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  1. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    MAP12 - “Necropolis Under Papa John’s” by RottKing FDA demo on bottom. Watch if you enjoy watching me scramble around the opening fight way longer than I needed to just for extra ammo (and falling into what are practically softlocks because the central slow's grampa slow). Welcome to the masochism tango! Starting off with satyrs is a great way to rankle me, given their odd pathing and stupid fast reaction times. But that's why the starspawn exists, as I eventually realized. Splitting the bruisers and old one between spicy meatballs works quite well, saving ammo for when the tougher stuff comes later on. Boneheads arrive as soon as you lift the shutters, a great flamethrower exercise that whirls you around a panorama view of the map, establishing the stakes. Your position's coveted by projectiles and hitscan fire, so I appreciate the need to get a running start, lop off some of the weaker mobs, and then hop down onto health and armor. From that point onward, the map balances puzzle-y action with a decent amount of exploration, doing a decent job at both. The chainsaw encounter's nasty until you realize there's way to conserve fuel before leaving the revenant platform. Swampcubus can hurt you most as a result of overplaying your revenant strafing, activating him early which sends him down the corridor to harass while you're still killing imps, dogs, and shooters. There's a lot of synergy happening between the layout, enemy placement, and player expectations through which new layers can unravel over an hour or so of play. Another example" the shooter closet taking a smoke break inside the maulotaur pit, just to piss you off! Meanwhile the plasma turret's used to good effect, though it made me pine for an RL later in the map once all but that revolving pest had biffed it. I found a different solution to the first fight with Mayhem 2019's cybie equivalent: run for it! The satyr in the back's easy BBQ, but the slow lift's still far away enough to make for a tricky sprint. There's definitely enough ammo to wipe out the 'taur if you leave the boners alive, so I'm rather pleased that the alternate route works. (Of course, this meant I never stuck around to learn how the switch works; maybe having a nearby visible sector ornament lift down upon using the switch would make this clear ahead of the fight.) RK approach seemed lacking in threat, nary a turret or confining trap to ruin my escape, and the mummies go down easy from before the steps. At this point, the map starts to wind down from its touchy start and mid-point, utilizing space more for comfort and quick movement than tight roadblocks. I'm fine with this approach so long as the map ends conclusively, but that unfortunately isn't the case. Still, the map plays well, has a rocking MIDI I didn't tire of, and brings a sense of humor to the more straightforward maps in this WAD. I appreciate having a challenging but relatively fair map (where I can easily blame myself for each death) after MAP11's business. The visuals are excellent, never overloaded with detail while featuring some of the better, more readable textures in the set. This feeling of exploring a repurposed old edifice, neither a ruin nor a modern installation, helps break the WAD away from more distinctly flat or gothic environs. Exploration has its rewards, such as the east fork accessible at the start with both extra resources and extra pain from the vampire. I hope the final version adds some secrets, though, which are outright missing and would have helped. MAP13 - “Storming the Estate” by WhirledTsar FDA demo on bottom. I had relatively little trouble beating this, which sucks because I didn't realize offing the heresiarch meant exiting earlier than I planned. Like the others, this "funny" MIDI became a nuisance quick, so down went the music volume. In short, what's a classic-style map doing in my new-school Mayhem set?! The idea sounds great, with memories of The Citadel/The Courtyard and other large-home PWAD maps coming to mind. What I played is quite decent, but in need of some help regardless. Lift in the first BK room, for instance, really blended in at first, rather hard to notice in the midst of turrets and dancers ambushing you, driving you forward into the meat locker. Meanwhile, the RL courtyard hits a good balance up top before becoming an annoyance below, with a lack of monster-blocking lines to prevent the satyr from two-shotting you unexpectedly. Visual goofs aside, I wish the secrets added up to more, though it was fun finding them all serendipitous. Definitely make the RK drop a bit less punishing and slow down on doling out ammo in the YK map segment. Winning against Mr. Robes at the end took hardly any thought thanks to my glut of firepower and health. mayhem2019v1-3MAP13--PasokonDeacon-FDA.zip mayhem2019v1-3MAP12--PasokonDeaconFDA.zip MAP14 will take a bit more time, but I've almost figured it out.
