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  1. Theidkid

    What makes Doom (2016) 78.5g?

    I am downloading the game right now, but the game's file size is 78.5 gigabytes! is there a reason for this? all I have seen online is because of the textures are very "Good", but they do not even look that great. Can anyone state the game's file size specifically?
  2. Theidkid

    Most toxic gaming communities you have come across.

    The Counter Strike games, Global Offensive in particular
  3. Theidkid

    Does anyone remeber Hacx, a Doomlike shooter?

    Yes, it is supported with GZDoom
  4. I got one for being myself :)
  5. Theidkid

    Does anyone remeber Hacx, a Doomlike shooter?

    Thank you for informing me
  6. Theidkid

    Does anyone remeber Hacx, a Doomlike shooter?

    That's nice to know that this IWAD is getting recognized by some part of the audience
  7. Hacx is a shooter created in an era when 'Doom' was at its peak of popularity. Hacx was a total conversion for Doom 2 and was created by Banjo Software, it spent two and a half years of development in September 1997 and was actually commercially sold. History aside Hacx was a fun TC for Doom and is underrated by players due to the fact that the quake engine was far more superior than the Doom engine which Hacx was running on with a few modifications, and due to that fact games with the quake engine or quake in general had far better graphics and etc. So the story for Hacx is that humanity is being hunted for food and genetic mutation experiments, you take the role of a hacker; completing levels, mowing your way through mutants and robots, trying to reach the end of the level. Sound familiar? Hackx features enemies that fit in with the theme of the game, A Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk environment, examples are the common gunmen looking like humans genetically enhanced with some Bane type of serum and another example is this Humanoid Revenant type creatures that resemble the rake without eyes and some robot parts sticking out, It feels as if you live and fight in a word controlled by Humans and Robots, like The Terminator mixed with Mad Max and a tiny dash of Alien. The levels are another thing to point out in Hackx, There is one level in Hacx where you are in some sort of computer lab giving it the Cyber feel to the game, so what happens is that you enter your computer screen and a bunch of enemies just appear out of nowhere. The 'Computer' level wasn't much of a level but just filler or an excuse to put as much action to the game as possible. Also, another thing I want to point out is that some levels are just like a copy and paste of a hallway from or in another level and it does feel as the developers did not give their full effort of making levels than just filler. This topic is starting to sound like a review but there is one last thing I want to say about the game and it is the weapons! oh boy. The weapons in Hacx is well not great, but pretty fun to use against enemies. Examples are the stick which fires out a line of red-colored round shaped objects which can do a lot of damage in a few shots, another is the Cryogun, which I think is a shoulder-mounted ice cannon and the weapon has a special aiming system and is comparable to the Doom Super Shotgun for damage. That's all I have to say, go check this IWAD out and it does not require Doom or Doom 2 to run. Also, I am not sponsored by the developers, this IWAD worth your time. Here is the link to download if you are interested http://www.drnostromo.com/hacx/page.php?content=download Here are some pictures of the game
  8. Theidkid

    Any good doom wads?

    I basically played doom wads recommended by YouTubers and roaming the internet for great wads. Can anyone suggest a great wad out there, examples of wads I played are Zen Dynamics, Winters Fury, Golden Souls, Hell revealed, Scythe 1 and 2, Vanguard, Plutonia 2, reelism, The island and more.
  9. Theidkid

    Need some help with GZdoom

    GZdoom on openGL could be really dark in some corners of the original Doom game, I already enabled bright maps and lights. Is there anything else I can do to brighten up the game?