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  1. Impromptu Minidido

    Any more openings? if so i'll take the next set of tags (2300-2399), maybe an area with plasma guns but not BFG.
  2. Recycled Community Project

    @Nine Inch Heels i'll triple check but as far as I found it was just STARTAN2 and SPCDOOR2 in that final yellowkey room. Double checked, those were the only other problematic textures i could find, also i found 2 general game errors that i was wondering if you could quickly fix (rather than me uploading another map version to supplant)? The secret switch by the crates near the helipad is offset and needs to be shifted so the switch is showing, and the teleport destinations in the red key room don't spawn on medium. If you could change that i'd be thankful, or i can just fix them myself if that's honestly easier.
  3. 4800 Hell Knights resurrection! Absolute deadline: April 1st

    @therektafire Do you need people to make Hub entrances for maps that are stylized, or are you going to just take charge of that?
  4. Recycled Community Project

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but STARTAN2 and SPCDOOR4 don't want to work either, PRBOOM has problems :/ (PICS in PRBOOM+ and GZDOOM respectively). but i did a whole map playthrough and those were the last ones I noticed.
  5. Recycled Community Project

    If its too much, just change it to ZZZFACE8 since i used that in the map and that texture works fine
  6. Recycled Community Project

    Its just ZZZFACE6, it was there from the start, idk why its bugged and i'm sorry my map is apparently causing such grief.
  7. Recycled Community Project

    Also, you can briefly see the HOM, but here'd a demo for n ow:DFF.zip
  8. Recycled Community Project

    So I noticed a weird bug when trying to record a demo for my map, in GZDOOM, the boss texture shows up fine in this spot, but in prboom+ i get this:
  9. Recycled Community Project

    Alright, i downloaded the new link and the map is now updated! everything looked fine, glad we got that sorted out, thanks.
  10. Recycled Community Project

    @Nine Inch Heels I double-triple checked everything, i unzipped from the link (i even tried the earlier posted link) and I tired running that exact file in both prboom+ and GZdoom. Its still the old undated version, I checked the file in SLADE and GZDOOM builder and the DFFBEAN texture isn't even present, which I thought it was from the very beginning until i noticed that the yellow key area was not even finished in this version: I'm confused as to what is going on, and i apologize if it's being a big hassle.
  11. Recycled Community Project

    Are you sure the link is updating correctly? i used that link and it still has the old map, an example: New Map versus old:
  12. Recycled Community Project

    @Nine Inch Heels Also, is there another link for the updated .WAD? The only one i can find is one with my old buggy map and 7 maps in total (unless that is the only ones that were submitted which would be a shame)? sorry to be a bother. Also for Demos, must the demo be made for the WAD being played to work just as the menu screen ones? or can they be Demos from any WAD?
  13. Recycled Community Project

    @Nine Inch Heels If fact, I'm glad i ran through my map recently, since I noticed that the WAD currently contains a far outdated version of my map (unpolished and filled with HOM's and nasties), so I'll re-link my more finished version and if that could be changed out i'd be very thankful. Recycle_DFFv2.zip
  14. Recycled Community Project

    Mine's a long map, but i can do a demo for you if you'd like.
  15. 4800 Hell Knights resurrection! Absolute deadline: April 1st

    It took longer than i wanted and i'm still adding some quality of life touches, it is tested and works in a 98% completed state. DFF_Baron Zepplin My map is done, but some things to note: I added another realm667 monster as the final boss (ProfaneOne), and i made a special boss variant that calls on a script to end the level. it would be cool if this was included, but if its too much hassle i can change it. Additionally i'd really like the monster itself to not call an acs script on its death for cleanliness reasons, but i'm having trouble getting my script to run normally just when Thingcount "profaneOne" >= 0, not sure if there is a better way to do it but any help would be appreciated. I have also tried to bundle every 3d floor imaginable that i could have, however there are still quite a few due to the nature of my map, I apologize in advance if it is laggy and slow but the map runs perfectly fine for me so its hard to try and pinpoint ways to clean it up without jeopardizing map layout and design. Any feedback would be great.