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  1. Just a quick post to say that I made an update to Visions of Eternity. In order to make the maps playable without mouselook, I changed some secrets in E5M4 that required mouselook. Also did some texture alignment fixes and such. Since /newsstuff doesn't seem to be updated, you'll have to grab the file form my website: https://kotogoto.com/games_doom.php
  2. Awesome, thanks for the review! Since you mention Yomi, Pablo and I released an update for that episode a while ago. Details about the changes can be found here: http://kotogoto.com/article.php?id=103
  3. I released an update to Visions of Eternity, fixing one bug that could make you get stuck in E5M9 as well as a couple of texture alignment fixes and stuff like that. The updated version is available at idgames http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom/Ports/v-z/voe.zip and on my website http://kotogoto.com/games_doom.php
  4. That is definitely a bug worth fixing! I did so and re-uploaded it to my site, and also uploaded the episode to /newstuff now that the server is back online. Thanks for checking out the maps so closely and pointing out bugs!
  5. Wow, that's even more awesome. :-) Looking forward to see them. Thanks again!
  6. That was fun to watch! You really know your way around the map. :-) Thanks a lot for recording and posting!
  7. Oh, I see, haha. :-) This has happened to each of us at some point I guess. And I was wondering all the time what the hell you meant. :-) Thanks again for the detailed review and I hope you'll like the other maps.
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and criticism, even if it seems that some people had expectations that the episode does not (and does not intend to) fulfill. Whoah, thanks a lot for pointing that out! What a stupid bug. X-) I fixed these sectors and uploaded the latest file to my website. Apart from this, I don't intend to do any more bugfixes, unless some really wicked bug comes up. So, if you want to do a demo, go ahead. I'll be glad to watch it. Well, personally, I do use mouselook, but the maps should work well without I guess. I honestly have no idea what you mean by this. Can you elaborate a bit?
  9. Update: The episode has been released! Grab it from here: http://kotogoto.com/games_doom.php Will also upload to /newstuff once that's back up and running. There is also a supplement PDF booklet available on my website with the "story", information and trivia about the development of the episode (warning: contains the map layouts and thus, spoilers). Have fun and let me know what you think! :-)
  10. Thanks a lot, everybody! Glad to hear you liked Yomi, too. :-) There will be five E1 style levels, after that the episode moves toward an E2 and sometimes slightly E3 type of theme, with one level (the former 9th Gate level) in a slightly different style (but still fitting in). I do. :-D I just spent some two hours or so walking through the maps, fixing little things here and there and doing some retexturing. The final touches! So yeah, stay tuned, it will be released in a couple of days. Sorry for the confusion. That word seems to be overused in Doom world. ;-) I chose the title for the episode when I first started it, which was a really long time ago. :-)
  11. Thanks a lot for the kind feedback! Deimos Control Center is an older map, but I still like it a lot (though I think it's too easy). :-) For my latest release, check out "Hatomo Battles the Yomi Demons" for Doom II, an episode I made together with Pablo Dictter. I generally admire the style of the original Doom levels and thus my mapping is heavily inspired by those. I do add details, but I usually don't go over the top with that. :-) Hope you'll like Visions of Eternity! :-)
  12. Edit: The episode has been released! Grab it from here: http://kotogoto.com/games_doom.php There is also a supplement PDF booklet available with the "story", information and trivia about the development of the episode (warning: contains the map layouts and thus, spoilers). - - - - - - - - - - Visions of Eternity is an episode for the Ultimate Doom (via Zdoom) in spirit of the original Doom episodes. It starts off as an episode 1 themed episode, but later the style moves more towards an episode 2 and 3 style. The idea for this episode dates back 15 years or so, so the title actually fits the project. ;-) Fear not though: All maps have been reworked this year and three completely new maps have been created. The episode also contains a map that I originally created for an abandoned community project (The 9th Gate). Special attention was put into enemy balance and (mainly in the newer maps) open levels that allow for multiple ways through the maps. To be released very soon! And by "very soon" I mean within one week or so. Here's a ton of screenshots to get you excited (or not): More screenshots here: http://kotogoto.com/games_doom.php
  13. TobyM

    Outer the Darkness and into the Night

    Might be worth considering. :-) Thanks!
  14. TobyM

    Outer the Darkness and into the Night

    In my humble opinion it would have been better to release what we had done as one package, even without a boss map (which is what I am going to do with Visions of Eternity btw. Some day, more or less soon). Releasing these maps on their own is not as fun as the full thing. But I've been dumb enough not to intervene when the idea came up... :-( And since my map happens to contain the darned secret level exit that requires some thorough exploring, I could either take it out (thus removing half the fun playing the map) or create a secret map, which would probably never happen. I have no idea about what I'm going to do with my map. Still, Varun's map is simply great, as with all the other levels we had done.
  15. TobyM

    M√ľnch Returns

    Problems with my name, huh? (-: Umlauts? Hehehe.