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  1. PasokonDeacon

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    Definitely count me in! I've got some fun ideas for paying homage to the classic community project.
  2. PasokonDeacon

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    This wasn't in today's Redactle! Guess I'm under oath not to discuss [REDACTED] now.
  3. PasokonDeacon

    Episode 1 is the best DOOM Episode : CHANGE MY MIND!

    This poll would be more effective if you had options for each specific episode, rather than shareware vs. the other three. It's a disservice to those who favor E2, E3, or E4 specifically, but not two or all three of them. I think it's great that we have more replacements for episodes beyond the first these days. That's a sign of greater appreciation for the full Ultimate Doom experience, rather than just the shareware maps as usual. Sandy Petersen the mapper's rehabilitation in these circles has had a big impact, that's for sure. It's at the point where I can't easily choose a "best" set of maps here, as they all succeed at their design goals (usually with a disappointing map or two making the others shine) and it really comes down to which play style, difficulty, & aesthetics you prefer. For instance, I love the messed-up hellbase stylings of E2, but would prefer the elegance & "real place" feel of E1, while E3 and E4 both up the ante with tougher traps & more oppressive atmosphere. Personally, I'd rather look at & discuss the evolution of Doom episode replacements over time, showing how community members have come to understand the original maps' construction/philosophies and how best to iterate on them. DTWiD happened for a reason, after all.
  4. Slot me in for MAP17, please. I've missed out on previous line-restricting sets and have some pretty good ideas for this one.
  5. I think something as simple as "One Hour Mapping", as in "ohm" or Ω, would suit this best and make titlepic creation easier. @NinthBurn You can also use Jimmy's fixed Plutonia resource pack and Foolstonia will load correctly. The original link for that's down, so here's my copy.
  6. PasokonDeacon

    [1.4.1] v64 - Maps with only 64 Vertices

    Sign me up for one of the Space maps, please.
  7. Thank you for the heads up. I'm surprised they still include those help files given how much is provided on the official site, but whatever. CHM help files are such a relic at this point.
  8. PasokonDeacon

    What are your mapping rules?

    There's more hiding in the back of my mind, but it's morning in America and I'm up very early, so: Be consistent. Set a precedent that players can follow, and break a pattern only when it should feel exceptional. Damaging floors can be your friend. Make what you would play. It doesn't have to be your favorite kind of design or experience, just something you would give the time of day. Fun & appreciation come first. Consider how long you'll have on average to play a "small" or "large" map, too. Communicate to the player what kind of Doom map they're about to play. If it's a resource starvation trip, start with nothing and don't suddenly throw items at players. If it's the opposite, resource players generously from the start. This ties into "be consistent". Build logical/thematic transitions between layout and encounters (e.g. combat, puzzles, platforming, etc.). This ranges from basic trim between sides/sectors to larger-scale considerations like the space between setpiece fights. Have a sense of humor. It can be a subtly funny use of IWAD textures, some DoomCute furnishings, or sticking a zombieman at the exit switch just for players to gib. Even the most grim map out there can benefit from this. Doom has an inherent goofiness to it which should be leveraged. Respect the player. Write an easy-to-read text file quickly explaining your creation and intended audience. Be consistent ("keep it simple, stupid"). Don't worry about "mapping sins" or hard rules. All I've suggested so far are guidelines I follow, based on what I like to play, make, and review. If you must worry, then worry about feedback. Family, friends, community members—they'll give you a range of comments & suggestions leading you to a better map in the end. Feedback isn't sacred, but the most successful creators acknowledge and use it to find a compromise between vision and playability. As others have said, map because you enjoy mapping. It's a worthwhile activity in and of itself. Save scrapped ideas, layouts, traps & gimmicks, etc. just in case you can use them later. End results/releases are great and worth striving for, but don't lose sight of your fun.
  9. PasokonDeacon

    What has happened to Roman Numerals In Video Games?

    You lament the perceived loss of Roman numerals in recent game titles I still await the mainstream adoption of hexadecimal numbers in any big new game titles We are not the same
  10. PasokonDeacon

    Phytolithum (1 boom-compatible map)

    FDA, cl9 UV. Pretty good stuff, definitely an improvement over Forethought! I played very sloppy, more than usual, but that only meant a half-hour of playtime vs. the 11 min needed for the successful run. WRT the big AV/rev/spooder trap room, the main issue isn't so much a lack of space to dodge around, though some elevation changes would be nice to change up your movement. It's the lack of LOS-blocking pillars (two 64x64 ones with cornicing would be good) to more fluidly defend against the AV. You did a good job by making it risky to get up close to the AV due to laser fire, as well as adding the rev horde to make RL sniping require more finesse, but only going behind the curved wall or underneath the bloodfall protected me from AV fire. I consistently died at this trap because of this set-up more than from the rev/spider projectiles intercepting me, which felt annoying. It's definitely a difficulty spike vs. the rest of the map, that's for sure. Most of the inner base sections seemed to work as they should, be it the flyer pressure cooker at the green armor or the warp AV. The terraced courtyard trap would have much more going for it if a closet or warp trap opened up simultaneously behind the player to press them into the clearing (add some cover for them if so). At the moment, all the benched monsters just infight with each other so much that the trap's defanged. WRT looks, it's more detailed than the last map I played from you, and more consistently so. The AV cave and cybie labyrinth both felt lacking in this area (plus the tediousness of the latter area, hardly as exciting as Hunted or another classic AV/cyb maze map I've tried). So long as detailing's leveled throughout the map and spent on places the player will actually look at (so not in most hallways), I'm fine with a plainer/less impressive visual style. Keep tuning these encounters! This map reminded me of some Vorpal maps from Alien Vendetta in a good way, just with less over-the-top monster flood-fill. I'd like to see more.
  11. PasokonDeacon

