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  1. Nemesisxp

    How do you view video games?

    I view games as a form of entertainment, a hobby, a sport, and a possible source of income, like getting paid to develop a game, or being at that pro level.
  2. Nemesisxp

    What do you eat?

    I don't mind some good slices of pizza or a whole pie
  3. Nemesisxp

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Is it cool with you if I hit you up?
  4. Nemesisxp

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Killing Floor 2 I could sure use some homeboys though.
  5. Nemesisxp

    What do you think comes after death?

    The Astral plane's await me in my afterlife
  6. Nemesisxp

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm left handed
  7. Nemesisxp

    Story Time

    I took the time to write down a man's experience about the past. Based on true events. I listened as he spoke, and I wrote it down, and am posting it here. This is his story. "I was in charge of a clan. We played for several years, and consisted mainly of close friends. However, at one point, some people left and I needed to find some more people. So I went on a surf map and asked If anyone wants to join a clan, and Beta Killer replied. Lovely Beta Killer, he was like 12 at the time or something. He was really young, but he sounded terrifying. He talked mumble onto the mic and occasionally swear, and whenever we lost a clan match, he'd attack the other players. Oh, the amount of trouble he got us into, but we loved him so much. He was the one loyal player we had until the end. I wonder what happened to him? Anyway, It all started off with Tommy TTK's older brother, he was super pro at Unreal Tournament. He setup a small Counter-Strike Source clan, and Tommy TTK and all of his friends, including me, joined. We weren't that good, but we had fun. We would play on the ClanBase ladders. They were small, and looked down on by other leagues, but we enjoyed the games, and there was one clan that dominated the rest. It was known as team lycanthropy. One of the players, named Toku, uploaded demos of all of the matches. I loved watching those videos. I'd analyzed every kill he made, and promised myself that one day, I would be as good as he was. I didn't stalk him, but I did add him to MSN, and I followed all of his games, tried joining games when he was in them, and generally followed him about the place, and painted pictures of him. The first conversations I had with him were really nice, he was a nice guy. Though it wasn't long before he tried to get away from me. People in the clan would joke that I loved him, and stuff like that, but it wasn't like that. It was just pure admiration for him. I started to pretend to be him in games. Start wearing makeup. Anyway, I'm telling you all this because he was amazing. I once managed to get onto a game with him, it was an aim map, and everybody was accusing him of hacking. Now you know like people accuse you occasionally of hacking, every server he went on, people said he hacked. He didn't. He later joined team Logitech, but he left soon after because he must have just been too good for everybody else. I don't know what happened after that. Long story short, I once managed to break into one of the matches he was playing in, and shot him in the face with a glock. I'm a very nostalgic person, especially about my Counter-Strike days. 2005 was pretty much the end of school for me, and JD was a group of friends who played Counter-Strike. Now, I started playing the game because Half-Life 2 Deathmatch got too easy. But in short, I play Counter-Strike for a challenge, and it was great fun. I don't even remember how we got all our members now, but we did. In 2005, the original Counter-Strike still had a big following, and you can almost feel it. You can tell that there were these pros who had been playing for 5 years, but it was a game that we stayed well clear of. A bit like how people stay clear of Counter-Strike Source today. Tom's brother lead us by the hand through the ladders. He had had experience from the years before in Unreal Tournament and knew how things worked, and he got us off to a good start, and got a server, and everything like that. It was exciting, our very own server. Wow. Now I've talked about our team mate Beta Killer, and how I stalked Toku for awhile, but so many other things happened as well. It was a genuinely brilliant time of our lives. We were unstoppable. It was probably because everybody else was playing the game at about 15 frames a second, but we dominated everything. Apart from the ladders, that was difficult, but publicly,... now that's all that mattered. However, problems began to arise. Tom and his brother began to go afk. I tried commanding the team for awhile, but I didn't have full access to the server or teamspeak, which made it difficult when people tried to take it over. In clan matches, we win against people who would then claim that they won and we get into these petty arguments that would go on for months. One person managed to get the number one place in the UK, and was too scared to play against us, so they kept on recommending that we played them, next year. We were childish at the time, but everybody else, oh my god. In school we had a rival clan that we fought against. It was like gang warfare, but really nerdy. They were called the KK. As much as we loathed each other, we kind of enjoyed it, but sadly, World of Warcraft started claiming our players. It wasn't long before it took over everything. Also, people were having a go at us because there was a famous person named JD and they thought we were copying them, and trying to get to fame with that name. I'd had enough, I rounded up the remaining players in JD and discussed a new clan. None of us could agree on a name, I was always rubbish with names, so instead we came up with the initials, GpX. What did it stand for? No one knew, but it was a mystery that kept the clan together for the next couple of years. In JD, we were just getting started. GpX was the real deal. I have suffered defeat. I've been kicked, and I've been abused. When I'm playing (now) I don't have anyone to moan to. It wasn't always like that, back in the day, we had teamspeak. Well, some of us did, others had ventrilo, there was like a battle between the two. Ventrilo was better, far more functional, had better sound quality, whilst teamspeak made everybody sound like a robot. I preferred teamspeak. At first, we'd find random ones without anybody in, and we take it over until the original owner came back. That was always funny. However, once we got a proper Counter-Strike server, we also got a Teamspeak server thrown in. We were gods. Apart from Beta Killer, the only other person who stayed from the beginning to the very end of Counter-Strike was, Phalanx. Now, he didn't really play the game too well. He was more of the