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  1. PasokonDeacon

    Modest Mapping 2: Wretched Coven - RC1 out now!

    Glad to have participated! I'll be streaming the whole set at some point once I've got all that ready. Working under these limitations really helped me learn how to plan ahead for later maps of this size and high concept.
  2. PasokonDeacon

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    I went AWOL for the previous one, but count me as interested in a Plutonia-themed map. If you haven't heard from me in a week, DM me here and I'll either have something started or will light a fire under my ass to do.
  3. PasokonDeacon

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Some recent works of mine: ASS 47 speedmaps Hellforge Speedmapping Session 10 Munted Cruor Aperitif | WIP Plutonia vanilla map
  4. PasokonDeacon

    Cyberpunk-themed WADs?

    Uplink by @Katamori is a little ditty built with CC4-tex in a unique cyberspace aesthetic. It's a bit rough around the edges, but very much worth a play.
  5. PasokonDeacon

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    Please put me down for a Thy Flesh Consumed map. I'm hankering to do something Ultimate Doom-y with wood, marble, lava, and plenty of eccentricity within a size limit.
  6. I Sawed the Demons is a really fun, varied piece that's genuinely underused in the IWADs, It screams "let's barrel through this strange new realm and do all sorts of things", whether that involves action, puzzling, or encountering something wild. It's got a wicked air to it despite its breeziness, too. I just wish it had a second solo section to add some development since it's one of the shorter tracks. After that, Shawn's Got the Shotgun, Into Sandy's City, Deep Into the Code, and Message for the Archvile are some standouts from the id games. Evilution has some nice stuff for sure. Blood Jungle remains my favorite just for its thumping pace and level of variety/development vs. the other tracks. Sadistic comes close as probably the best full heavy metal track across the IWADs, whereas Prince played into a lighter, less thrashy style for the most part.
  7. PasokonDeacon

    WADs that get progressively easier as they go on.

    Some older sets like Obituary, the -enity WADs from Bjorn Hermanns and Holger Natharath, and The Rebirth greatly favor continuous players, often by denying weapon pickups in a lot of maps which hurts pistol-starters. I can't think of any set released in separate continuous and pistol-start forms, but that'd be an interesting if unpopular concept for a map set. WRT the topic, all I'll add is that puzzle maps like The Given become easier to grok, even as later puzzles get harder, once you've already cleared out the earlier parts.
  8. Those dates sound good. I also have weekends off work now, so I'll be more than ready to join in for my second-ever ASS.
  9. Finally, an add-on that will help Bethesda court that ever important horny demon demographic! Seriously, though, this is a really well-made recreation of impse.wad, especially with the animated vanilla voodoo Doomguy at the end. Definitely a joke WAD highlight of 2020.
  10. PasokonDeacon

    Funniest DOOM bugs thread

    Slime trails are morbidly funny to any mapper who's worked with imperfect node builders. You just sit there, admire the sight, and then move on hoping that streamers won't mercilessly joke about it. The best of us can't help but smile when seeing the engine struggle with certain geometry at certain angles.
  11. Demon pheromones, son! Doom is really just Machiavellian commentary on how fools and sinners of all kinds end up infighting while the universal arc of justice sweeps in, plays them against each other, and leaves naught but corpses in its wake. Or something. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  12. I don't recall there being many "sudden chaingunner" traps in Plutonia. They exist in a few maps spread out across the WAD, the exception being MAP12 which frankly goes overkill with hitscanner hell towards the end. As for archviles resurrecting chaingunners, you're given a sneak peek at that level mechanic right from the opening map, so it's possible to parse the ridiculousness of MAP15's chaingunner setup when you reach it. A bona fide problem might come from how often chaingunners can blend into backgrounds. Red on red can be hard to distinguish at times, and I bet the red/green look of many maps in the middle block can prove troublesome for anyone with red-green color blindness. The fact that chaingunners can snipe you from a distance, often sporadically and without spatial cues, is a good reason to learn better movement tactics and to leap from cover to cover on harder maps.
  13. I've been waiting for a PrBoom+/GLBoom+ compatible resource pack for a while now, so this is good news! The current download gives errors and makes it simply not viable to play the example map in the latest PrBoom+ version (regular and UMAPINFO). Once it's all ready, I'll get to work on my map; my work for The Modest Mapping Challenge 2 is nearly done, so it's quite manageable.
  14. PasokonDeacon

    DB family comparison

    Might be worth adding Zone Builder into the comparison, given its specialized UI and tools made for Sonic Robo Blast 2 development. I'm currently using the latest build of Ultimate Doom Builder, albeit without using many of its fanciest tools and automations. Having the Visplane Explorer plug-in in the base program is very handy though!
  15. PasokonDeacon

    Are there any doom wads/levels that make you feel uncomfortable?

    lilith.pk3 comes to mind immediately. Doom as glitch art with twisted, deformed Bobby Prince tunes? That'll get to ya. It also plays really well at the same time that it subverts many IWAD and user-map tropes.