  2. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    MAP11 - “Maudlin” by Obsidian FDA demo on bottom. Technically a DNF run, but I figured it'd be a waste to retry when I'd practically reached the exit. Shame about those plasma-skulls fucking your shit up while you have nearly zero cover. So, uh, wow, it's like Richard Wiles and Malcom Sailor challenge maps thrown into a blender (we ought to host witch trial on Obsidian for this necromancy!). I usually appreciate this kind of puzzle map more than prefer it, but there's a lot of rough edges. Perhaps that's the point; perhaps I really dislike that approach, since it makes this the worst starvation grindfest of the mapset so far. Start trap with the satyrs and vile at least give me an obvious ammo-retention puzzle that I love, but everything starting at the major vampire/hitscanner fight gets on my nerves. Before that, systematically dealing with skellies, hitscanners, and the mummy atop the library felt rather good. Some of my issues come down to playstyle here. When dealing with resource starvation, I tend to camp and provoke infighting as much as possible, just in case I get screwed not long after. This really bogged down part of the demo as I worked to herd the mooks into just the right position for me to either have them infight or leave me precious seconds to dash in and pick up some ammo. Having some more ammo drop down next to the player atop the steps would give just enough to make the camping more viable, or to encourage a more confident dash into the basement. Elsewhere, like with the bats, I slowed down in order to use all of the pistol rounds I'd saved up, which just aren't that useful against heavies here. Speaking of heavies, maybe give some more punch to players so we don't have to play Wiles' Crusades right after a relatively fast map? You deal with a ton of mummies, swamp things, viles, turrets, and more, but never get a plasma or SSG to quickly eliminate them. Getting the clever megasphere secret helped a lot, just not as much as, say, a single plasma pick-up before the midpoint would have. RL clearly wasn't enough for me to 'splode even one turret at the end, for that matter. Time, space, and the tools required sometimes are lacking throughout the map progression, such as a chaingun to make bat extermination less of a chore. I'll give kudos for one thing: making the bats, this map's mascot, scary as hell. They're used in great swarms later on in the map, something I got used to over time. They're a key part of the legitimately scary, survival horror-like atmosphere pervading this map, done better than I'd expect from the best official Blood maps. Stark lighting, claustrophobic rooms, nasty stakes later on in the map--together with a good MIDI choice, this aspect of MAP11 appeals the most to me. Knowing I'll need to try every trick I know to save ammo, however, didn't pay off the way I hoped. Outside of the dual vile trap and, of course, the exit assault, the map tapers off a lot after dealing with the first wave of bats, and I had accrued more single-shotty ammo than I could possibly use. The lack of an SSG to deal with the turrets seems suspiciously absent, given all this. More ammo sooner in the run would have helped more than getting a lot of it too late to count. While I love the space reuse, varied setting/layout, and some of the encounters proper, it's dull as a puzzle map and loves the Meat Boy brand of "stay perfect or perish" play too much. Some parts felt downright dickish; I like it when maps give me more bite from time to time, but not when it borders or crosses the line of mean-spirited. Still, there's plenty of time to shape this into a map that, while hard and tense (and spooky!), offers enough wiggle room for comfort. mayhem2019v1-3MAP11--PasokonDeaconFDA.zip
  3. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    MAP08 - “The Rats in the Well” by DMPhobos My FDA attempt ended quite miserably, so I stuck to saves on this one. Let me get my complaint out of the way: there's definitely resource famine in the climactic fight sequence. The amount of fuel given to deal with large, fast, tank-tier globs of enemies in a space this tight feels inadequate. Resorting to the RL for quick kills went both ways, ending me tens of times just from splash damage. Most of my problems revolve around the final batch of enemies, where the lack of space and resources added up to a very frustrating experience (and I've beaten tight slaughtermaps before, so it's not an issue of unfamiliarity). The silent set-up helps out here, though. Even with <50% health (mostly full armor) and practically no fuel, I found a pillar to camp by and spam rockets for a few seconds before the central sector clogged up, giving enough of a window to zip by. It still took more luck than I feel necessary to carve out space just to dodge the skellies and mummies, all while avoiding splash damage. The pressure felt good at first, but devolved into tedium and exasperation at the lack of affordances for players who didn't come into the fight completely