clan's secretary, and he was lovely. He's like the nicest guy I've ever met. It wasn't the same without him, he designed the logos, he even had a database setup for the clan. Don't know what was on there. What a lovely guy, anyways, so back to the teamspeak server itself. At first the only admin was, Tom, and he was boring with it. He wouldn't give it to anybody, or anything because he was afraid that something bad would happen. I was all like, "Nah, it won't, give it to me.", and before he knew it, I had given it to everybody else, and we were all banned from the server by our team mate. Anyway, later on I was in GpX, and I was alot more careful about it. I gave it to my closest friends, and the highest ranking people in the clan, and this guy called, Thinkfast. The very mention of his name strikes terror into the heart of people in the clan. Thinkfast has become a bit of a legend. He was a good player, and his Mum had just died, so we cut him some slack. However, one of my friends came around to my house, and played on my computer, and he started shouting down the teamspeak at him, talking about how he had his mum. Now this, was a kind of recurring joke at the time, for the clan, but he shouldn't have taken it seriously, and he should've noticed it wasn't me, but he didn't, but it wasn't just admin rights to teamspeak he had, oh no, it was also to the game server. He deleted it. Needless to say, he was quickly kicked out of the clan, and fortunately Tom had a backup of the entire server, which he reuploaded. Yeah, I know, he's good like that. Ah, like all great super villains, he swore he would get revenge, and left a load of insulting comments before leaving on teamspeak. I have friends who play Counter-Strike, but I get frustrated, cause I was better than them. I'd play harder, and longer, but ultimately I wanted to get better at the game. Things with my friends started so well. But it was time we went our separate ways. I was getting angry, and frustrated when I lost because of them, and they were annoyed that I only ever played competitively. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I was on teamspeak with someone called Dylan. He was someone several years below us in school. I never got on with him, I didn't really like him. My friends on the other hand, did. One time when I was playing Counter-Strike, he went on the teamspeak server and started playing music in the background to annoy me. I shouted some abuse at him, he got all the voice samples, and gave it to my friends. I didn't see it as a joke, and got very angry. In fact, it was the first time in my life I felt proper anger. I felt betrayed. I was the one trying to keep the clan together. I was getting clan matches that people didn't turn up to. I had all the problems with the server, and yet people would just make fun of me. It was time for an adventure. For awhile I joined Us3, it was a clan at the top of the ladders at the time, and it had that air of mystery because it was so high up. However, I joined it, and realized that I was actually better than all of them. It's just that they worked together as a team. I was young at the time, and quite scared of other people, so I left again. I was a bit of a loner. My friends would all play on Office with 40 people fighting it out. It never appealed to me. I would go on IRC, and find random mixes. I never made any friends, and I didn't want to. I just wanted to get better. Eventually I realized that that meant joining a clan. Of course, I was also in GpX at the time. It's always awkward when you're in two at the same time because you join a clan match, and you got the wrong tag on, and everyone's like, *surprised* but nothing ever happened for me. I looked on the ladders, and found a clan called, Imageless. Now they, were good. Now in the clan that my friends are in, GpX, we had too many players for one team. It was annoying to play in proper clan matches, and to lose because we had some bad people playing, so we split them out into the good players, and the bad players, but then people didn't like being in team 2, so for awhile we switched it round so team 2 was actually the best one with all the best players. Anyway, Imageless did kind of the same thing. Team 1 was amazing, but it hardly ever played. Team 2 was the one that got the clan's name recognized, and had all the matches. Finally, I can get better. There was just one problem. Kamoura. He was one of their strongest players. He played to win. He was hardcore. He was a good player, but he hated me. I was just this random person who had come along and joined his group, and he didn't like it. Maybe he saw me as a threat. He would rage in games. Every time we started losing, he would blame it on me. It was always my fault, my fault, and I wasn't the bottom of the team most of the time, but I wasn't exactly the highest either. I couldn't believe my ears when he was shouting at me. I was looking at everyone else thinking, "Well, why aren't you standing up for me, he's clearly in the wrong!", but he didn't. He was clearly better established than I was, and then it strucked me. This was revenge for how I treated Dylan, but then again I never team killed someone in a proper league match, or did I? I can't remember. I don't quite know what happened with me in that clan. I think I just slowly faded away. I returned to GpX. I was better, I was wiser, and I had more experience on what was required to run a clan. We did away with GpX. I merged us with the rival school clan, KK. This gave us lots of new members. We were all keened to do well, and Dissolutions was the peak of our Counter-Strike Source success, but that's for next time. As for Dylan, I think he challenged me to a Command-and-Conquer 3 match at some point. He won, and I never heard of him again. I guess that was good closure for him. So, yeah, I can't stay mad at these angry players because inside, I'm one of them. I'm competitive, and I'm not very nice. What people like me experience isn't proper anger, it's just sheer frustration, but we are still fucking annoying to play with." I encourage anyone to have a go at story telling, about telling us what your experiences were like.
  8. Here's mine. OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance (2x8) Motherboard: B350 Tomahawk Monitor: LG Flatron W2486L GPU: 4GB (ATI) Radeon RX 470 Storage: 2 TB Hitachi, 476 GB SanDisk Audio: Gigabyte GP-S4600, (AMD) High Definition Audio; HUHD HW-3985 (2.4Ghz Wireless headset) Keyboard & Mouse: Logitech G105; (DLAND) Zelotes T-80 Big Mac Mousepad: steelseries QcK Mass Gaming - Black
  9. Nemesisxp

    Lack of framerate for GZDoom (solved)

    Love it. It was a gift, but I'm not complaining. When it comes to mousepads, I'm up for anything.
  10. Nemesisxp

    Lack of framerate for GZDoom (solved)

    Your comment made my day. Thanks for helping out a brother. You have yourself a good day.