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  1. I did some mockups for more secret level type designs, i did come up with a really cool one that involves a sunken castle that reveals itself as the player drains away the liquid, but after trying several versions, it works with limit removing conditions but doesn't work fully and bombs out in chocolate doom (player in special sector error). Also i'll have some time to playtest the E1 maps that are out if that feedback will help at all.
  2. @valkiriforce any idea about a secret map theme? generally? unique or more moderate? I had a cool idea for a unique secret map idea that is similar to AV map 31. I was thinking a map called like Stereo or Anaglyph, where its a hellish cave like setting with brickwork and outdoor areas, but the gimmick is the left and right side is a divided courtyard with maybe rocks running down the middle, and the left and right side are respectively red and blue color scheme (like the anaglyph 3d glasses idk), with the player going down either path to get the red or blue key (both are open giving the player a choice, but both have to be done to get both keys), once both paths were done and both keys were taken, the player runs down that middle path and has monsters spawn in on both sides of the map, with the exit being at the end (possibly visible from the ends of the two colored paths). thoughts? was thinking maybe a duke 3d track, radiago from ROTT, or MM2 07 as a MIDI
  3. Maybe I misunderstood the front page, but if you need an extra mapper or anything i'd love to help. If not that's fine, seemed like an interesting project and thought to try and stick my foot in the door.
  4. @valkiriforce if it is still open, I wouldn't mind making one of the secret maps. Looks like a fun challenge. Preferably 31.
  5. DerFurer'sFace

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    @Pegleg I've been busy with other projects and life, but unless there were other issues, i am well content with my zepplin map. As for the powerslave map, i stopped working on that a while ago since I thought the deadline was gonna be back in like December XD I'd love to finish it, but i'm unsure if I could especially since it sounds like people want this pushed out. But if it won't be for another month then I could try and finish it, maybe make it a smaller map.
  6. DerFurer'sFace


    Yeah he played yours, I think it was 1-2 streams ago. If I had to guess, crossed out entries on the list are ones that have been played since he made the list. @valkiriforce https://www.twitch.tv/videos/357958573?t=07h09m
  7. DerFurer'sFace


    Hmm maybe, did the map require only one of the three keys to exit?
  8. DerFurer'sFace


    I couldn't say, but i feel like your name was mentioned at some point in the streams (I've been sifting through all of them to see if mine was played yet), it may have been played. If the map were described I might remember.
  9. DerFurer'sFace


    I do agree, that what was a big stream killer were the maps that even went longer than like 20 minutes, at least considering joel's ability and the sheer amount of maps to play. Some were good but having a single map that hogged sometimes a whole third of the stream or even lasted 2 streams are kinda ridiculous. Personally rather than trying to gauge map or file size, I thought a personal timer would have worked best, where joel maybe gave each map 15 minutes of playtime and then moved on, or played 5 more if chat wanted. but limit it by time played so mapsize isn't an issue
  10. DerFurer'sFace


    Its been months and I just want him to play my damn map :(
  11. DerFurer'sFace

    Interception II (Complevel 9, Boom Megawad -- 3 Map Slots Open)

    @General Rainbow Bacon I re-checked to make sure, the blue secret teleporter and the ledge has a tag of 25, but there's no line with a tag of 25 (does nothing), and the teleporter has a tag of 26 but no destination (no sector tag 26 or teleport destination).
  12. DerFurer'sFace

    Interception II (Complevel 9, Boom Megawad -- 3 Map Slots Open)

    @General Rainbow Bacon For murder Mountain Mayhem: Overall the style felt unique and i enjoyed it mostly. there were a few issues (mysterious Mustachio seconded these generally on the discord) 1. the starting area was a little rough for pistol start, manageable but i could see how if the player had low-ish health this could softlock them as there is very little cover and it starts right away 2. about when you get to the blue key area was when it was a little difficult to figure out where to go, the map does get confusing to navigate at times (for instance, didn't know the teleporter opened when throwing the switch and crushing the barrels) 3. I agree some detailing may need to be done, not much, graphical issues were minimal. Also trying to backtrack to the red exit switch and the yellow door is rather long and annoying to me personally, maybe could be slimmed. And the fire texture at the exit looks odd since it down't properly loop over 128 map units 4. the secret blue teleporter does not seem to lead anywhere, nor do i believe its actually reachable as is
  13. DerFurer'sFace

    Who feels a bit sick of constantly playing techbase levels?

    I often find that I like techbases that are mixed with those other hellish themes. Something about having a man-made structure be warped and disjointed by hell, giving it a surreal vibe, something that doesn't belong but is familiar, is just a cool experience for me.
  14. Im loving the progress, they all look really interesting, can't wait to see the final projects Sadly due to a trip up head start and time commitments i doubt i'll be able to make a 32 mapset in just november, however it has motivated me to do a megawad (my first) so i'll see how much i can get done. love how the competition is running so far though.
  15. DerFurer'sFace

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    XD yeah sorry bout that, I just gotta have my clouds man. plus it helps that I reduced the 500+ 3D floors down to like 50