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  1. Hellow! Im trying to apply some effects in the blood of some monsters (vile and spectre) to do this i'm editting smoothdoom files (the mod i use) For example, this 3 for Vile: Decaldef: duplicate the blue decals and changing "blue" to "vile". In every decal i added the lines "fullbright" and "add 0.5", Gore: inside are the actor definitions, i duplicate the blue ones and edit it in the same way as decaldef, also i define the new color and add the flag +BRIGHT. Vile actor file: i added the bloodtype vileblood and define the bloodcolor color and also set vilegorecontroller All the colors of the splats and gibs are ok (due to the Actors.txt bloodcolor, but i cant see any bright effect or nothing defined in the bloodtype). So, after some proves, im thinking the bloodtype it's not working, but i can't see why not.... Here my modificate smoothdoom: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w85ltv8bk02rddd/7 - SmoothDoom v6.pk3 Some idea? Something i missing? Regards!
  2. aaaaah! understood!
  3. Hi! I'm trying to change blood splats and found some code i can't understand: ACTOR BlueGibs2: Gibs2 { decal bluebloodsmear translation "32:47=240:243", "176:191=199:207" } Can someone explain what are this numbers? because i think it define the color (blue), and i want set another color and don't know what to write The file i'm trying to change it's located in smoothdoom.pk3 inside DECO folder and it's called Gore.txt. This file has a lot of this definitions. Thanks in advance!
  4. I uploaded a new version v5. New version v5. In the new pack theres two files. A pk3 with GLdefs edited for glowing lost souls (thanks to Empyre) and new brightmaps for the custom sprites. The only way the brightmaps are working for me, it's include it in another brithmaps defs file. Added brightmaps to Imps, Pinky, Zombie v1 and v2, Sarge Guy v2, LostSoul Corrected Arachnotron sprite. Added some color effect in blood puffs Regards!
  5. yeeeeees my friend, yeeeees... got it!! :-D
  6. really dificult to see. I like the small but significant changes in the graphics/gameplay. The only thing i miss it's the glow from the lost souls, something i want to investigate, and, if someone can help on this... Thanks for the comments guys!
  7. of course! ;-)
  8. http://www.moddb.com/mods/smoothdoom-wardustsprites/addons Smoothdoom is a cool mod for zdoom port. You can learn more about it and download the original here (you need it for the mod): https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=45550 This modification i'm uploading consist in some edits on some sprites (zombies basically) make it they less bloody/Zombie and more militar. Zombie guy: Removed bloody marks, added black boots Two handkerchief variations instead of decapited an unmouthed ones Shotgun Guy: Gloves and boots, Green Camo or black instead of blood handkerchief variation instead of helmet version Chaingun guy: GreenCamo and white armour, black boots (red pads, hair and eyes) Cacodemon: Versionated alternative dead Soul: Blackbluish for play with the translucency maxed (goshtly) Arachno: WhiteYellow blood (sprite inmpacts are not edited) Current version v4. In the new pack theres two files. A pk3 with GLdefs edited for glowing lost souls (thanks to Empyre) and new brightmaps for the custom sprites (Soldiers, Sarges, Pinkys, Imps and lostsoul). The only way the brightmaps are working for me, it's include it in another brightmaps defs file, outside the smoothdoom pk3. Regards! Regards!
  9. Okey, i made manually one on one as i seid. however, slade became a great tool and all it's done.
  10. Yes, the low geometry doesn't help. anyway, i prefer hd textures. but there's a lot of work on pulish them.
  11. Hi! I'm making a mod with smoothdoom monster sprites, and i have a problem. I hope you can help me! The steps i'm doing: 1 - Use Slade to open th pk3 and convert all the .imp files to PNG1024 with doom palette color 2 - Decompress the PNGs 3 - Edit with Photoshop THE PROBLEM 4 - When i save the PNG, it loose its coordinates THINS I KNOW I CAN DO (The problem itself) 1 - Open again the pk3 and select one sprite, right click on it and select import (replace the .imp with my .png) Do this to the thousand sprites one on one (mmmm :-/) 2 - Drag the pack of PNGs into the pk3, open with slade and put manually the coordinates (uuuuh 8-/) My hope questions: 1 - Is there a way to save the PNG and no loose the coordinates? 2 - Is there a way to replace all the sprites in Slade all together or to aplly the correct coordinates 3 - I'm wrong in all i'm doing and is threre another better correct way? Thanks and regards!
  12. Imade a pack of HD textures, with a personal taste, and a little free interpretation of the originals. This pack includes diferent .pk3 to play with GzDoom port. 0HERETIC All_LiquidsGlow: contain def to make water and lava glow surface. 0HERETIC_brightmaps: contain some alterations for the models 0heretic-models: HDRP models with altered textures and definitions (HD golems, diferences on leader and gosht monsters, some script fixes) 0heretic-textures: All the vanilla textures changed to an HD ones. Some ot the they remain as the JHRP ones, but practically all the textures are new. Some of the textures are made by me, others are simply photoshop editions on a selection from the web. I hope you enjoy it.http://www.moddb.com/mods/wardust-heretyc-pack-modifications Regards!
  13. Damm effective drink!! Jeje
  14. Bingo! Thanks a lot guys! :-)
  15. but this flat it's a little rare for me. When selected In XWE the only i can see it's a lot of numbers: Mr.Rocket, V8? a motor? i'm from Spain man, i can't understand you :-P