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  1. Omilab

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Version 1.5 up!

    Let me build a map for you. :D
  2. Omilab

    Sharing a Map made by me

    Thanks a lot for your opinion. I'm still a novice in mapping. I take your advices for improve incoming maps and im happy you like my map. thanks for the time.
  3. Omilab

    Sharing a Map made by me

    Im sharing with you a hell map made by me, i hope you enjoy. This is a small map and easy map. Tell me your impresions. 1)Tested on Zandornum 2)Zdoom (doom in doom format) 3)Use Doom2.wad and doom.wad (both) 3) No freelook, no jump, no crouch. 4) Play in UV highly reccomended 5) i want to see someone beat it in nightmare 100% monsters. Enjoy have a little and short fun! Well,If you can end it...rar
  4. Omilab

    [RELEASE] Knee-deep in COVID-19

    i love it jeje.
  5. Omilab

    Just some Screenshots of stuff I'm working on

    im working in a hell map
  6. Omilab


    ok thanks
  7. Im a beginner too, i suggest practice and see your favourite maps ans try to emulate, i got advices for some people here and says: 1) Think about the ammo and health bonuses you put in the map 2) The textures are very important, if your m ap is hell, computer, green, base, flesh, etc. Yoyu must be coherent with the textures used. 3) Put secrets in your map 4) Different iluminaiton and ceilings 5) See the wads made by the pros 6) Practice and Practice is always the way to be good at something Im noob i said but i have already donne my first map with a lot of mistakes and emaningless things but is the start. There is my map Use Zdoom or zandronum for play Paranoid.rar
  8. I really aprecciate the record gameplay, thanks. Your voice is nice too ;)
  9. Thanks for review. youre right im novice mapper. but did you enjoy ??
  10. What is the best editor for doom maps?? I use doombuilder...
  12. Omilab

    Who wants to start a modding/mapping team?

    Basic mapping i think. U can see my map and tr to beat it
  13. Look my posts is a hell wad, hard to beat, no mouse look, no corach, no jump , no cheats. Skill levels, play on ITYTD first time
  14. Omilab

    Who wants to start a modding/mapping team?

    I want to join
  15. Omilab

    DooM: Master of Demons Remastered

    Downloading :)