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  1. Thing is i dont have a pc i use a Raspberry pi 3 to play my doom mods and use my phone to open pk3s to edit or remove something maybe i can do it with my phone? Or do i need to do it only with Slade? Cant i Just open a wad and add to it ?i know Winrar reads pk3 thats how i edit some mods sometimes..
  2. Hey guys I have a question i found a bunch of a single weapon mods like for example i found a gun mod that just replace the Shotgun found another mod that just replace the minigun etc.. So instead of using like 8 different mods how can i combine all the single gun mods into one weapon pack so to speak? So ill have 1 pk3 instead of like 8-10?
  3. Good evening Doomers I got a question ive been on the hunt for some cool weapon mods i havent rly found any yet exept for complex doom but that changes everything i was searching for just a mod that replace weapons only and maybe monsters So im curious what are you guys's favorite weapon mods to use with wads?? Can be vanilla style or OP weapons doesnt matter what are your favorites?
  4. Thanks ill try this is there way to remove gun smoke and stuff too if i remove that as well then it should play pretty good
  5. Hmm what should i try? Try deleting explosions and try it out? Its possible tho i hear all the time that people take out effects from mods do i rly need to go as far as to contact the author?
  6. I dont have a computer So i cant use Slade but i do have other programs that let me read and write to pk3s i do see bunch of decorate files everywhere in seperate folders all i wanna do is get rid of the barrel explosion brutal uses so Its back to default explosions and get rid of gun smoke im not sure which files does what so confusing... Incase you are wondering in playing it on a Raspberry Pi 3 Its playable exept for when barrels explode in brutal doom the default explosions are fine thats why i want it default also the gun smoke bothers me it drops frames.. Maybe one of you can open the brutal 20b file and look and tell me which ones to delete? That would be awesome and very appreciate it
  7. Afternoon everyone Im trying to do something but i cant seem to figure it out im trying to remove the barrel explosion and gun smoke from brutal doom because they seem to lag my pc i figured if i remove the custom barrel explosion it will go back to default one? Anyway i got a program that can read pk3s i see all these files im not rly sure what i need to delete and what i need to edit? Can some one point me in right direction please?
  8. Thats the thing tho it seems like it was installed but i cant find prboom plus anywhere i typed it in terminal and it installed it but i cant find it anywhere to launch it Its no where to be found lol ill try the bidden thing see if i can find it then but how do i launch it tho? Im doing this thought Retropie im not sure if it even works on there but it should right? It uses Debian
  9. While back ive read on here somewhere That prboom plus is possible and working good on the Raspberry pi but in wondering how do i get it? I Googled it i cant rly find anything about it. Can some one help me out so i can get it running? Not sure what to do now ...
  10. Killing? Lol something about shooting an enemy just feels very satishfying that no other weapon mod has given me the same feelings..... Only vanilla weapon set and maybe things like weapons of saturn to me doom is one of the most perfect games created especially doom 2
  11. Im just curious to see what most people prefer way of playing I prefer my setup kinda vanilla like usually without any mods and no mouselook just free look so NO vertical i also like keyboard only but im still Learning that one lol but i do prefer a crosshair and uncapped framerate So u guess Its not rly true vanilla.. Ive tried mods like brutal doom i couldnt get into it only thing i like from brutal is hit detection shooting of limbs and death animation wish there was a seperate mod for just that.. i know theres a death animation mod but Its not the same im talking about of u shoot off his leg he will hop around etc..
  12. Sorry for posting this week So much i was trying to get my chocolate crispy going on my pi3 and i finally dus but i have no clue how to access the setup to Configure my controls and settings When i do chocolate-doom-setup OR chocolate-setup i keep getting command not found.. Does anyone know could i please tell me ive been at it all day lol
  13. I guess prboom plus only works under X?? Not Retropie? Also how i get Chocolate doom and crispy doom? Cant seem to find the commands for it either ;( once i have those ill be set do you know it by chance? Nvm i got Chocolate and crispy installed on the pi my only problem is idk how to Configure my setup i keep getting command not found with Chocolate-doom-setup any help?
  14. Since this is about rpi and stuff can some one help me and tell me how i can get prboom plus on my raspberry? Please ive been searching for hours i cant figure it out..
  15. I heard that some people here on doomworld got crispy doom prboom plus and chocolate doom to work nicely on the pi with hardware accelaration how in the heck did u get those installed? Can some one point me into the right direction?? I have no Idea how to get these and for it to run nice I only know zdoom on Retropie lol I do have a second SD card for raspbian if some one can help me? Edit I checked i can only find Chocolate and regular prboom how do i get prboom plus by any chance?