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  1. DizzyDude

    Dr. Sleep was the best mapper.

    Yeah, agree to disagree. I most certainly wouldn't put him (or Klie and Mustaine) anywhere in my top 10 of all time. I noticed Sleep get mention quite a bit even now (which is why I feel Sleep's in the overrated camp), but I've never seen what was so special about him. There's been various wads and mappers that have come out over the years that I vastly prefer to any of his works. I think you said in and recent old post on this forum why people still like the old doom 1 and 2 maps, and you said nostalgia, and I agree with that. I also think the same thing for Sleep. I think they got famous because iD decided to put their maps in "Master Levels of Doom" It's good, but a huge step down compared to Plutonia which came out less than a half year later, which to me was amazing. If it wasn't for the master levels, I really don't think anyone would talk about them today.
  2. DizzyDude

    Dr. Sleep was the best mapper.

    I view them the same as I do Dr Sleep, they made good maps, but there's noting that really sticks out to me and makes me go "wow!" Not to troll these guys, but I just feel like they get highly praised even today because they were there at the start.
  3. No idea. Never cared for it to be honest.
  4. DizzyDude

    Dr. Sleep was the best mapper.

    He's good, but always found him to be overrated. Even back then I felt his maps were nothing all that special. There's nothing in his maps that make me go "wow, holy shit" So yeah, think he's overrated and forgettable. If he wasn't there at the start, I don't think anyone would be talking about him today. I think the Casilo brothers made way better maps in that era. People have mentioned Jim Flynn in this thread, and even his map stick out due to there puzzly elements moreso than anything Dr Sleep ever did. Playing The Interdiction Zone back in 95 was most certainly "wow" for me, and showed what others could do with Doom level design.