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  1. Sasha

    Crazy Maps Doomworld Project

    I put the file with DEHACKED patch and layout of project. The sprites of dehacked weapons will be changed. Also I correct the rules.
  2. Sasha

    ZBoom Community

    Are the same problems are appeared in the case, for example, of infinite rocket launcher? I not meet the problem with infinite BFG playing slaughterfest series (in zdoom) but only one map is imposible without this weapon. I have ideas for a map for this project.
  3. Sasha

    ZBoom Community

    Another variant in the case of many maps: several wads contained only maps with relevant resources and one wad contained textures ... Some DWMPs contain 2 or 3 wads.
  4. Sasha

    Crazy Maps Doomworld Project

    I mean that the size of all author's maps (map+things+...+blockmap+behavior+scripts) + used music of all maps in zip is less them 10 MB. It is very big size for Doom and Hexen, but not very big for UDMF. I don't know exactly what to do if the file size exceeds the requirements ofdoomworld database. May be better this point to rewrite in the form "the size of each music lump is less then ...".
  5. Sasha

    Crazy Maps Doomworld Project

    I agree, the difference is only in the hardness of levels and in dehacked (I put them during the January) ... The rules of DMP2020 are agreeable for me. If I will have any ideas for it I will submit a map... I don't know a boom compartible wad unplayble in ZDOOM, and I expect that some maps are "any boom compartible"...
  6. Sasha

    Crazy Maps Doomworld Project

    20 maps is almost a megawad, and in this case author is not needed to join to any community project, but, if author want he/she may to join to project...
  7. Sasha

    Crazy Maps Doomworld Project

    I do not want to limit them.
  8. Eight year before TimeOfDeath was organized the Doomworld Mega Project. Unfortunately, from the 2018 the rules of last Mega and Omega Projects are gives restriction for a creativity. To avoid the overlapping with the projects of 2020 and with accordance of my interests, this hard map project is proposed. Rules: * A single map or miniepisode (2-4 maps) or episode (5,6 or more maps) or HUB per author * Maps should be playable in ZDOOM 2.8.1 in single player mode (IWAD is doom2.wad). * The difficulty on UV can be 2-4 by scale in list of hard wads (https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/91871-doom-ii-list-of-all-hard-wads/). Implement difficulty levels to the best of your ability. * Authors can use a DEHACKED patch (in file resources.zip, may be changed after discussion with Community) * New DECORATE monsters, weapons and other things are allowed! * New music is allowed, as long as it does not break copyright, or is of an excessive file size. MIDIs and OGG are preferred. * Maps should be satisfy other Doomworld rules for maps and ethical standards. * The resources from other wads may be used in this project if authors of them allows them. * Published map requires the MAPINFO description. Authors of episodes or HUBs may be write an exittext in MAPINFO. The deadline is approximately 28 February 2021. Authors of the HUBs can be contacted to obtain the map numbers or use the scripts with global parameters to transfer between maps. For the availability of the resources by other participants authors may be share used resources (patches, floors, sprites, ...) to include them in the resources.zip (it will be changed after new recourses are coming), the new resources having the same names should be renamed. The file resources.zip contains also layout of project.
  9. Sasha

    The Omega Project 2019 near final release

    My map for the Omega Project 2019: necrofi.wad Map name: Necrofilog Compatibility: (G)ZDoom Tested in: ZDoom 2.8.1, Jump/crouch: no Difficulty settings: (yes/no) yes Build time: 10 mounts but with long breaks Tools used: Doom Builder 2, XWE 1.16 Music: map30 necrofi.zip
  10. Sasha

    Please create crazy maps

    What do you think about organizing any crazy map community project.
  11. Sasha

    Confinement Community Project

    I agree with Zalewa. Each map is competently designed, fun good looking, distinct from one another. I enjoy to play this project on UV+fast.
  12. Sasha

    Plutonia 3 - Going to Surface

    This wad disapointed me. Very easy, many ammo... I agree with the criticism of this wad in the comments. About your comment to this wad: If you want to make a sequel of the known megawad, please get permission from authors before release.
  13. Sasha

    Struggle - Antaresian Legacy

    Rarely see maps of such high quality as these. 5 stars... These maps of medium difficulty with small hard moments. I recommend it for most doomers except those who hate modified monsters and weapons...
  14. Sasha

    Slaughterfest 3

    I like slaughterfest series, and I enjoy to play this wad (easiest in this series but also pretty hard).