topped off. All that said, it's a great map right before that. Your characteristic sector-heavy detail style works well for the texture set and map premise, giving a lot of depth to a deceptively compact series of rooms. I wish more came of the drop into the well, which offered a lot of lighting contrast and mystery compared to the relatively balanced "catacomb" underneath. Secrets were easy to find, but often useful based on their proximity to fights, and the progression felt seamless. The robe mooks, both ethereal and chaingunner-style, have a lot more effective use here, the former haunting secret hunters and the latter introduced as effective punishment for avoiding cover. Mother-arachnorbs seem lost in the shuffle of the final fight, but I look forward to how they're used in other maps. Highlights for me: Initial entrance into the crypt, where a subtle and well-hidden trickle of incidental hitscanners, chainsawmbies, arachnorbs, and skellingtons pour out of alcoves further in before catching you off-guard The chainsawmbie greeting you at the RK steps, anticipating a tricky entrance to the office section with its arachnorb turrets and head-honcho encounter MAP09 - “Baron Loqui’s Summer Resort” by Impie The silent-teleport mechanic stands out well enough, signaled by a suspicious SSG pick-up surrounded by books and candles, but it still led to some confusion and wandering on my end. More obvious differentiation between the manors would have helped a lot, both for clarity and variety outside of different thing set-ups. For example, I had to mess around with the outside switches to learn that a hedge sector had risen in one manor and not the other, delaying my BK grab. Layouts are both fun to mess around in, yet I'm already hankering for a mansion map on par with Blood's, just confined to Boom's limitations and advantages over Build. This was fun for a bit, but just too simple, straightforward, and less imaginative with its teleports than MAP03 or MAP07. FDA DEMO at bottom. MAP10 - “Stony Brook” by A2Rob rdwpa covered the main things to fix, so I'll add that, fun as this one is, it feels both like it's appropriated from a restrictions-based project and a deathmatch map in the making. I really love interconnected, compact maps teeming with closets and machinery hidden in plain sight, but this one lags in pace and suffers from too many lifts. Lots of pillars and outcrops made it too easy and tempting for me to camp, and the abundance of incidental turrets meant little to me outside of modulating ammo use. Chainsawmbie use, however, strikes me as more effective than in the other maps so far. They're expertly used near the start to jolt you into action! Most of the trap set-ups are good. I detest the second half of the BK trap for throwing so many hitscanners at me with practically no cover, forcing me to either use all the medikits in quick succession or potentially restart the map. Something I'd amend: platforming to reach the lift-lower switch in the second arena feels cumbersome, accentuating the issues of using 3-second-delay lifts all over. Yeah, if you get it right the first time, this won't mean much, but reshaping the platforms would help some players cross this easier and feel less frustrated. mayhem2019v1-3MAP09--PasokonDeaconFDA.zip
  4. PasokonDeacon

    Comeuppance: My first short little attempt at mapmaking

    Played through this just a minute ago! Some things worth immediate fixes: Secret sector 243 seems utterly inaccessible, judging by the lack of any linedef special for tag 16 (like a ceiling raise in this case). Floor lamps in the nukage room bleed into the low wall sectors they're placed on top of; shunting them leftward, or simply reshaping the walls, would help. You should only need to use one secret tag for the hidden skull-switch-lower secret, activating when you enter the opposing room which contains the green armor prize. I liked this despite its low difficulty and corridor-based play. There's a nice efficiency to the progression and how you revisit spaces, though I wish the nukage room lifts would have less delay between movement. Some traps are rather good, like the first baron and the final closet with tight room to dodge the manc. (For port compatibility, redesigning the baron room to use something besides ACS shouldn't take too long.) Texturing's clean, the lighting's IWAD-ish in a good way, and it doesn't overstay its simplicity. You definitely need less shoebox-y shapes for each room, and the corridors are generally too long/narrow to offer much of anything, but there's good ideas in here which work nonetheless. I'll say that the plasma secret's way too obvious, even playing with the settings you recommend; consider keeping it while adding a trap monster and changing the weapon out for something less overpowering (chainsaw, for instance). I definitely want to play more of your future maps!
  5. PasokonDeacon

    Mayhem17: The Lost Levels

    Any updates on this? I'm curious to know more since I can never have enough of maps made in the Super Mario World style.
