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  1. Finally, i solved it addin "Map07Special" in the mapinfo Thanks for the help!
  2. mmm i think everything is fine... here you can see: my first line: actor PlasmaFatso : Fatso replaces fatso The final squences: Death: PFAT K 6 PFAT L 6 A_Scream PFAT M 6 A_NoBlocking PFAT NOPQRS 6 PFAT T -1 A_BossDeath stop Raise: PFAT RQPONMLK 5 goto See Pain.Cube: TNT1 A 0 A_GiveToTarget ("Stimpack", 10) Goto Pain+1 Death.Cube: TNT1 A 0 A_GiveToTarget ("Stimpack", 10) Goto Death+1 }
  3. Hey! I'm using new decoration for mancubus and spiders, and this affect on map07 script lowering ground when specified mosnters are eliminated. For now, i'm replacing the mosters (fatso replaces fatso) but i think in this way i¡n setting a new moster, so, the script doesn't works. Is there any better form to mantein working this script? i know only this map it's working in this way, but... i don't like use idclip you know :-P MODDB download: http://www.moddb.com/mods/wardust-hq-addons-for-doom-games/downloads/darkforces-wardusted
  4. 1.6 done Corrected brightmaps, replaced decorations and more retextures. If you have any suggestions, comments etc i'm pleased to hear :-) Regards!
  5. I think so! My next step, brightmaps and decoration sprites (this in the weekend). Also brick textutes. Thanks man! Happy with your comments!
  6. yes... Now it's working! i don't know what's the problem... maiby some problem working with slade, really i don't know. The fact it's that it's working. It's funny to think you solve my problem in another long time ago post :-P My mod!: http://www.moddb.com/mods/wardust-hq-addons-for-doom-games/downloads/darkforces-wardusted Thanks a lot!
  7. Hey! i see your comment in another post about panoramic skies (1024x128) I'm trying to use this doublesky def with this dimension but GZdoom display only squares (no find the textures) doublesky it's not compatible with panoramic?
  8. hi again! I'm trying to replace regular skies (1024x512) with panoramic ones (1024x128) with doublesky (the definition to show 2 skies, one in front another), but i can't find the right way, GZDoom display squares (no find the texture). I'm thinking doublesky it's not compatible with panoramic sky... Someone can help me? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi, I'm working in a retexture set dor darkforces and i'm trying skies, i think it's interesting: MAPINFO.txt ------------------------- map e1m1 "IMPERIAL" levelnum 1 next e1m2 sky1 skylay1 0.05 //The stardestroyers sky2 skylay2 //Tatooine DoubleSky -------------
  10. solved looking into TUTNT My smoothdoom now have Playerclasses for play with multipliers http://www.moddb.com/mods/wardust-hq-addons-for-doom-games/addons/3-smoothdoomwardust-v13 Sorry for the post!
  11. Hi! I'm trying to make a small change in the startitems, i want init with shotgun in the inventori. This is the decorate in smoothdoom (the mod i use): ACTOR PerkDPlayer : Doomplayer replaces Doomplayer { player.startitem "PerkPistol" player.startitem "PerkFist" Player.StartItem "Clip", 50 Player.WeaponSlot 1, PerkFist, Z86Chainsaw Player.WeaponSlot 2, PerkPistol, Rifle Player.WeaponSlot 3, PerkShotgun, PerkSuperShotgun Player.WeaponSlot 4, Z86Chaingun Player.WeaponSlot 5, PerkRocketLauncher Player.WeaponSlot 6, BloxPlasmaRifle Player.WeaponSlot 7, Z86BFG9000 States { Death: PD71 A 3 PD71 B 3 A_PlayerScream PD71 C 3 A_NoBlocking PD71 DEFGH 3 PD71 I -1 Stop } } Here the decorate i load after with no results: ACTOR WARDUST : PerkDPlayer replaces PerkDPlayer { player.startitem "PerkPistol" player.startitem "PerkShotgun" player.startitem "PerkFist" Player.StartItem "Clip", 150 Player.StartItem "Shell", 16 } Also i try Doomplayer replaces doomplayer, but nothing... Can you give me Some light ? Thanks in advance!
  12. Maiby they are 😷
  13. The pretend of this modification it's enhance the experience replaying Doom without loose the feeling with rare extrange monsters Random pk3 based on DoomKrakkens mod. I have edited the sprites to be more like original monsters, added some new, and reduced some monster power to make the game more balanced. Anyway, The vanilla dificult increases a lot. For more information about what the monsters do, visit Doomkrakken Monster randomizer page in Zdoom forums. If not... surprise! https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=49524 Monsters Changed: Dune Warrior: deleted fastchase Chesire: deleted Fastchase Dune Warrior Zombie - NEW FireCaco - NEW (based on infernal and original caco) Zombie Sovereign - deleted turn into kamikaze Bruisers - Reduced life in general Blood colors (see image preview) Various monsters deleted (all the ones broke the vanilla ambient in my opinion) Link!: http://www.moddb.com/mods/wardust-hq-addons-for-doom-games/addons/mrandom-for-wardustsmoothv11
  14. My question about the blood: Solved! and with more effects in decals i just learn :-) http://www.moddb.com/mods/wardust-hq-addons-for-doom-games/addons/smoothdoomwardust-ed-v1 Regards!