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  1. I think doomworld is better than other forums because people are more nice to each other and people are more mature with what they say here.
  2. My favorite thing is the level design of doom.
  3. Prboom+ and Gzdoom
  4. It depends on how you use STARTAN2.
  5. Sometimes I IDDQD on low health
  6. These are the best alpha mods I found.
  7. You could probably work on the monster placement, textures, and maybe some of the level design. Other than that, I think it's good. Maybe try out the zdoom map format, there are more things to do in that map format. Could you also upload a more updated version of this wad. I think that would be cool to see.
  8. Scythe by Erik Alm and Kim "Torn" Bach.
  9. Scythe