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  1. baby's first maps!

    You are a saint - Thanks for catching that! Looks like I had the wrong version of the wad linked on my latest update anyways! (contraboss1.wad instead of contraboss.wad GAHHH!!!!!) Everyone, BOTH links in the OP and later post now reflect the latest version as of 3/14/18. SO sorry for the mix-up, especially if you already tested out the map :(
  2. baby's first maps!

    So, I was messing around with PrBoom+ for a bit and noticed that a lot of things are out of whack, more than usual, with this wad...For instance: -Some of the tagged sectors aren't...uh...working anymore. Like some lifts and doors won't budge now. But, hey, who need's 'em? Doors are dumb anyway... -I'm noticing a lot of texture effects I was going for, such as a grated texture on a upper/lower linedef, don't default their transparency to black anymore. Now it's trying to blend the texture palette into the transparency or something? I dunno, it looks like someone ate the texture then barfed it back onto the walls - an effect I was saving for another map, thank you. -Seemingly randomly clipping sectors and/or HoM on certain flats and textures. I mean, maybe that's on me since I tend to focus on creativity while neglecting map-tidiness sometimes... But I wasn't having ANY of those issues with, say, Zandronum. Which is what I've been using to test this past year, before I knew how much much I was living under a box, as far as DOOM goes. All in all I see the utility in PrBoom+. It certainly makes DOOMing much more convenient as well as appealing to many players. But after running a few of my maps through it, and not including the issues listed above, I feel like it just exposed a lot of the rougher edges of my map designs, and frankly, it's just bumming me out. :( The thought of going back and revamping my maps to fit the gold standard, which apparently is PrBoom+, is really discouraging. Every map I've done was out of spontaneous inspiration, and there was a mood I was in when creating them. I just don't know if my heart is going to be in it if I have to overhaul everything. Then again, I could just be blowing this waaaaaaayy out of proportion and "catastrophizing" the hiccups. That's always a possibility. What do you guys think? Do I need to go back and revamp? Do most players take these sort of wads with a grain of salt?
  3. baby's first maps!

    No worries, glad you liked em! I will say though, that the first 4 maps I was still getting a feel for my own style of level design, but by Map 05 and on I would say those are so far the best ones and also the most fun to play. I think Map 03 is a bit of a slog, and Map 04 needs some more filling out, but this whole wad is still a WIP anyways.
  4. baby's first maps!

    Thanks! It's the best I could muster while clumsily fumbling with the printscreen button while maintaining the right amount of action on screen. Also, if this is an indicator of how behind the times I am when it comes to the DOOM community, I've been playing DOOM for the last 25 years with just the keyboard, and never really grew out of it simply because I feel like the game-play I fell in love with becomes less challenging once I use the mouse like a non-weirdo. This probably isn't totally unheard of, but I mention it because I've been designing these maps with the degree of difficulty in mind if one were not using a mouse, and now I'm worried that it's too easy for the average player that more than likely uses a mouse, because it's 2018 afterall, and OH DEAR LORD WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I AM NOT GOOD WITH COMPUTARS AND NOW MY MEGAHERTZ ARE LEAKING WHAT DO I DO-... In all seriousness, do y'all think I have to worry about such a thing?
  5. baby's first maps!

    Hello, lovelies! It's been a while since I updated anything regarding my wad, but I do have Map 09 completed for now, and should have Map 10 done in about a week. If anyone is still interested, grab yourself an updated wad and readme link! Here's some screenshots of the volcano base! Just be aware that Map 10 is INCOMPLETE and I wouldn't bother with it for now, unless you're honestly interested in what's coming up next. Let me know what you think!
  6. baby's first maps!

    That’s part of the fuel that keeps me inspired to keep making down-to-(hell on)earth maps. I try to recreate what I fell in love with DOOM like I was 8 years old again. I try to make maps that always keep you guessing and expecting traps, but somehow circumvent your predictions anyway. I think that’s why the Cemetery turned out so fantastically!
  7. Cat in Liquid state, requesting evidence to prove hypothesis

    Contributing the data I scrounged up. Looks promising.
  8. Cat in Liquid state, requesting evidence to prove hypothesis

    Youuuuuuuu just made my night..... :3 On a serious side note since there are people out there that miss the point, please do not force your kitty into liquid vessels if they don't already willingly fit in one, especially if its a short hair.
  9. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Nice man! I've been looking for a new wad for my buddy and I, maybe I'll check this out.
  10. baby's first maps!

    Thanks guys! Whenever I map, I always try to keep in mind what I love and despise about other maps. Like, keeping me on my toes by being generous with the traps and triggers, without them being totally obvious or unfair(such as being mindful of cheap hitscan traps and damaging floors). And although at points my maps can get a bit sloggish, I really don’t prefer straight slaughters, as I get easily worn down and then my skills just get bogged down with frustration. My mapping experience mostly stems from toying around with my most familiar iwad, Doom 2, adding monsters and generally anything I can do that made me laugh at my best friend’s plight when he attempted them. It took me a real long time to understand the dynamics between linedefs and sectors, but after 10 years of dicking around and now being inspired to make somewhat balanced maps, it’s really paid off.
  11. baby's first maps!

    Thanks! Just downloaded PrBoom+ and will be taking a look at it this week. I'm really behind the times when it comes to demos, as well as Boom and its variants, among other modern Doom things. So in order to view demos, I would need to run them in PrBoom+, is that correct?
  12. baby's first maps!

    Thanks, man. Ya know, revs coming out of graves and ambushing in mausoleums, chasing you through the cemetery...it just felt so right!
  13. baby's first maps!

    Sure! I'll be honest, I have to familiarize myself with prboom+, but I can't imagine that being too daunting.
  14. baby's first maps!

    Good to know! Thanks! I'll be rectifying this shortly.
  15. baby's first maps!

    Hello all! Obviously, I'm really new to the DW community, but I've been an avid doomer for the past 25 years. This past year, I've been through the wringer and experienced some pretty serious lifestyle changes relating to depression and substance abuse. The reason I mention that is because playing Doom with my best friend and even going as far as making some maps for us to tackle, has been a healthy distraction during my transition. I've only modified my Doom2 IWAD for kicks over the past decade, but this past year with everything going on was my first attempt at making maps of my own. They turned out way better than I ever would have imagined, but obviously have a LOT of room for improvement. I've only been able to get critiquing from my buddy up to this point, so I'm absolutely open to comments and feedback from you guys. I've provided a bunch of screenshots, although I notice its really hard to see since the captures themselves seem to be taken at an even lower gamma correction than I expected. Anyways, so here's the wad and readme if any of you are curious or just want to provide some feedback. There are 8 completed maps as of 10/27/17. Keep in mind that this is my first PWAD, and also I'm aware that some things seem kinda sloppy at times, or the flow occasionally gets a bit awkward, but I intend to improve all of this as time goes on. I'm really big on setting a mood for each map, so they're best played without rushing through. The readme clarifies a lot of stuff about the maps, so I highly recommend taking a peek before playing. PWAD: contraboss.wad(temporarily) Map Format: Doom Ports Tested: Zandronum IWAD: DOOM2 Map(s): Map01, Map02, Map03, Map04, Map05, Map06, Map07, Map08, Map09, Map10(INCOMPLETE as of 3/12/2018) Gameplay: Single-player, Co-op Difficulty Settings: Only tested on UV Multiplayer Placement: Yes, 2-players Build Time: Started on 6/6/17 Textures: Various textures from DOOM2, CC4, TNTR, and PL2. Requirements: Jumping/crouching/freelook not required, nor recommended. Please enjoy!(and be nice!)