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  1. hey guys!, my pc died , so im about to order a raspberry pi online to still get my doom fix i mean do have a xbox series s but theres only a handful of wads you can play and bethesda is a little slow adding them :P so i thought maybe id grab a pi since there i can play all these wads just like you can on pc? im not into mods just vanilla play but with wads like alien vendetta,etc. im wondering tho are there any doomers here that do this as well? how does doom run? what ports does the pi have and use? is it fullspeed (fps) ? before i buy i wanna know if its even worth it i do want 60fps tho since im used to that so no 35fps ports unless you can make it run 60 what you think? good plan?
  2. DutchDoomer

    Any Raspberry Pi Doomers here? couple questions

    haha yeah seems like a fun project ;p
  3. DutchDoomer

    Any Raspberry Pi Doomers here? couple questions

    yeah thats the thing i want to know how more advanced wads will run other then the regular iwads ;p
  4. ah so 4 is no problem then,what source ports do they have? but i mean tho maximum framerate as well in megawads like alien vendetta? etc.? not just the base regular game ;p
  5. Hey guys.. I'm in bit of a pickle well long story short my pc fried ,most of the components are dead,took out what still works and tossed the rest im pretty hard on cash atm so i cant rebuild a new pc so i went and bought a xbox series s for now since it was only 299 and i heard the cpu inside it is like a ryzen 7 3700x 8 core 16thread so i thought that this would be cool for now for my doom fix... now i have a couple of questions , gzdoom has always felt off to me it feels very floaty and seems like you are ice skating and the aiming feels off compared to the original game,are the rereleases better and more faithful to the original? i only stuck with gzdoom cause of the wad support but i see here the unity ports have addons too and it already has a list of megawads im curious tho, did bethesda stop uploading wads? i hope not! because the last one was doom zero and this was like 5 months ago,back in 2020 they gave us 1 every 1-2 months but now we still have nothing after 5 months hmm i hope we will still get more what do you guys think? is there more coming? im not into modding i like doom vanilla the only thing i like to add is different wads/maps to play so i really hope bethesda isnt done.. are the rereleases the best for me then? gzdoom is best for mods if not interested in mods then gzdoom is pretty bad? lol also - what is the cheapest way to get back on pc doom tho without building a entire desktop? i was thinking maybe a raspberry pi 4? specs wise it has Broadcom BCM2711, Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz. 8GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM can this handle doom wads that arnt on the unity port releases? like for example alien vendetta? any console doomers here? or raspberry pi doomers? to shed me some light SORRY LONG POST
  6. yeah what about a raspberry pi 4 tho :P yeah i hope they continue adding wads for a long time lol i hope itll end up with like a list of 50wads hahaha
  7. so in other words there is plenty of more coming is just some might take longer then others cause of various reasons? but they are def not done?
  8. DutchDoomer

    Doom Unity(rerelease) VS GZDoom

    I have a question.. i mainly just like to play wads and usually just vanilla style i was wondering cause i was told that the doom rereleases are more faithful are these better for me then? than gzdoom? also how is the performance? cause gzdoom has vulkan render mode isnt gzdoom better then? for the performance side of things? are the rereleases even worth buying? thanks guys :P
  9. DutchDoomer

    What are you playing now?

    how did u get it to look like that?
  10. DutchDoomer

    Come Eat The Mapwich 2!!! Public beta out now!

    Khedric here from twitch :P ,- Looks dope cant wait to play this @Bridgeburner56
  11. DutchDoomer

    best megawads you've ever played?

    I'm getting back into doom megawads its been like a year since last time i played and im missing me some doom action now im wondering what are some of the best megawads you guys ever played? also are their some new megawads out that are awesome? since i've been away for a while... I mainly want to keep my game mostly vanilla but i do want to play all these new megawads what source port should i use for this? does prboom+ play new megawads? something like bastion of chaos/ eviternity etc..??
  12. DutchDoomer

    best megawads you've ever played?

    i do have a some what good pc i mean i can run doom eternal maxed out with over 100fps i doubt this bastion of chaos will be heavier than that? but thx i will try these megawads :)
  13. DutchDoomer

    best megawads you've ever played?

    wow thanks for this guys
  14. hmm i didnt know where to post this so i guess ill do it here ;p my question is how do i get the crispy doom x64 bit version? cause when i go here https://github.com/fabiangreffrath/crispy-doom when u scroll down to download it ,it says this (Binaries for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (both x86 and x64 editions) are available here: https://github.com/fabiangreffrath/crispy-doom/releases/download/crispy-doom-5.6.3/crispy-doom-5.6.3-win32.zip) which is not true cause when i download it ,it just 1 binary and the file is called win32 at the end thats clearly x86 version and theres only 1 exe and stuff inside the zip so its just 1 binary where is the x64version then? i tried googling it but it keeps bringing me to this file... any help would be awesome
  15. DutchDoomer

    Crispy Doom how to get x64bit version?

