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  1. I am using Doombuilder X (doombuilder 2 but updated, essentially) and trying to use a script to spawn in these monsters around the player. The trap SHOULD work as follows: Walk over linedef as you go to open a door, the linedef begins the script, the door is a teleport linedef and you end up in the centre of these mapspots- where the spawning then commences. The problem is that no monsters spawn. I'm using doom2.wad and brutalv21.pk3 as the only resources on this. It's running GZDoom v3.2.1 during testing though I'll be running it on the latest version during actual play. I'm using UDMF. Why aren't the enemies spawning? I can provide screenshots etc.
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    Question about running WADs made in Doombuilder 2

    Thank you. Renamed it and it worked.
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    Terminator 2. That's the first time I've watched it, too.
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    I agree with this guy. Also, I really like frozen yogurt.
  6. Hello, I'm new here. I hope this is the right place to post this. I just recently wrapped my mind around being able to make levels for my all time favourite game, though I am finding issues with loading them in. I have ZDoom and PrBoom+ installed in seperate locations, installing the latter after troubles with the first, and while they utilize the doom2.wad I have installed in their respective directories they do not load any maps I have made in DB2. I have looked around for a bit, and usually advice is to put in a .bat file with the -file command to run the map alongside the IWAD or to simply drag-n-drop it onto the zdoom.exe or prboom-plus.exe to no avail. All it seems to do is close the cmd line interface as soon as I run the .bat file and when I drag-n-drop it onto the exe's they just bring up Doom II. What can I do? tldr; Dragging and dropping the .wad onto the .exe only opens up the doom2.wad I'm using.