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  1. Last Ironman isn't done yet - there are still some replays to watch before final scores will be in
  2. Does death exit count toward live count?
  3. Welp... Gonna do a prep run this time... So far i was able to crack map2
  4. Thanks! About the choppines - it was both my connection and family interrupting me most of time. I'm just concerned about showing settings when doing demos - it doesn't really show it on them... I just must make demos in gzdoom - it doesn't lag for me at all
  5. Now quick question - how do i prove, that i am using settings required, when making demo in gzdoom(neither of recommended ports work on my pc for whatever reason)?
  6. If e1m4 slot is free i could try making a map for it
  7. Just download the wad we are doing session on and record yourself play it(UV, boom-strict compatibility, no jumping/crouching/freelook). You can either record it or make a demo out of it
  8. Well, i've made it to e3m6. Here is the proof Run category: 2 [EDIT] I forgot to include times e1 - 40:20 e2 - 48:40 e3 (up to death) - 47:30 Now when i think about it, sticking to the walls near crushers doesn't seem like a good idea
  9. Well... I'm looking forward to this. I'm making one map atm, and i could tag it in here. Also could you post the discord link?