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Status Updates posted by Herzon

  1. Anybody like my new cover photo? Its a "sessy mancoobus". And yes I intentionally spelt that wrong. Maybe later I'll have Scarce with a gun as my cover photo if people don't like this.

  2. Does anybody know the ability to change your railgun color to RAINBOW in Brutal Doom? Its a really cool feature! Just turn it on in the player setup!

  3. If you didn't know what I meant by something happening at the end of the year in Doomworld, its that December 10th will have the 14th annual Cacowards!

  4. Its almost the end of the year! And almost everybody on Doomworld knows what that means.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Ummmm the beginning of the new one? I'd be surprised if someone didn't know that. :]

    2. Memfis


      We're counting on you Hobbs!

  5. Welcome to Doomworld! Hope you enjoy your time here! And I'm not an admin, I'm just welcoming you here!

  6. Why didnt I sign up for this earlier.