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  1. Melodica

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released!

    @Doomkid Here's a player colored version of the Shotgun Marine Zombie guy I posted a preview of! It still has the grey-ish skin on it, but the armour is player coloured.
  2. Melodica

    Okay then... how many cells for a rocket?

    I say 50 because I just want to be able to pick up that sweet sweet bullet box but i have 388 ammo, and im at 87% health anyway so a stimpack sounds nice.
  3. Melodica

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released!

    Here's some alternate marine sprites I made using the ZSpecOps helmet, and here's a little preview of the sprites. I also have some player colored (no discolored skin and player color armor) versions of these guys if you'd like, as well!
  4. Melodica

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    If id didn't make doom, we would probably have a decent ROTT source port. We could also have ROTT 2, Hell on Los Angeles, the oddly dark lit ROTT 3 and the new ROTT from 2016 that captures the magic of the original while still being its own, and we would all be waiting for ROTT Eternal. I guess we atleast got that 2013 ROTT Reboot but we need more ROTT in general.
  5. Kama Sutra 2: Balls Deep
  6. Melodica

    B.F.G and U.A.C stand for...

    Be Free, Guy Union of very Angry avoCados
  7. Melodica

    More accurate difficulty level names

    1. I just wanna take a nice stroll through hell while eating my food, thank you very much. 2. Im gonna jog through hell, but I'll carry more than enough water for it. 3. Jogging through hell at a decent pace, with just enough water for the trip. 4. I should've brought more water, but it'll be alright as long as I can manage it well. 5. One bottle and sprinting is all I need, I have to go eat dinner by 5! ALTERNATIVE NIGHTMARE EDITION: 5. THE UAC HAS BEEN OVERTAKEN BY DEMONS. ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO SPEEDRUN THROUGH THERE AND KILL BECOME SKIP PAST THE DEMONS?
  8. Melodica

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    Plutonia will always hold a special place in my heart, if only because of the fact that it was the first wad I played through all the way in coop with my cousin and my dad, alongside TNT. It just looks amazing and the difficulty makes for a great/horrible coop experience.
  9. Melodica

    Is The Sound Necessary?

    Personally, sound really helps me tell when to dodge something when in the middle of a fight with multiple monsters and im focusing on one monster specifically while others are firing stuff at me. Probably doesn't work when those other monsters firing stuff at me are hitscanners...
  10. Melodica

    The DecoBot!

    Mmh, this seems definitely interesting. Altho it could definitely have some improvement, mostly in how the strafing is handled to make it look less "jumpy", for lack of a better word. Also im pretty sure the "Voice for..." message should not appear normally and it's kind of annoying anyways. Im also pretty sure you should give credit to the guy that started this project originally over at the zandro forums.
  11. Melodica

    Worst Doom Level

    Those hating on The Chasm are heretics. It's objectively the most chasm-esque map on Doom 2, with only The Pit coming close but that's just a pit. My personal pick for the worst level is MAP16: Suburbs. That ain't no suburb and it's kind of garish to look at, with it's giant level envolving wall of brown-grey-dead plantlife. The teleport ambush when you grab the key in that acid lake thing is actually pretty cool tho. (Also I know that most doom levels dont look like what they are supposedly named after, but atleast you can mostly believe what they could actually represent. Thing is I can't see a suburb in 2 houses surrounded by a bunch of black walls with 3 pillars to one side, an acid lake with 3 small caves next to it, a house housing a fireblu decoration with a few "execution by hanging" stations occupied by mancubi next to it, a building full of dead stuff wich actually isnt because you go inside and all you find are boners, and a building made out of black squares with silver outlines.)
  12. Melodica

    Doomed in SPACE (old development thread)

    The download link doesnt seem to work for me for some reason, says the site can't be reached apparently. Could you provide a mirror if possible, please? EDIT: Nvm, tried again by going to the download from the site itself. EDIT 2: Played through the first 2 maps, and im liking it so far! I didn't have that many problems with it, the weapons sound and are nice to use and most of the new enemies are a fresh break from hellspawn, even if there are a few demons in there.
  13. Melodica

    What was the worst official DOOM port you have played?

    From all the official doom ports out there, if I had to choose the worst one I've played, I'd probably be unable to name a definite worst one. Each port has its ups and downs, but there are definitely some worse than others. Doom SNES, while indeed a technical miracle on its own, still has issues, some already mentioned in the tread. My personal issue with it it's that it doesnt include the track for E2M1 "I sawed the demons" and that makes me 100% mad. Doom 32x is a bit better, having far better controls and running a lot smoother, but the music is absolutely awful. It also doesn't have the track for E2M1, so it makes it even worse. Atari Jaguar Doom does have "I Sawed The Demons" in it, but it's lower pitched. But it atleast has the song. But it doesn't play during levels. But still has the song so its good. Also its a nice port. 3DO Doom has a pretty nice version of D_E2M1, and it even has organs in the background! It's a pretty nice version of the song overall. The actual port is complete ass tho. Doom 1 on gba it's a pretty nice port, with some decent controls, and while it does suffer a few framerate issues in certain areas, it's still pretty playable. "I sawed the demons" (E2M1) plays on E1M8 tho so it's pretty bad because of that. PSX Doom and Saturn Doom dont even have E2M1's theme on them what the fuck is this shit. They're pretty nice and fun and cool ports tho, because of their atmosphere and all. Saturn doesnt have the lightning effects and it runs kinda bad so it's not as good as the PSX version. In the end, the worst port of Doom I've played is DOOM.exe because D_E2M1.mid doesnt play constantly in the background alongside all other songs. In all seriousness tho the worst port I've played is the snes one, because even with all its cool music and technical achievements, it plays pretty meh. Same with 3DO, minus the whole technical achievement and it plays horribly.
  14. Melodica

    TPLANT.wad (Toxics Management Center)

    Thanks for the feedback, guys! It's really encouraging to see that people are liking my map so far, specially because its the first thing I've posted here.