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  1. Manik999

    What do your parents think of Doomworld?

    Funny things to say/do if you get accused of being the next Eric or Dylan: Change the Doom desktop icon to MYSCHOOL.WAD(works better if it's actually the name of your school) "The kids at school say killing myself would be much more cost-efficient." "Well, I really wouldn't be able to rack up the numbers unless I get the Plasma Cannon in the principal's office and then make my way to the Quad-Damage in the janitor's closet." "It's a harmless release for my tension and angst. But if you'd rather I kept that bottled up..." "You're right. I should get on out and socialize. I wonder what kinds of drugs my friends are using this week..." Put on your parents' Phil Collins albums and start moshing to them. Tell then you tried to talk to a priest, teacher, or counselor for a positive role model, but you couldn't find one who didn't want to have sex with you. More to come...
  2. Manik999

    Who they resemble

    Look, I took the earliest post on the board and moved it right back up. I'm such a ham!
  3. Manik999

    What do your parents think of Doomworld?

    My dad thought Doom was pretty cool when it came out. He's always been a computer geek like me(although he's just an internet junkie) so we bought a brand-spankin' new 486 DX100 so I could play it. Although there were times when he'd get on my case about it, like, "What are you doing on the computer? Have you been on all night? You have to be at school in thirty minutes! You better not be sleeping during class. Do I have to tell you what happens if you fail your classes one more time?" Man, what a two-faced bastard.
  4. Manik999

    please help

    Umm... did you look through this site? Especially in the Source Port and Utilities sections? Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure this feature was available for a while now. Since Doom was first available on a BBS, it would only make sense. But alas, I'm only here to point you in the right direction. Because I really don't feel like looking for you.
  5. Manik999

    Doom2/Quake going portable!

    There's been news on Doomworld a short while ago about Doom2 coming to the Gameboy Advance. This has spurned something in me to look at the GBA's capability in the 3D area. The fruits of my findings include a small website(agbgames.com) which presents a few 3D engines specifically for the GBA. Their crowning achievement is the recreation of Quake's Portal level. It hasn't got the scrolling sky or the swelling lava, but it definitely has the slopes and platforms and the true 3D architecture(I mean the engine). No word yet on if it supports 3D models, but I'm sure it's in progress. Browsing around, you'll find other incarnations of the engine, such as an advanced Doom engine, a Carmageddon-type landscape engine, and another one with polygon cars running around(gee, I wonder which game they were hoping to license THAT to). The engine, unfortunately, features the stretched pixels that the first Doom had. It effectively cuts the rendering area in half, resulting in higher FPS. Doesn't seem too bad, since now it's running full-screen and may feature a masked HUD(as opposed to a status bar). And if that weren't enough, they also offer Windows-native development software with its own compilers. I'm still waiting on a reply about how much it'll cost, but I'm sure it won't be cheap. All this makes me wonder why Sony isn't incorporating their MiniDisc technology into a true 3D handheld. They'd better get on this train before they miss it...
  6. Manik999


    When my older sister graduated high school, she got a car. When my older brother graduated high school, he got a car. When I graduated high school, I got a steak dinner.
  7. Manik999

    64 bit processors

    Speaking of which, how's the Doom2D game coming along?
  8. Manik999

    A mod I was thinking of...

    OK, we already have ONE Counter-Strike in the online community. I don't need any more 1337 H4><0|2Z taking up my bandwidth trying out the new wallhack they just downloaded. What would be a good idea, though, is for someone to make a co-op mod(if id doesn't end up doing this). Take svencoop.com for example. They took a strictly single-player game(HL) and converted it into a cooperative experience. Now, every once in a while they come across a monster-dancing bug, but for all purposes the mod works perfectly. They're even modifying the original levels to support multiplayer(although I'm sure they'd come across some pitfalls). If someone creates a single-player mod you can bet I'll play it. Besides-- even if the original levels provide too much of a hassle to convert, we can always make our own to support it. Ah... brings me back to the days of my friend Dave and I trying to take down Cybie with our bare hands... MEMORIEEEEEEES...
  9. Manik999

    Secret Levels?

    Well, with there being word of a terminal system with its own operating system, maybe there'll be a way to hack into the system, browse the server's files, and find an executable version of Doom in it.
  10. I read an interesting Canadian article describing the many different ways in which America has rushed to the aid of many European and Asian countries in distress, only to be rewarded by being swindled and leered at on their city streets. They go into much detail about Italy and France, and of course the Middle East. I read another interesting article which suggested we salvage the remaining scrap metal from the WTC and construct it into a huge fist with middle finger raised toward Afghanistan. Reading is FUNdamental.
  11. Manik999

    Anyone planning a D3-D1 port?

