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  1. TheInfamousDude

    Making a new WAD. Not a new new WAD. The one I've been working on.

    Sneak peek of map04
  2. So yeah. Back at it again. Bleh. I dunno what else to put here. Play the WAD when it comes out I guess.
  3. TheInfamousDude

    Remaster Of "my wad"

    Have a look at this topic. It should give you an idea of why.
  4. TheInfamousDude

    my wads

    This topic is no longer in use. if you want to talk about anything posted here, have a talk about it in the new topic I have made! Link:
  5. TheInfamousDude

    Remaster Of "my wad"

    This topic is for a sort of remaking of my first doom WAD. You can help me remaster it if you want to.
  6. TheInfamousDude

    my wads

    I think this thread is dead.
  7. TheInfamousDude

    my wads

    I'm working hard on this old megawad I made like 4 years ago! When I release the full megawad I hope y'all will love it! P.S This is for PegLeg, the one who has been with this thread ever since it started! Thanks, pal, for being there when times were tough on here. Here's a random gif that tells you about my mental state.
  8. TheInfamousDude

    my wads

    Here's an early beta of sorts. Sewage Containment Plant.zip
  9. TheInfamousDude

    my wads

    Hello! I'm back! Here to inform all of y'all that...... I'm making a remaster of my first wad pack! So yeah I'm making that.
  10. TheInfamousDude

    my wads

  11. I changed my pfp as everyone who know me (like 12 people) so yeah!


  12. TheInfamousDude

    my wads

    Well I’ve had it for a while now.
  13. TheInfamousDude

    Best WADs for VR?

  14. TheInfamousDude

    my wads

    By the way! I have had a W.I.P .WAD file I wanted to release for a while but never got the chance to, so here it is! And it's a demo. Knee-Deep-In-Earth.rar