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  1. DerFurer'sFace

    Who feels a bit sick of constantly playing techbase levels?

    I often find that I like techbases that are mixed with those other hellish themes. Something about having a man-made structure be warped and disjointed by hell, giving it a surreal vibe, something that doesn't belong but is familiar, is just a cool experience for me.
  2. DerFurer'sFace

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    Im loving the progress, they all look really interesting, can't wait to see the final projects Sadly due to a trip up head start and time commitments i doubt i'll be able to make a 32 mapset in just november, however it has motivated me to do a megawad (my first) so i'll see how much i can get done. love how the competition is running so far though.
  3. XD yeah sorry bout that, I just gotta have my clouds man. plus it helps that I reduced the 500+ 3D floors down to like 50
  4. Alright, finally got my 5th (and hopefully final) version of Baron Zepplin, changes mostly concern difficulty tweaking, clipping adjustment, and replacement/fixing of elevators. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mlhPfKQZp7sfr9rfhH-LbZJL1RP7NxPm
  5. I had hopes of my powerslave map being ready but idk if i can finish it. Shame since i got the 2 main script actions, wall shooter and destructible walls, in working order. I could pump out the map but it would look not the greatest and i don't want it to holdup the CP so i'll throw it out. However i do want to make 1 small change to the zeppelin which i can do this week (just need to add an elevator).
  6. DerFurer'sFace

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    Damn, 32 maps in a month, that's slightly more than 1 a day XD I kinda have a trivial idea, i think i may give it a shot.
  7. DerFurer'sFace


    Personally I feel like that method could be flawed since a "best of" is a personal choice and one person's idea of a good map could vary from anothers. If a doom contest is done again, rather than set a file size limit or anything (maybe keep 1 map), Literally just give all submissions something like a 10-20 minute rule: your wad gets 10 minutes for Joel to play, and at the end if chat wants to see more then it gets maybe another 5-10 minutes. That way anyone can still submit a map but then long bombs that consume 40+ minutes of stream can't do so anymore. More variety of maps in stream, faster stream, only issue is Joel would have to actively remember the time limit.
  8. DerFurer'sFace


    No, the mods said they choose maps to verify first based on file size, and Joel probably picked from that pool at random, doesn’t mean big files are necessarily last, but are probably some of the last that are verified by the mods
  9. DerFurer'sFace

    Level design tropes you use

    I tend to make map difficulty rather hard and then scale it down from there to form the easier difficulties. Not sure if it’s a trope but I find this way makes hmp feel really good but then easier difficulties end up being too hard and harder difficulties have too many bullet sponges.
  10. Hmm, I like that precedent, kinda a good way to look at it.
  11. Another quick question since it was debated but not really decided, are maps still restricted to the "1 continuous un-interupted room" concept or is that going to be dropped?
  12. I got it to work finally, I had accidentally put the actor identifier in the wrong slot.
  13. @94's the best style yes my fault I meant spawn ID. The hellknight’s id happens to also be 113. also sadly I cannot Post the code for my map right now as I’m away from my computer, but when spawning via β€œhellknight” for some reason it’s spawning sergeants instead.
  14. So i was working on some spawning traps for my 2nd map, and i realized that the squires replace the hellknight's thing ID. not a huge issue since there are workaround but i was just wondering if there was a reason for this? or was it just in the code of the squire originally?
  15. DerFurer'sFace

    Iconography - The Obligatory Icon of Sin Community Project

    @Empyre I'll take a look at it sometime in the next few days.