    In reply to your first point: I welcome it with open arms. Half-Life's customizability has saturated the market with mods that really don't have anything fantastic to offer, save for some badly made maps and godawful models. So rarely does an innovative mod come along that those that are get lost in a sea of feces. Maybe toughening up the qualifications(like oh, I don't know, being able to CODE) would sift out any chance of some mod where the pistol shoots out Flaming Fire Of Killing Death. And as for modeling with actual material... I'm up for that, too. I'm TONS better working with my hands than with Milkshape(err, umm, I mean Maya).
  12. Manik999

    All this talk of in-jokes...

    Everybody important in this forum has an in-joke somehow tied to them. I figured I'd jump in with a few of my own. One of these lucky phrases will be forever remembered as I repeat them to the utter annoyance of the moderators! "My girlfriend left me for Peter Gabriel." "I do believe the drugs have made me super." "Hey, guy." "If I took one wheel off my bike, would it go faster because of less friction?" "I was disqualified from 1337 status when I spelled a word right." "Oral sex is nothing unusual... even your mom does it-- right before she kisses you goodnight." "I had a turtle, but it ran away." "Kirby will kick the hell out of any Pokemon any day." "Psiatica... psiatica... psiatica..." "Didja see? didja see? The doctor and me, didja see?" "Paranoia is a virtue." "I used to worry about the world ending. But then I thought... the aliems wouldn't let that happen to us." "(long silence) I killed a kitten once." "Friends are important to me. Why, if I didn't have friends, I'd be... popular." "You look nice today. Is that a new shirt?" "Dissecting lesser people's narrow views since 1986." There you have it, people... vote for your favorite... TODAY!
  13. Manik999

    Monster, munitions, items and keys

    Hmm... what would I like to see... Monster-wise, I'd like to see the Cyberdemon(who wouldn't?), except utterly massive. It'd be interesting to see more of his metallic skeleton, as opposed to the half-n-half thing we have now. I'd also like to see a Revenant-type creature that looks even more horrible and twisted. Also, what'd be interesting-- instead of having regular pink demons and spectres-- is if the existing pink demon actually used transparency as a defense mechanism. Imagine slapping some powder into the pinky, and he leaps onto the ceiling. You shine your light up there: nothing. You know he's there, but you don't know where... until he materializes behind you. It'd also be interesting(but annoying if overdone) if they had some kind of parasite creature that would latch onto you and try to burrow into your stomach, and you had to use a melee weapon to get it off. Kind of like those blobs in Duke Nukem. As far as weapons, the standard stuff is fine. Although they could present some realism in the way of only being able to carry a certain number of weapons at a time. That way, you'd have to pick and choose which weapons would be most useful at a given time. Of course, you could always go back for ones you dropped, or hold more with a backpack. But I'd like to see some sort of antimatter or atomic device that spews out a massive energy blast. Drop it on the ground and RUN LIKE HELL. Come back ten seconds later: voila! Red wallpaper!
  14. Manik999

    Will D3's final boss SUCK?

    Can't say I know, Linguica, but I'd be surprised if it were true. FPS's have had the least variety(even rating below fighting games) when it comes to final boss strategy. It's been limited either to the extra-tough guy, or the guy you can't touch who sits conveniently in the middle of an atomic reactor. Maybe we will get our extra-tough guy, but only for the sake of killing him. Maybe the real ending will be in the form of an extra-tough SITUATION that still gets the adrenaline pumping and still gives you the same satisfaction from finding your way out of it.
  15. Manik999

    Anyone planning a D3-D1 port?

    I agree that using an engine just to rehash some levels would be a waste, but I think Deathman's got the right idea. Like "Entryway"... in that third room with the crooked pathway, you can try and imagine what the designer was visualizing. Instead of just the pathway, you could have a genuine-looking atrium-type room with large panes of glass. The floor would look crumbled and completely destroyed, with glowing radiation seeping out of the cracks. And imagine how great "Mt. Erebus" would look if you had the engine to make it look like a genuine wasteland devoid of life. And don't forget "Unholy Cathedral"... with the right textures, you could make it look like a towering, twisted Gothic abomination. Well, that's enough daydreaming. Mmm... pardon me, I have to go get a fresh towel.