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  1. Pdda

    How to play older wads?

    Thanks Bonnie, I tried Prboom+ but when I drag a wad file over it (from a different folder) it starts at the first level of Doom 2 ("Entryway" I believe). If I finish that level it goes to the normal second level. How do I get it to start the wad i want? I'm trying to load Eternity (Serenity 2) that I got from this site; https://www.doomworld.com/10years/bestwads/1994.php Thanks
  2. Pdda

    How to play older wads?

    I notice that when I run GZDoom the "status" area that includes the player face at the bottom is very small. Is there any way to enlarge this as in the original version of Doom 2? My wife and daughter find one of the most fun features of playing Doom is watching the face of your character get bloody as your health deteriorates. The image in the GZDoom is so small you really lose that look and feel to the game. If there's no way to change it is there another emulator that retains the original look of the game interface? Thanks,
  3. Pdda

    How to play older wads?

    I downloaded GZDoom and that worked for playing Doom 2 Redux. I'm now looking at some of the older wads people have made in the 90's. GZDoom won't play them. What do I need to use to play some these older wads? Thanks in advance and thanks for the help with Doom 2 Redux.
  4. Pdda

    Beginner trying to run Doom 2 Redux

    Thanks, I downloaded gzdoom, unzipped it and copied D2REDUX.WAD into the directory. When I double clicked on gzdoom.exe I got a pop up window saying "execution could not continue". I'm attaching the pop up. Was I supposed to do a setup of gzdoom other than unzipping it? Appreciate your help.
  5. Pdda

    Beginner trying to run Doom 2 Redux

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Where can I get the source ports? Is there a charge?
  6. Hi, I'm a total beginner to trying to play new wads for Doom 2. I'm using D-Fend reloaded to play Doom 2 and have downloaded Doom 2 Redux. How do I launch the D2REDUX.WAD in D-Fend? Thanks for any help