    Preferred Megawad implementation... map count/map size

    Definitely feels like the last option in the pool invalidates the other two. Full immersion entails not thinking too hard about "oh, this set's maps are too long and too few" and vice versa. If it's really that fun and engaging, to the point of becoming a priority, you'll schedule whatever amount of time/space feels right for your enjoyment. What the poll assumes as a norm—32 maps, 30 normal and 2 secret—increasingly isn't a norm because mappers are releasing more variably sized megawads to fit their goals and themes. If I had to make a megawad in the next 31 days, for instance, I'd likely just go for a solid 15 maps with varying length and player commitment (any maps less would make it an episode, though, so 15's the minimum here). Just enough to qualify for the megawad distinction, basically. There's a time for having very distinct maps form an episode, more coherent but undistinctive maps forming a megawad, so on and so forth. At this point I care less about how impressively big an episode or megawad is, more so how much the creator achieves within that format. And I'd expect the same from myself, at least when I'm not just goofing off and releasing the results without big expectations.
  12. PasokonDeacon

    Tell me some mapping sins

    The first and latter "sins" aren't sins at all, not when done right. I've played tons of maps where alternate door sidings are used in line with texture themes and implied functionality. Hell, I've sided doors with PANWOODx tracking quite a few times already and it never felt wrong. As for not using border trim, that's usually only an issue for textures/flats that simply do not transition well from one to another. A lot of generally competent real-life architecture ends up forgoing trim in favor of practicality, and players aren't going to notice a lack of trim so much as inconsistent usage of it or no trim between clashing assets. There's a number of great-looking areas in maps where grass will naturally transition to mossy rock, or something similar, without any height/lighting differences, too. The middle two I can agree with, unless you're intentionally trying to mess with players (meaning the rest of the map's design/aesthetics plays into that also).
  13. PasokonDeacon

    Secret Sewers Base

    FDA, cl2 UV. When I first started this up and gazed upon a fairly barren outer cloister, I immediately thought "they sure do like some '90s maps, huh". And I wasn't disappointed. It's a very solid first map, a bit rocky in places but enjoyable for the most part. The lack of detail isn't a problem here thanks to a great MIDI choice and how quick it is to breeze your way in and out of new areas. It most reminds me of mid-era Innocent Crew maps, sans tricky traps (except for the rev/AV corridor at the end, thank you thank you thank you for giving an RL and just enough ammo), where broad but consistent texturing and lighting/spatial contrasts between areas are enough. Sticking to just one key was smart, given it meant less temptation to have multiple-key grab traps. The build-up definitely took its sweet time, though, what with a largely harmless spectre maze that's only made threatening by the map's main problem: lack of health/armor. It's possible to play cautiously around corners, and hitscan traps aren't too common aside from the RK-gated hallway + SSG room, but not getting even a green armor until 2/3 means that RNG can screw you over a bit too easily. The berserk's only available around that same point, too, and in a very non-secret secret that opens up right at the RK trap in an anticlimactic way. An earlier secret berserk, plus some added medikits at the RK hallway alcoves, would do a lot of good. It's better to give the player some resource leeway while upping the area pressure with more imps/hell knights, unless resource scarcity was the point here (and I don't feel like it was, given it's not a berserk-focused map or anything puzzly). Speaking of pressure, the RK trap would have been more effective if monster closets/warps dropped all around you, rather than from the most inward-facing side you can easily run from. With all those resources you throw at the player in the "secret" closets, it's a shame not to have a more compelling combat scenario. Keep the cacos and PEs, but add in a few revs and HKs (or any monster combo that can keep pace and force your attention during movement) and we'd have a nice little tango. I feel like the starting hall combat worked better just by having some tougher heavies and trickier space to move around, which you can use against them to get infighting going. The final rev/AV scenario was the most conceptually tricky, given your limited rocket ammo and how easily the skellies wall their priests off from direct/blast damage, plus the lack of cover once you move beyond the wall. I took the easier approach and just ran to and from the entry area wall before infighting took out the AVs, but move up those resources guarded by the imps a bit closer and some players might make a run for those first. Overall, this was pretty fun, if somewhat back-loaded. I'd add a tad more shell and rocket ammo for UV, an earlier green armor and secret berserk (really, just spread those RK room resources out across the map rather than for one trap), and swap out the secret soulsphere for a plasma gun (maybe put the soulsphere in the rev/AV trap as bait-and-reward). Curious to see what you make next!
  14. PasokonDeacon

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    It's impressive stuff, and I appreciate the effort required to imbue each texture/thing with lighting properties required for path-tracing as seen here. But I just don't think the end aesthetic fits Doom's classic assets well at all. (Maybe the neural network AI-enhanced assets would fare better here, but that needs a lot of work too.) RTX ports for Quake-based games onward are much more palatable to me just because they aren't having to compensate for the sector-based/diminishing lighting model, instead having something more forward-compatible with modern lighting. As things are right now, Doom RTX just looks too uncanny and halfway between a prototype and fully-realized new look. Part of my dislike is also that, again, this is what gets peoples' eyes back on classic Doom again and not the many excellent maps/mods coming out (that aren't just jokes/memes). It'd be one thing if some new revivalist FPS game hit it big with awesome path-tracing/ray-tracing, properly integrating the lighting engine's elements in with intended looks. But I don't see that with Doom RTX, nor do I think that's the end goal. It's a great tech demo that I see some folks taking as a proper/"definitive" new aesthetic for the game. I doubt Sultim wanted to make this in order to obsolete the classic Doom lighting look anyway, but too many people and press authors conflate tech progress with audiovisual progress at the expense of how something older can still look great.