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Everything posted by Boop

  1. Boop

    Your perfect FPS

    Every Dos Game.
  2. BDv21? Well it looks best if Shotgun sound is back.
  3. Boop

    Anyone play Warframe before?

    I played that game on XBOX 360 and PC, No much to say. Its just Sci-Fi , DISGUSTING THIRD PERSON, Action game.
  4. Boop

    No Hitscan Doom?

    Brutal Doom has.
  5. Boop

    Unreal meets Doom

    Pretty cool!
  6. Boop

    Random Image Thread

    I did this with one minute.
  7. I was looking around to do crap on internet and I found good site called https://snorpey.github.io/jpg-glitch/ Made me interested some point and made them to GIF. So heres results
  8. Boop

    Corrupted Boop (WARNING SEIZURES!)

    Pretty much! If I find something to make glitchy arouuund.
  9. Boop

    Corrupted Boop (WARNING SEIZURES!)

    Like cacodemons,imps and annoying things called revenants?
  10. This looks pretty decent!
  11. ZDoom and Team Fortress 2. They are pretty shit.
  12. Boop

    Icon of Sin repaint

    Spooky, But I like it!
  13. Boop

    Paranoid WAD

    I am pretty confused on this map and lotsa monsters everywhere. Demon Here, Another Demon Here and makes it free death sentence on Hell. Brightness is so low, it makes me to instantly edit the map and fix it. So yea, Few hurting sectors are annoying but, good details you have.