 2. Right click the file, and select "graphic", then "convert to". 3. When the Window pops up you should see at the top "Convert to:" and a drop down rectangle. Change that to DOOM GFX (Paletted). 4. Make sure both "Current Graphic" & "Converted Graphic" both have "DOOM" selected (this is found directly under the images). 5. Profit!
  10. Mr. LBN

    How do you fell about Doom RNG?

    Since what is bolded is the case then they should've left it on enemy, weapon, and audio, not damage output. When I mentioned disabling RNG I should've been specific about it disabling RNG damage spread (i.e. taking 4 rockets to kill a Manc instead of 3, the obvious Revenant rocket). I'm pretty biased too since I used to be a small time UV-Max speedrunner so there are times where damage RNG could be the deciding factor in getting a better run over someone especially if there's a berserk pack.
  11. Mr. LBN

    How do you fell about Doom RNG?

    Should've had the option to toggle it on or of via command line. You balance in accordance with original RNG damage output n shit when typing -norng so as to not be wildly unbalanced. When you think about it, why wasn't something like this coded into the game itself?
  12. Moonlit District (Complevel 2 or Vanilla) UV-Max Pack: MAP01 in 1:56 MAP02 in 1:50 MAP03 in 1:59 MAP04 in 2:06 MAP05 in 3:12 MAP06 in 3:54 MAP07 in 3:42  Moonlit District_RC2 (UV-Max Pack).zip