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  1. TH-555

    Doom 3 Review Rush

    8.5? wha?
  2. TH-555

    hardware bundles

    what about the doom3 hardware bundles that Ive heard about? I cant really find anything, did I miss something really obvious like a news post? i want hl2 as well, but I dont want a radeon 9800, I want a Geforce. so you see the situation. anyone have any useful advice or information? edit: yeah, and my title is looking really gay right now.... ya know, like having 2 black eyes.
  3. TH-555

    Doom 3 on 08/03/04?

    funny timing, I just noticed that. Gamestop's new pre-order design still has a RP instead of MA though, so surely the date is wrong. although halo2 recieved its rating, and so far in advance, it has not been revieled. not that we need to be told that both games will recieve a mature rating.
  4. TH-555

    Doom 3 in Foxtrot

    hell yeah!
  5. TH-555

    Music & Sound

    actually, I would prefere sound with no music, just creepy sounds. ps1 doom? how about DooM64? that was the appex of creepy sounds, it set an excellent mood. especially with it being slower pace than the other dooms, like doom3 is gonna be slower paced right? its a totally different scare when you creep around for twenty minutes listening to moaning sounds and then you turn around and a hell kight takes a swipe at your face... I prefere that to the fast-paced shoot-em-up mood of the original doom. anyone else feel that way?
  6. TH-555

    So the June 15th rumour....

    a question of relevence... how far in advance of a release date does a press release usually come?
  7. TH-555

    So the June 15th rumour....

    of course. you are forgetting, there IS no doom3
  8. TH-555

    So the June 15th rumour....

    activision say Q2. that means before end of june.
  9. TH-555

    Ruining Doom

    its not about what the creators aim to make often-times either, sometimes they just happen. doom3 will be better than the original in every way imaginable, but the original doom was simple, great at the time, and it hit a very special spot in gamers' sweet toothes that made it the best, and you just never know when that will happen, when a near-perfect game wil crystalize before the designers' eyes', and there you have a great game. lets just hope.
  10. TH-555

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    the imp fireballs look like the old ones, so far we havent seen any others, like those green ones that hell-knights threw at you in doom, but so far Ive only seen the new hellknights throw objects. I liked the green fireballs.... well just have to wait and see what hell has in store
  11. TH-555

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    yeah tell me about it, not just the xbox version either. the fireballs in doom3 never impressed me, I remember comparing the fire in H2 and D3 to HL2 and shaking my head. exept the explosions, the explosions in HL2 looked crappy. realistic enough, but nothing special. to get back on topic, having fireballs be one of the things we see flying at our faces most in doom(doom3 whateva) it woulld be nice if they looked good.
  12. TH-555

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    the one in 03 looked great, why change it too something that doesnt look as good? besides, I havent yet seen a PC screenshot with the trumpet-bell shotgun, and untill I do, im not convinced. the ugly shotgun looked OK in the 04 trailer, but in the screenshots it looks awful. and it cant be a coincidense that the new shotgun has an xbox-green tint too it. for that matter, the trailer had two beeping sounds in the first 30 seconds that were recycled from halo. like they said, the xbox version is going to be a slightly different game, not just a simple port, so the guns are sure to look a little different. EDIT: OK, so its not really xbox green, its more like the armor color, so maybe im wrong.
  13. TH-555

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    no, its the one from the xbox version, see first xbox screenshot. the two versions have different shotguns.
  14. TH-555


    that reminds me, is there anywhere to pre-order the xbox version?
  15. TH-555

    Best computers!

    get one of those area51 alien computer thingies
  16. TH-555

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    I could see the machine gun and pistol sharing ammo, but having three guns use the same ammo, two of which being machine-gun-like seems knida silly to me. the pistol for ammo conservation, but having two guns do that is like... wierd. especially a mahine gun, to save ammo? ahaha..
  17. TH-555

    Doom 3 day set

    stupid brits. although before the end of june would be nice. EDIT: look i used the edit button
  18. TH-555

    Good Ol IGN

    comparing halo2 xbx and doom3 PC would be more fair, comparing the two xbox versions would just give Halo2 favoritism.
  19. TH-555

    New Id Game

    Quake? can you think of a game that would make a worse rpg?
  20. TH-555

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    WTF? thats the second time(the first being e3 last year) we've seen a lump of flesh stuck to the chaingun. what gives?
  21. TH-555

    doom III rated "E"

    the only games besides FPSs that are good i can think of are mario and a few RPGs, GTA isnt any of those but has an M rating. hey why not compile a list of "E" games that are good? just to pass time of course.
  22. TH-555

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    question: was teh xbox version scary at all?
  23. TH-555

    Doom 3 XBox Trailer

    should i begin slitting my wrists now?
  24. TH-555

    Doom 3 XBox Trailer

    I know where to get the codecs, I just dont know which one I need. after this Im going to need some sleep
  25. TH-555

    Doom 3 XBox Trailer

    fuck. are you happy? this blows, I cant see the trailer. *sniffle*