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  1. also there is no option in zandronum that has fxaa.. and even if it set it to quality it still there.. as for gzdoom i fixed it by turning on multi to 4x but still id like to keep it off but then i get those dots is there not a way to fix this? does this happen on like every computer mostly? its rly bothering me its especially bad in plutonia dots everywhere! it almost looks like graphical issues like artifacts but since a lot of people are getting this across the board i bet its not a related to a faulty gpu so not sure now
  2. my bad man... so yeah so you have it too then?? mine can get severe on brown walls usually tho
  3. I keep seeing these white dots/pixels on mostly dark walls does anyone know how to fix it? Setting it to quality did nothing... And its very anoyying.. Anyone have the same?
  4. is there still a quake community tho? i know people still make maps but are there actually a lot of people still playing them or what? i know doom has sites like this for the community but it seems like quake is a little bit on the dead end which is unfortunate but maybe doom is so popular because of mods like brutal doom and project brutality probably
  5. Thanks guys look like i got alot of quaking to do this weekend also i got quakespasm but no music in any of the gameplay how come? I love doom for the pumping music but quake has non at least not in the source port?
  6. nice cool ill check it out also what do you like to play mostly? just curious
  7. I've been playing pretty much nothing but doom mods/megawads and some s.t.a.l.k.e.r mods on the side if i get bored of doom... well i decided to pick up the quake series again since i lost my copies its been a while anyways last time was when i was a kid/teen im now 30 but yeah my question is do people still play quake 1 and 2 as much as people play doom 1-2? because doom is pretty popular in the mapping/modding scene what about quake do people still make SP maps for it? and if so any recommandations? also what source port? im guessing quakespasm?
  8. Im having an issue it seems like my gzdoom is capped at 200fps i know it can go higher but i cant figure it out how do i remove the limit?
  9. Ive noticed something and i cant seem to fix it not on my end... i hope its the mod and not my pc but its kinda of anoyying well if i play the Brutal Doom mod or Project Brutality and if i use my flamethrower on a cacodemon the cacodemon soposed to flash on fire well sometimes it flashes on fire but it also shows these like 8 bit colors? its like the sprites turned inverted or something it shows lots of blue and yellow and stuff while its on fire only those 2 mods does it also ive tried different video drivers its also not my gpu since its pretty much brand new like 2 weeks old has any one noticed anything like this?? do you know what i mean by 8 bit/inverted?
  10. no it didnt help also ive noticed it doesnt do it on different maps also i always load the wad before the mod.. also i noticed something else i hope its not my PC cause drivers didnt fix it anyways if i use the flamethrower on a cacodemon you know its soposed to flash on fire right? well it flashes on fire but sometimes it flashes but its showing like 8bit colors/inverted like the whole cacodemon will flash inverted colors while on fire... has anyone notice this before with bd and pb? while using the flame thrower on a cacodemon? makes me scared its my video card because its pretty new
  11. Ive noticed and it only does this on back to saturn x with only the newest brutal doom and newest PB.. version before it is perfect but anyways what happens is when i kill a hell knight it will have like these purple/blue dots/sprite on them as if some of of the sprite was missing and shows as purple dots it only does this on hell knights and the latest brutal doom with back to saturn x rly weird Its not my load order either i also checked zandronum instead of my usual gzdoom same problem lol Its like it has the few dots on the character Its anoyying to see anyone noticed these with this megawad and latest BD or PB?
  12. I only changed resolution the 1025x768 does it for me but not 1280x720 u think theres something wrong with the build? Everytime in gzdoom and zandronum if u set it to that resolution it happens also i tried a diff video card same thing but in diff settings
  13. Guys i need some help.. Im not sure if its my pc at fault or gzdoom/zandronum.. Its a new build pc crappy but good enough for doom and such anyways When i change resolution most of them work fine but theres also a few in there when i go and use it suddently my whole screen will be negative colors/inverted and all weird colors i then change resolution back or to diff one and Its gone,theres like 4 diff reso that give these colors both in gzdoom and zandronum... has any one seen this before do u know what i mean???
  14. Idk of anyone here has a Raspberry pi 3 with prboom plus??? Im having a little issue maybe some of you know how well i cant seem to figure out how to load wads with it.. I can only get it to work with regular doom 2 but how do i load them boom capitible wads??? I also posted on the Retropie site it self but i got no help there..
  15. I know since i dont have a pc it fried im using Raspberry pi 3 to play doom wads/mods and use my phone to edit pk3 but i cant find and i dont know which files to delete to get rid of gun smoke effects from me and enemies that is the only thing that makes me lag i believe once the smoke is gone itll run rly well