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  1. Why are you still viewing my old profile? Go read a book or watch an entertaining youtube video or something like that.

  2. This is his Raido, I've moved accounts, so, I'm "A Grey Suited Marine" now, bye.

  3. Raido

    Doom logic

    Dammit, nobody understands! by that i meant for the people who played doom from 100%
  4. Well i got 2 warnings for Sh*% posting and spamming..


    guess i'll stay with twitter or Youtube or maybe face book

    1. Misty


      Well, you can always try to be helpful, like help to provide feedback for new mappers and post screenshots from various Doom wads.

  5. Raido

    Doom logic

  6. Raido

    Why you should NOT hate the pistol

    This mighta' motivated the handgun
  7. These are reasons the pistol is a GOOD gun not a BAD gun.. 1. it saved you from the shotgun dudes in e1m1 (ultra violence) 2. this gun will always be with you no matter if you get killed by a hoard of demons 3. it saves up your ammo for the chaingun "imagine if you are low on shotgun ammo, this gun can be your best friend" 4.this gun is your Beeeeeeeest friend so no need to throw your butt into brutal doom and use the M16
  8. Raido

    Doom logic

  9. Well this isnt really a doom logic forum post, but hey, releasing this on 1am and stuff like that hopefully a doom logic wont hurt..

    mega armour vs security armour.png

    1. Raido


      well by release i mean like send this...

  10. Raido

    Doom logic

    I talked about all the players who already have all the guns.. like the Idkfa,idfa cheaters, or the regular players who got all the guns before map 30....
  11. Raido

    Doom logic

    Hahaha! the next doom logic i'm gonna post is also gonna be about the armor though doomguy is a "Space marine" not a "uac engineer" XD
  12. Raido

    Doom logic

    1. How do these helmets work? "the first helmet looks like a doom 3 helmet of some sorts.. but doomguys helmet is 10x different then this one... his helmet looks like a motorcycle helmet.." 2. wild west looking double barrel shotguns never had a stock 3. if doom 2 takes place right after the events of doom 1 why do i not have all the guns that i got back in doom 1? 4. the super shotgun and regular shotgun look pretty old and used, wonder why they still work...
  13. Raido

    Doom logic

    1. the shotgun is a sniper rifle without a scope 2. Who knew bodies were made from metal? 3.Who in the hell exposed the icon of sins brain? 4. i know, i know... you could not aim up and down cuz of id tech 1 i know... but this is still a logic! 5. ID software, we already have all of the weapons you can just leave ammunition here instead of the guns...