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  1. sethsez

    Physics Phun.

    Philisophical ego? I said it's a pointless question and I still think it is. However, to answer it honestly, I'd probably find Doom 3 a bit more enjoyable if neither game had decent physics models (without any physics at all, both games would be unplayable), simply because so many of the things I enjoy in the game (some of the puzzles, the vehicles, the gravity gun) would be ruined, and they're an integral part of the game. And like I also said, if both games had crappy lighting models I'd enjoy Half-Life 2 more since so much of Doom 3's appeal lies with its atmosphere, and so much of THAT is dependant on the amazing lighting. Half-Life 2 has better physics. Doom 3 has more impressive lighting. Half-Life 2 does wide-open areas brilliantly. Doom 3 does small, enclosed areas brilliantly. Half-Life 2 throws everything it can at the player and most of it sticks. Doom 3 takes one theme and gets a huge amount of milage out of it. Both games do a damn good job of using their strong points to the fullest. Beyond that, who cares? As they exist now, I think they're both fantastic games and I love 'em equally.
  2. sethsez

    Physics Phun.

    Late to the party, but what's the point of saying "if [game x] didn't have [notable feature] then it wouldn't be nearly as good"? It's pointless because the game does have that feature, so there's no reason to ignore it. I could just as easily say "Doom 3 wouldn't look nearly as good without the bump mapping and shadows" but hey, it has those features, so it's an empty statement (or, for another more absurd example, "a Ferrari doesn't go fast at all if you remove the engine"). I'd also like to say that I enjoy Half-Life 2 for its atmosphere, level design/progression, overall style, attention to detail, and fantastic scripting. It takes what the original Half-Life did to a much, much greater height, and even though the physics are impressive they're far from the only impressive thing about it. As a matter of fact, I enjoy it for the exact same reasons I enjoy Doom 3... even though they're very different games with very different goals, they achieve those goals with similar means. WITH THAT SAID (and keeping in mind that I also love Doom 3, because why else would I be here?): For some reason, the weirdest physics glitches I've seen all involve doors in some way. They just don't like dead bodies.
  3. I can't speak for him, but I bought the Xbox version because I heard the levels had been significantly altered to allow for much faster gameplay, and that turned out to be the case. In the future, when I feel like playing Doom 3 I'll be loading up the Xbox version even though I have a PC more than capable of running it just because I vastly prefer the quicker pace. I always felt that the PC version felt more like Quake than Doom, and the Xbox fixes this for me. Obviously, if someone plays the game for the atmosphere or the graphics, the PC version will be superior. It definitely has more pronounced shadows, and the added stretches of nothing do make it creepier (in the beginning, anyway). But if you're looking for an action game, the Xbox has a quicker pace, the brightness has been turned up a bit (which means less switching to and from the flashlight, assuming you don't use a mod for it on the PC), and although I can't confirm it yet, it does feel like there are a few more enemies here and there as well. To me, it feels more like Doom should feel. Edit: Oh, and Doom and Doom II look exactly like they always have on the PC, resolution and all. I don't get the SNES comparison... they look far, far better than that port. The only issue is a bizarre bug in Ultimate Doom that only shows the first sky for every episode, which admittedly kills a lot of the atmosphere of Inferno for me. This issue doesn't seem to show up in Doom II, though, and for me they're the best playing console ports of these games yet. It's not worth $10 if you already own them in some form (like I'd hope everyone here already does) but for people who don't it's a great bonus.
  4. Eh, I like it. It plays different enough that I don't regret buying it, anyway. I could go on a long tirade about the differences and such, but I'd rather just sum it up with "PC version is a superior horror game, Xbox version is a superior action game."
  5. sethsez

    Games similar to Doom3

    Which has no bearing on Doom 3.
  6. sethsez

    DOOM 3.2 !

    Personally, I think there should be a mod that re-integrates Trent Reznor's sounds for this game. And I'd like to see a mod that makes the monsters colored more like the Doom and Doom 2 versions. *watches deathbringer twitch*
  7. sethsez

    Doom 3 Too Repetitive

    You mean, like sitting around telling people that you don't like complaining because you've got better things to do? I kid, I kid. :)
  8. sethsez

    Doom 3 Too Repetitive

    My problem with Doom 3 is that it combines the pace of modern FPS (a couple enemies at a time, slow walking speed, an attempt to tell a story which requires thematically sensible levels, etc) with the simplicity of an old school shooter. This mix, for me, just doesn't work. Painkiller and Serious Sam are both good examples of games that played similar to the original Doom games, especially Serious Sam. Fast paced, HUGELY varied environments (mostly in SE, though), and level designs that switched between close range and battlefield-esque constantly. Doom 3, on the other hand, feels like one level repeated many times over the course of an entire game. It's one of the reasons the Hell level is so awesome... not just because of the design, but because it's FINALLY something new. And I miss having to fight hordes of enemies. To me, this is not Doom all prettied up. It's Quake all prettied up. It shares most of the problems that Quake's single player had, but it has such an incredible layer of gloss over it that I have to admit it took me a while to see it. And obviously, IMO, YMMV, etc, etc...
  9. sethsez

    Barista 2 Released

    So um... yeah... What the hell was that?
  10. sethsez

    Doom Nostalgia

    Overall, Doom 3 really felt like Doom 64 to me, just in the overall mood.
  11. sethsez

    What would you like to see in a D3 Mission Pack

    No more UAC bases. PLEASE. It was almost overkill in this, but an expansion that had another UAC base to explore would be overkill. Oh, and what Ling said.
  12. The demon will always and forever be Pinky to me.
  13. I'm not talking about any additional WADs or anything, so no Alien Vendetta or such. Just the Doom games played as-is. So, what's your favorite for single player? Personally, I can't get enough of Doom 64... I absolutely love the atmosphere and the level design is constantly high quality. Right after that is Doom 3, with the original Doom trailing VERY close behind. Doom 2 comes in last due to the sometimes awful level design. If I was including all available WADs for each game this list would be very different, but I'm not, so meh. Oh, and I really haven't played either of the Final Doom WADs enough to judge them well, but I'd most likely put them above Doom 2 and below everything else.
  14. sethsez

    Smash TV?

    Big Money! Big Prizes! I love it! Yeah, he definitely has a resemblance to Mutoid Man.
  15. sethsez

    Everyone Is Doomed August 2005

    If it's being directed by Uwe Boll I'm going to cry.