  6. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Wasn't the case at all. Anyway, here's my catch-up. I'll do MAP08 after I sleep. MAP06 - “Chrono” by Worm318 Not a whole lot for me to add onto the other impressions; it's an excellent map, my favorite in the set so far, and one that explores its premise well while integrating seemingly disparate themes with ease. The "watch" design makes for inventive roaming early on, followed by an interlude fronting a tighter, more linear second half that tests your knowledge of interconnections. Adding some teleport re-population towards the end, perhaps once you're atop the checker-tile edifice, would give extra reasons to deplete some rocket fuel. Also, I only found the SSG near the end after clearing the final quadrant, so it felt rather anticlimactic even after realizing how easily I handled my opposition without it. Good job on ammo balance, environment detail/variety, music choice, and mixing straight combat with hot hopping and more! MAP07 - “Mind Screw at the Cemetery Complex” by Redead-ITA, joe-ilya Oof. It's on its way to okay, but choose a less repetitive MIDI and work off the others' criticisms. The start had me hyped enough to record an FDA DEMO!, but I had to resist the temptation to skip onto MAP08 after my first two deaths. Clearing out the baddies in the first graveyard, plus finding a well-placed SSG switch secret, segues well into the opening rooms showing off the map gimmick. Then I got past the second graveyard fight--a bit toothless and cramped by the tombstones, but fun nonetheless--and the dumb began. A mix of weak encounter design and dick-ish traps (orbs and the vile/mummy duo) forced me back to the start repeatedly. The map's linear structure and decision tree makes for a tedious experience; polishing my play for maximum resource conservation became the most fun I could have. I've already voiced my displeasure with the splode-orbs in this WAD, and here's a great example of how not to use them. Both the split-second silent teleport traps and second encounter with the orb spawner later on demonstrate how, with ludicrous speed, you either utterly destroy them or get utterly destroyed. There's practically no telegraph frames for the orbs themselves, plus potential for new spawn to immediately rush at you for the kill before you can react. On the other hand, the first orb spawner dies too quick for you to learn how it works, and you later realize they're pretty worthless at a distance unless concealed or found when you're low on ammo. Here's hoping I eat crow later when someone uses the orbs/spawners well, though it seems like a flawed design on principle without telegraphing. That all said, the map does a lot with its textures already, defying the low sector/line count, and it builds on MAP03 in a convincing, Blood-like manner. Redesigning key parts of the map shouldn't take long, and adding some humorous Doom-cute stuff like an undertaker's office or some kind of preparation room would give this some charm. Still, fix the music please if you're gonna do a cramped, trappy map that takes more time than some might expect. mayhem2019v1-3MAP07FDA-PasokonDeacon.zip
  7. PasokonDeacon

    (Need Muscicians!) Interception II Community Project

    I'm interested in the MAP32 slot and would like to make a bespoke map. This would give me a layout to work on for NaNoWADMo and up to before the project deadline. Let me know if you want to see my solo/collab works; this would be my first whole map for a megawad project.
  8. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    MAP05 - “Orpheus Desu” by Impie | 100% kills, 0% secrets We've gone from claustrophobia to Japanese courtyard picnic. Poisoned surroundings hem you in onto platforms and higher ground while glass cannons hunt you down. Using the Blood textures to make vaguely Asian architecture makes for an inviting contrast, as does that awesome MIDI track. All this space definitely gives you a huge advantage compared to previous maps. Skellies hardly make a dent, the fast imp balls can't compete with your speed across easily undulating hills, and the starspawn in the middle are more or less sitting ducks. I honestly don't mind this, though. It's a fun breather map that still has a couple semi-lethal teleport traps ready to test your concentration. The flamethrower introduction here is quite good, a case where all that running in circles gets you something substantial which you'll use as much as possible. Map does a good job of economizing its space in open air, hurtling you to different parts of the arena when necessary. This one went by fast, but its theme and quick starts make it very memorable. That said, ammo balance is a bit tight. I expended nearly all my reserves until I got to the exit for some extra shells.
  9. PasokonDeacon

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    Doomguy & BFG: Cyb's Inside, Gory This WAD advances the noble cause of de-stigmatizing demonic prostate exams. Clear it now to get your free UAC Intervention Urology Certification!
  10. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Switching the current MAP01 with MAP03, plus adding some continuity to the MAP01 exit leading into Obake's map, would do wonders for setting the tone and theme for this set. Maybe parts of Walter's map could get some sprucing up to make this work best, given how fancy some of the later maps get. MAP04 - “Dull Needle” by NeedHealth Never have I hated chainsawmbies this much before. Their introduction, as dobu points out, needs work. Just the one popping out in front of you, then coming in to dish a lot of damage fast, tells the player all they need for later maps. Half of my deaths in this map happened because of his partner in crime popping right behind you with practically no indication. This feels designed for players who find the blue armor secret, which is one of two well-hidden bonuses that shouldn't feel necessary all of a sudden. (For that matter, the berserk placement feels ineffective since you have enough firepower to easily trounce the cellar mooks before the sector drop cuts you off from health.) It's a good map, my favorite so far thanks to economic traps and a more typical ramp-up progression. Some misalignments on brick textures aside, it showcases the new assets well and has some of the best lighting up until now. Weak use of starspawn and chainsawmbies aside, the centerpiece trap makes the case for caco-pumpkin-phobia, and there's more elevation throughout this layout used for blocking encounters and pacing the experience.