    Idk im using 64bit so i thought i needed that..also usually games etc if you have 64 bit windows its best to use 64 bit exe it gives better performance,but i guess thats not the case with crispy,all tho title is misleading tho its says both binaries but theres only 1 lol its cool tho ill try it...
  16. Im curious.... i got 2 gpu's laying here and im not sure which one would be best for gzdoom mainly for mods like brutal doom,project brutality etc... the cards are ATI Radeon RX 550 2gb and NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 1gb i keep hearing nvidia is much better for open gl but the radeon is a much much faster and also newer card then the geforce... My full specs are since you probably will ask its a AMD Ryzen 1500x,8gb ddr4,Kingston ssd,and one of the GPU's nothing special... thing is that makes me want to pick the ati is because the ati has 1,300gflops and the nvidia has 300gflops lol so yeah much faster but will it be faster in gzdoom too???
  17. DutchDoomer

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    well yeah i know they are both junk and crappy thats why i said for gzdoom only cause ill be only using it for doom... you dont need a gtx 1080 ti for brutal doom dude lol...waste of a 400$ but thanks i know which one to use now... alright thanks bro... i can finish up my doom pc now ;p
  18. Hi Doomers, I have a question about gzdoom and prboom plus.... I mainly use gzdoom so last night I tested prboom plus and also glboom plus they work great on thing I've noticed is that gzdoom just runs a lot smoother??? Its hard to explain like it feels like and looks like its running more smooth then prboom even tho prboom I have it set to uncapped framerate and the framerate is still high but it doesn't feel and look as smooth??? Is that because of the engine?? And is that's why some people like gzdoom more then prboom cause of this reason?? Anything I can do to make it AS smooth as gzdoom?? Its not the framerate tho the framerate is still in the 200-500fps is just the way it feels and looks to eye gzdoom runs much nicer and faster and smoother lol My specs incase you wondered its AMD Ryzen 5 1500x,8gb DDR4,Radeon RX 550,Kingston SSD so nothing special certainly enough for classic doom.. And again its not the framerate or anything its the engine how they both feel and compare...
  19. I've been playing pretty much nothing but doom mods/megawads and some s.t.a.l.k.e.r mods on the side if i get bored of doom... well i decided to pick up the quake series again since i lost my copies its been a while anyways last time was when i was a kid/teen im now 30 but yeah my question is do people still play quake 1 and 2 as much as people play doom 1-2? because doom is pretty popular in the mapping/modding scene what about quake do people still make SP maps for it? and if so any recommandations? also what source port? im guessing quakespasm?
  20. DutchDoomer

    White dots/pixels on walls! gzdoom

    I keep seeing these white dots/pixels on mostly dark walls does anyone know how to fix it? Setting it to quality did nothing... And its very anoyying.. Anyone have the same?
  21. DutchDoomer

    White dots/pixels on walls! gzdoom

    also there is no option in zandronum that has fxaa.. and even if it set it to quality it still there.. as for gzdoom i fixed it by turning on multi to 4x but still id like to keep it off but then i get those dots is there not a way to fix this? does this happen on like every computer mostly? its rly bothering me its especially bad in plutonia dots everywhere! it almost looks like graphical issues like artifacts but since a lot of people are getting this across the board i bet its not a related to a faulty gpu so not sure now
  22. DutchDoomer

    White dots/pixels on walls! gzdoom

    my bad man... so yeah so you have it too then?? mine can get severe on brown walls usually tho
  23. DutchDoomer

    People Still Play Quake 1-2 SP? Any Maps?

    is there still a quake community tho? i know people still make maps but are there actually a lot of people still playing them or what? i know doom has sites like this for the community but it seems like quake is a little bit on the dead end which is unfortunate but maybe doom is so popular because of mods like brutal doom and project brutality probably
  24. DutchDoomer

    People Still Play Quake 1-2 SP? Any Maps?

    Thanks guys look like i got alot of quaking to do this weekend also i got quakespasm but no music in any of the gameplay how come? I love doom for the pumping music but quake has non at least not in the source port?
  25. DutchDoomer

    Gzdoom wont go over 200fps? Help

    Im having an issue it seems like my gzdoom is capped at 200fps i know it can go higher but i cant figure it out how do i remove the limit?