  11. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Switching over to complevel 11 as of this entry: MAP03 - “Entry̷͉͂w̶͍͝ă̶͕y̶̛̥” by Walter Confalonieri | 100% kills, 100% secrets Such a premise really lives and dies on minimalism. The stark silence at the start, both visual and aural, makes for great contrast, followed by a set-piece house of pain. I feel like, as a portal to subsequent themes in the WAD, this does a great job of screwing with your expectations, especially if you don't play many maps with silent teleport tricks. I just wish there was more of a threat level to compensate for the low enemy count, or some environmental puzzles/hazards to break up the pacing. Zipping between other dimensions while moving forward, unimpeded for the most part, started to get monotonous. So while I think the map's just short enough to avoid overdosing on its conceit, there's not a lot of substance here yet. Perhaps play more with the "corrupted realities colliding" theme? That's doable even without UDMF portals. Also, secret placement is very straightforward and predictable, something that disappoints me. It's a decent experiment altogether!
  12. PasokonDeacon

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Worst case, you can always rename it to "Zalgoway" or "Entryzalgo". I'm not sure enough source ports natively support Zalgo text in lumps via UTC-8.
  13. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Easy enough to fix going forward. I also looked in the editor and figured out that MAP02 secret, which works as intended.
  14. PasokonDeacon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    It's been forever since I participated in a Megawad Club. Getting into mapping, for me at least, means doing due diligence. Time to playtest! MAYhem 2019 playthrough settings MAP01 - “Spiteful Hall” by Obake With naught but damaging tang behind you and a spooky scary hallway (or two) ahead, the set starts off at the hop. I like finding the alternate hallway and secret early in succession, but the above posts hold true for me. There's a sloppy mix of mixed encounters all-throughout, with some of the new monsters either making hardly an impression or pissing you off with sudden deaths. Honestly, I can't see myself warming up to invis-o-imps placed in low brightness areas. Spectres at least give you time to react. These guys fire fast enough that you want to read their silhouettes, but often can't before a really strong projectile singes you. Dying unexpectedly from the first of them encouraged to use the other path, which ended up better. It's a decent opener, yet I'd rather boot up Blood and suffer through its opener on Extra Crispy. Threats in that first map at least take time to develop and down you in plain sight. There's definitely some scale to Spiteful Hall at its hub spoke and oddly-designed pew room, but I prefer the room-to-room horseshoe progression from Blood's MAP01. "Scrappy" describes this one well, with how disconnected the immediately accessible areas contrast with the cavern like they got smooshed together. I love how you get an early RL but still have to deal with a trappy SSG placement which discourages firing rockets. Then comes the cavern with its very front-loaded threats, needlessly barricaded skellingtons, and uneventful exit. All that said, I think there's enough room here to spread monster introductions out and improve flow. More space in the early halls to avoid (or even see) monsters, plus converting the warp trap into something more endemic to the setting, would help a lot. Definitely add an earlier green armor, too; I'd put it right at the sector-lower switch for emphasis. MAP02 - “Murskville” by DukeOfDoom Now here's the Extra Crispy Blood I know: endless hitscan hell with brutally tight resources. Maybe add some stimpacks and extra shells to the SG pickup branch? Or how about cover closer to you when the archie trio arrives? It feels a bit like if McGee finished an Ultimate Doom E4 map by Petersen but ended up shoehorning it into a newer FPS. I'm fine with hitscan attrition so long as there's well-spaced cover spots to dash between and the resource needed for tanking. Aside from that, the map feels less spatially intricate than its precursor, with predictable interiors and geometry accompanied by okay-ish fights. The hounds-and-hoods trap toward the end made me run around until I realized the superiority of camping around corners, rather than engaging the enemy like I could with more space and affordances. I found a non-functional secret:
  15. So far I'm planning to make a small classic-style, Boom-compatible Doom II episode I'm calling (Call Me) Deacon Dooms. The plan involves up to 7 maps using the 32 in 24-15: DWANGO Unchained resource pack, but I don't know if that means finishing bare layouts for all the maps, plus some texturing/placement, or a few relatively finished maps plus rough drafts of the rest. I'm also using this period to experiment with GZ Doom Builder Bugfix now that I've used Doom Builder X to understand how many classic tricks/techniques work. Expect some more robust, old-fashioned level designs since I'm still working through my Cacoward backlog (finally got up to Kama Sutra!). You can join through the latter part of October, IIRC. The Discord invite's open!